Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{RECAP} milo greene

On Sunday night the Sara(h)s hopped over to Rock & Roll Hotel to catch favorites Milo Greene. Check out their recap of the band and their new sound below. 

There is nothing more magical than watching a band grow. Seeing them for the first time in a small venue. Seeing them again at a large festival. And then seeing them come together and headline a sold out show in your home city. That is what we had the privilege of experiencing on Sunday night. Watching Milo Greene grow. The band has taken shape, matured, and mastered their craft since their first album -- while still holding true to their core sound.

milo greene via @englishmuffins
The sold out show on Sunday was proof that they have come full circle. A few things were clear during their set at Rock & Roll Hotel: these guys are friends, these guys are making a conscious effort at reinvention, and these guys are proud of their efforts. Milo Greene certainly believes in their new direction -- and so does their audience. They depend on each other for affirmation of their new vibes, and the crowd supported it all the way through. A highlight was their cover of Phil Collins' "Take Me Home," which was a brilliant call on their part. The song fit the band's vocal abilities, particularly their impressive harmonization, flawlessly.

The four stood side-by-side through the whole set: it was an interesting stage configuration that both reinforced their new louder, faster, more "wall-of-sound" vibe and proffered a "we're-in-this-together" feel that was appealing. Their unique low-fi, breathy vocals permeated and meandered through the layered instrumentation. The set was exciting and enjoyable. The focus seemed to be on the new album, understandably, but the band also paid tribute to their older work.

It was almost as if they had to. How could you leave those songs behind? The band's first album was so open, honest, and raw. It was as if we gained access to their personal diary. It felt sort of invasive at first, but the more you read, you realized you couldn't put down. It was personal. And it was real. And it was relate-able. You can't run away from that. And the audience felt surround and protected by the songs.

And the new album. It's the perfect follow up to the first. Almost a "you know us, to the bone -- we have nothing left to hide," unapologetic type of music. Here we are. We have arrived. The band took us on that journey from start to finish. They arrived on Sunday and aren't going anywhere.

Next Up: Morgan will be catching Milky Chance at the 9:30 Club next Wednesday!

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