Saturday, February 28, 2015

{PLAYLIST} best of february 2015

With only 28 days, February always zooms by -- but we managed to keep ourselves quite busy in these few short weeks. In February, we:
And in February, we were listening to:

"California (Rock Me Slow)" - Brian Dunne
Listening to this song just makes me want to cuddle up. And then listen to Brian's Bruce Springsteen cover.
"T-Shirt Weather" - Circa Waves
Circa Waves could not have come out with this song at a better time -- it's been our anecdote to seasonal depression this month. 
"All The Pretty Girls" - Kaleo
I'm still in awe of this gorgeous mellow tune. I can't stop swooning over these Icelanders.
"Bloom" - The Paper Kites
Even though this song is a few years old, it's  just the sweetest and loviest -- perfect for February. 
"The Ballad of Mr. Steak" - Kishi Bashi
One of the most clever songs of all time -- so delighted that we got to see it performed live!
"Salted Wound" - Sia
I refuse to see 50 Shades in theaters, but I've decided to love this song anyways.
"Forever Young" - Rhiannon Giddens and Iron and Wine
I'm still sad that Parenthood is over forever, but at least I have this cover.
"Speak" - Ben Abraham
This beautiful song has been so soothing during this frigid month. 
"Medicine Man" - Blue Water Highway Band
I cannot get enough of this incredible Americana band from Austin. I need more of them in my life. 
"The Wilder Mile" - Freedom Fry
This French/American duo was such a happy discovery!
"Man I'm Supposed to Be" - American Aquarium
This sounds so much like a Bruce song -- just the way I like it.
"Illume" - Osca
If you're a Coldplay fan (aka a human), you need to start listening to Osca

{WATCH} nick offerman "american ham"

Now that Parks and Rec is over (*cue sobs*), we're finding ourselves in a sad sad place. One that can only be cured by spending more and more time with the talented bunch of actors that makes up its cast. So, it is with the utmost fervor that we encourage you to watch Nick Offerman's comedy special American Ham on Netflix.

Nick in real life is so similar to Ron Swanson that it will tide you over between watching re-runs of the show. Plus, Nick's performance is not only hilarious, but genuine. For a comedy special where we are so often used to crude jokes that leave us feeling uncertain as to whether or not we should be offended, Nick's performance is so positive and uplifting that it's almost like a self-help talked mixed in with a comedy special. And as bonus, his deep voice and strong demeanor juxtaposed with his high-pitched giggle is quite possibly the best thing ever.

So grab a slab of red meat, a glass of whiskey and enjoy.

Still sad? There's always Aziz Ansari's special as well!

Friday, February 27, 2015

weekend thoughts...

We made it to Friday -- and somehow to the end of February! Leap into March (even though it's not a leap year this year, sad) with a relaxing weekend, TIOJers!

Your Weekend Jam: We are so pleased to introduce you to Australia’s Penelope Austin whose hit “Dynamite” is just the cheery ditty to get your (hopefully warmer) weekend started off right!

TIOJ Thoughts: 
Digging Music for Ant’s playlist of year-titled jams!

House of Cards is back today!! Revist our HOC playlist when you need a Netflix-binge break this weekend.

Also, obsessed with this Sesame Street version of Frank Underwolf. I mean, Underwood.

The Colbeard!!! 

Another example of the digital revolution: Starbucks will no longer be selling CDs.

Free! Dream of warmer weather with Summer Heart’s upbeat, infectious “Beat of Your Heart” -- available via Soundcloud!

And in case you missed it: Fans of Jason Mraz and/or Hey Marseilles, do yourselves a favor and check out Magic Giant!

AND!! We had Marlana of Milo Greene curate a playlist for us this week, full of the songs the band has been jamming to while on their current tour. Be sure to check it out before seeing them at Rock & Roll Hotel on 3/15!!

{PLAYLIST} milo greene's tour jams!

We've got a special treat for you this week, guys! Instead of our regular Friday playlist, we asked Marlana of TIOJ favorite band Milo Greene to make us a playlist of some of the songs the band has been jamming to on their current tour promoting their new album Control.

