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In anticipation of their upcoming sold-out show with Passion Pit on May 5th, we chatted with Chase Lawrence and Ryan Winnen of COIN. Read ahead as we hear how about they got their name, "befriending" a drug kingpin, and what they can't live without on tour. 

Listen while you read:

Tell us about yourself! How long have you been making music?
As COIN, we've been making music together for three years now. As individuals, we've been making music for most of our lives.

How would you describe your music to someone who's never heard it before? 
COIN's sound is easy and fun -- the kind of music to dance to. But, there's a twist. There is this underlying angst we try to convey. The quintessential COIN song where this style can be seen is in "Run."

photo by David O'Donohue
Why did you decide to call yourselves COIN?
There was this seemingly eternal search for a one word band name. I looked everywhere for random words to inspire me: encyclopedias, text books, data bases. I randomly started searching through a book of race horse names. I found one named "Lucky Coin" so, I thought, "How about 'Luck'?" Taken. So, I searched 'Coin.' The rest is history.

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What inspires your music?
Musically, we are inspired by new wave music from the '80s and '90s. Conceptually, we are inspired by the nostalgia of our childhood and our peers.

How does living in Nashville influence your music? What's your favorite thing about living there? 
Everyone does music here in Nashville. Because it's so eclectic, we are always drawing from those around us. Our favorite thing about living in Nashville is the friendly "anti-competitive" culture that's been created here. Also, the food and coffee.

What do we need to put on our to-do list for our next trip there?
If you're coming to Nashville, you should go to our favorite coffee shop, Crema, and the kale salad at Burger Up is worth the trip. Wow, all of our Nashville recommendations are food related -- seems about right.

You guys are about to release your debut album -- congrats! What was that process like? What was the most surprising thing you learned while putting together your first album?
Thank you! It was exciting, difficult, rewarding, and a huge learning experience for all of us. Our producer Jay Joyce pushed us in all of the best ways and helped us truly find our sound. We wanted this record to be as close as possible to our live show (at least pertinent to the energy level), so the most surprising thing we learned/had to do was to play the songs down what felt like 20-30 times before actually recording anything, and also the fact that we could always further simplify our songs, though we may have felt they were simple enough. It doesn't take much to make something feel good. Less is more for us these days.

You guys have been touring a ton -- have there been any particularly crazy or memorable tour highlights?
Well, to start, we are an extremely tame band. The craziest thing we do is throw a football around and Google search "specialty coffee" in "xyz" city. A crazy moment would be literally meeting some sort of drug kingpin at the pool hall below the venue in Detroit and having him tell us that he "has our backs." Like, that is encouraging, and we appreciate it, but we left seconds after that.

What item do you HAVE to have while you're on tour?
Playstation 2.

If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?
Calvin Harris.

What artist have you been listening to that we need to add to our iPods right now?

Thanks again to Chase and Ryan for chatting with us! Enjoy their show if you were lucky enough to snag tickets -- if not, console yourself by listening to their EP here!

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