Saturday, March 28, 2015

{RECAP} milky chance

On Wednesday night Morgan ventured to a sold out 9:30 Club to catch rising stars Milky Chance -- check out her awesome recap below!! (And *hint*hint* stayed tuned to TIOJ for an interview with the band!)

In between sets at the 9:30 Club on Wednesday night, like many concert goers, I started killing time on my phone. So, I confess to being completely startled when three (yes, three) giant dream catchers started to fall from the ceiling. Once the dream catchers finished their descent and hung over the stage I turned to a stranger next to me and said, “I already love everything about this Milky Chance show.”

Gorgeous guitars (and two, yes two, harmonica solos) and inspirited vocals ruled on Wednesday night. Vienna-native James Hersey kicked off the evening with a series of songs that had hints of reggae and rock paired with extremely soulful lyrics.

Shortly after setting the stage with floating dream catchers and wooden poles, Milky Chance entered the stage with a long, classical-inspired guitar solo that set a haunting, almost mystical scene. As Clemens Rehbein started to sing, there was something mysterious and contemplative in the air at the 9:30 Club. However, within minutes the band shifted gears and kicked up the energy in the room making it impossible to keep from dancing.

I find something very calming, almost meditative about Sadnecessary, the first full-length album from Rehbein and Phillip Dausch. (Which, if you haven’t listened to it, stop reading this right now and go listen.) As much as I love Sadnecessary, Rehbein and Dausch are so much more incredible live. Live, Milky Chance’s raw vocals and stunningly beautiful extended guitar solos were a lovely and peaceful antidote to anyone’s mid-week blues. But don’t get the impression this was a quiet show – The band masterfully shifted between steady folk -and blues-inspired solos and fast, high-energy, electronica. No matter the tempo, the crowd danced for the entire show from start to finish.

The show was pure joy from start to finish. Even the crankiest of concert go-ers would have cheered up at the first harmonica solo. (Only to be delighted minutes later by, yes, a second harmonica solo.) Quite simply, Milky Chance put on a lovely and fun show that I didn’t want to end.

Next Up: Stay tuned for a string of recaps as TIOJ covers three concerts tonight: MisterWives, Father John Misty, AND Mat Kearney!

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