Press play to take a listen to Marlana's stellar picks and be sure to see the band when they roll through DC on March 15 at Rock & Roll Hotel (grab tix here!). We'll be there and you should too!

Want more Milo Greene? Check out this interview we did with them where we learned about the super clever way they came up with their band name and so much more.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

{IF YOU LIKE} jason mraz, hey marseilles

(via 1/2/3)
If you like the welcoming voice of Jason Mraz or the orchestral folk sounds of Hey Marseilles, then we think you should take a listen to Magic Giant. This indie folk group won us over with their jam "Let's Start Again"...

... and sealed the deal with "Let It Burn." Any song that starts with a harmonica AND a banjo will always be our jam.

Digging Magic Giant? You can download all their jams for free on Soundcloud!!

{THROWBACK} "will you love me tomorrow"

Ho. Ly. Wow. Clare Maguire has some pipes on her. In her take on Carole King's classic "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" for a collaboration with Burberry, she absolutely and completely blows it out of the water. I've listened to it three times in a row, and each time is just as stunning.

Although, I must say, I do have quite the soft spot for Carole's version too, especially when she sings it with my forever favorite James Taylor.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

new music from passion pit!

PASSION PIT IS BACK, Y'ALL. This is not a test! "Where The Sky Hangs" is so happy and breezy, and so very long overdue by our favorite indie-poppers. I'm literally counting the days 'til their newest studio album "Kindred" hits the interwebs. No really--55 days. I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

blue water highway band is my jam

Blue Water Highway Band is the kind of band that transports me automatically to warm weather and driving with the windows down. Or to walking through crunchy fall leaves and apple picking. Or even to bundling up while the snow falls outside. In short, Blue Water Highway Band is all-weather music. (There's just something about good Americana music that does that to me...)

Put another way, Austin's Blue Water Highway Band is just delightful. With some semblance to Jason Isbell, The Lone Bellow, and, of course, some Mumford-esque jamming in the middle of songs, there's just a whole lot to love with this sextet. I'm a fan.

Check out the video for "Medicine Man," and I know you'll fall in love as much as I did.

Good news!! Blue Water Highway Band's first album Things We Carry is available on Noisetrade NOW

howard is my jam

I can credit the brilliant taste makers over at All Songs Considered for introducing me to Brooklyn band Howard. Their song "Falling" immediately impressed me at a time in the day when it's difficult for any song to stick out with so many other things bouncing around in my mind grapes (a.k.a. happy hour time). The build to this song is one of the best I've heard in a while and is so complex and beautiful. I'm so thankful for finding this band and can't wait to listen to this jam over and over again.

Join me in continuing to dive deeper into Howard's music by listening to their album Religion on Spotify.

Monday, February 23, 2015

{RECAP} kishi bashi

On Thursday night, TIOJ and a tumbler full of wine sat down and enjoyed an incredible winter evening of music featuring Kishi Bashi and Busman's Holiday at Sixth & I Synagogue.

Brothers from Bloomington, IN Busman's Holiday started off the show and their music was just the jaunty stuff to perk our ears right up. Their cheerful blend of folk and Americana reminded us of TIOJ favorites like Hey Marseilles -- the perfect music to enjoy while sipping a coffee in a hip outdoor cafe. While their stage banter was endearing, it needed a bit of polish, which we're sure they'll perfect as they continue to tour along with Kishi Bashi.

Finally it was time for Kishi Bashi. This tour marks the first time that Kishi Bashi has toured with a string quartet and what a treat it was. You could tell throughout the performance just how thrilled and honored he was to share his music with the accompaniment of four incredibly talented musicians. (Plus, truth be told, seeing Kishi Bashi skillfully conduct the quartet was surprisingly and undeniably sexy.) Kishi used the quartet to his advantage and played older songs and covers that wouldn't have normally made it on to the setlist. This made for stunning live covers of Talking Heads' "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" and Beirut's "A Sunday Smile."

Things then got even more insane when banjoist Tall Tall Trees joined the group and BURNT IT DOWN during the performance of "Atticus In The Dessert." At one point Tall Tall Trees was DRUMMING his LIGHT UP BANJO while Kishi played along on his violin. It was one of the most mind-blowing performances and quite possibly the most enjoyable we've witnessed in a long long time.

Fresh off his performance earlier in the week on Letterman, Kishi Bashi encouraged the stoically seated audience to come up and dance to "Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!" and boy did they ever. The energy of the room was comparable to the Grinch's heart growing three sizes as everyone started dancing around to this lovely tune; so much so that Kishi Bashi was able to forego his looping pedal in favor of live looping from the audience, making for a truly awe-inspiring moment.

From that moment, the energy continued to build as he played some of our favorites off his latest album including "Q&A" and the hilarious "The Ballad of Mr. Steak," whose performance was prefaced by Kishi saying "This is a song about a steak. He was in love and had it made. However he had one other desire. That is to dance."  

All in all, Kishi Bashi continues to be one of the most unique and energetic performers we've had the pleasure to witness live. He is someone for whom we would never turn down the opportunity to see and we have our fingers and toes tightly crossed that his hint of full symphonic performance on a future tour may be one day realized.

Want more Kishi? Watch him in our Firefly 2013 recap video (sound-tracked by Kishi Bashi)!

"all the pretty girls"

When someone suggested to me that I check out Icelandic-band Kaleo, I was intrigued. When I listened, I was sold entirely. When you hear this song, you'll understand why within moments. "All The Pretty Girls" is earnest and sweeping, harmonic and aching. And it's so reminiscent of Bon Iver that I could swoon right this second.

It always strikes me as incredible that Iceland, a country so small, so remote, and so icy could produce such a high caliber of artists. I don't know what's in the water over there, but I dig it so much.

ben abraham is my mellow monday jam

Are you in need of some mellow and goddamn gorgeous music to ease you into another week of winter? Then we've got the answer to your prayers: Ben Abraham. Ben is from Australia (shocker) and self-describes his music as cinematic folk. Whatever you want to call it, it's gorgeous and completely sucks you in.

I fell in love with his most recent track "Speak"...

...and since then I can't stop listening to this live version of "Songbird" and imagining that I'm in some dimly lit jazz club sitting on a vintage velour sofa sipping something delicious while Ben sits on a stool and sings to a quietly captivated club.

Ugh it's just so pretty.

Friday, February 20, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, friends! Despite the frozen tundra that will be DC this weekend, we hope you have a fabulous time catching up on House of Cards before the new season starts or trying out a new restaurant in your hood. Check out some fun links below to get your weekend started off right!

Your Weekend Jam: Vibe out with the latest track from Viceroy and K. Flay. There's nothing like a good saxophone solo to start your weekend.

TIOJ Thoughts:

Having trouble deciding which festival to go to this year? Check out this Venn diagram.

Where to stand at DC’s favorite venues.

How well do you know your DC neighborhoods?

Some country music song titles that will never exist.

We were jurors in the Best Emerging Artists in DC in 2014 -- see the results here!

Free! Our favorite performer of 2014 James Vincent McMorrow is treating you to a FREE download of his entire live performance on Noisetrade. You need this in your life.

DC Happenings: Remember how much fun we had at the Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival last year? WELL, they’re prepping for another one this year with a kickoff concert at Gypsy Sally’s on Saturday night!

And in case you missed it: There are just a few short hours left in our Saints of Valory ticket giveaway -- enter now!!

{PLAYLIST} presidential jams

Our forefathers wanted certain things for us, TIOJers: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of musical happiness. And as such, we'd like to provide a tribute to them with this playlist of presidential jams to honor them in song for their contributions to this country, and for giving us an excuse to sleep in this past Monday.

barack selfie game strong (via)
Put your hand over your heart and press play below. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

{THROWBACK} "waterfalls"

José González is making me so happy these days. From his most recent album release to this perfect cover of TLC's hit "Waterfalls," he's become a dear companion this month and we wouldn't have it any other way.

And the original from TLC -- did you know that Kristen knows all the words to this classic??

p.s. Did you guys see Chili on this season's Millionaire Matchmaker???

{THROWBACK} "wicked game"

Chis Isaak released "Wicked Game" in 1989 when I was two years old. (That somehow makes me feel mercifully young and heinously elderly at the same time.)

In 26 years, "Wicked Game" has been covered hundreds of times by hundreds of artists, and yet this song has still not lost any of it's somber appeal. The latest re-do to enthrall me is courtesy of indie-pop trio POP ETC.

Hopefully this cover is a good omen that we're in store for more music from POP ETC! More please. Keep it coming, boys.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

brian dunne is my jam

I have some new music for you to cuddle up with your boo to -- that of Mr. Brian Dunne. It's sultry that's a little rough around the edges, and it makes snuggling into flannel on this cold, cold day even better.

I first fell in love with "California (Rock Me Slow)," but I was 100% sold when I heard his "Thunder Road" cover (because, as you know, that is my kryptonite).

FRIENDS. Get a Brian's first full length album Songs from the Hive on Noisetrade NOW! And keep May 8 in mind, when he'll be opening at The Birchmere in Alexandria!

father john misty is at it again

Father John Misty is at it again, TIOJers. This time, the former Fleet Foxes member stopped by Sirius XM and decided to delight listeners with his stripped-down, acoustic version of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box."  It's hard to complete with a classic, but FJM did this song proud. 

If you can't get enough Father John Misty, fear not--his second studio album, charmingly titled "I Love You, Honeybear" was released last week!I highly suggest giving "Bored In the USA" a listen.

freedom fry is my jam

I'm beyond delighted that the two-piece LA band made up of one French girl and one American boy calls themselves Freedom Fry. And it's not just their name that delights me, their lovely blend of pop is just the ticket to cure the "seasonal slump" felt at this dreary time of year.

I'm loving the jaunty chorus in their recent single "Shaky Ground (Hey Na Na Na)"

Keep jamming with "The Wilder Mile" that's got a great Edward Sharpe-esque folk vibe to it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

circa waves' "t-shirt weather" is perfect for your snow day

Hello snow bunnies -- hope all of you on the East coast with us are enjoying your snow day! While you enjoy staying in your pjs all day, we recommend blasting Circa Waves' latest single "T-Shirt Weather" throughout your room as you dance around and reminisce with this band of Brits about warmer weather.

p.s. If you're in a more mellow, wintery mood -- check out our winter mixes here and here!

{GIVEAWAY} saints of valory @ dc9

Get your clicking fingers ready -- we're giving away a pair of tickets to see Saints of Valory at DC9 on March 4 to one of you lucky readers!! We can't get enough of this band, who are some of our fave interview alums and band babysitters. Seeing them live is not to be missed.

Not sure if you want to enter yet? Take a listen to "Neon Eyes" and you'll be sure. Then enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait to see if you won? Buy your tickets here!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

{WATCH} edward sharpe at the magnetic zeros barn show

Start your weekend off right with a janglin' show from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros playing a barn show in Canada directed by the always wonderful La Blogothèque. If you aren't captivated by the magnificent love song "Jade" in the first five minutes, you're dead inside.

Props to Caleb for the find!

Friday, February 13, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Happy Valentine's Day -- and Galentine's Day! We hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you, especially if you have Monday off for President's Day!!

Your Weekend Jam: Madeon x Passion Pit?? BEST.WEEKEND.EVER.

TIOJ Thoughts:

Fun fact.

Bob Boilen did a Reddit Ask Me Anything… we were SHOCKED to learn he only has one fedora. 

Go home, Kanye.

My favorite Valentine of the year.

Valentines for your best bud -- we’d take a few of these!

Make a love pizza tomorrow night -- especially if you love pizza.

Free! Speaking of Shy Girls, he’s giving away downloads of his latest mixtape 4WZ for free!

DC Happenings: Looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a show? Dead Professional is playing at Rock & Roll Hotel tomorrow night!

And in case you missed it: We’re giving away a pair of tickets to Jessie Ware, and it’s your last day to enter! Get clicking NOW!

happy galentine's day!

It's our favorite holiday -- Galentine's Day!! We hope you have a wonderful lead-up to Valentine's Day by celebrating with your favorite ladypals, just like Leslie Knope would want.

We have a few playlists from years past celebrating the gals -- check out these compilations here and here. And enjoy your evening of chick flicks (we're currently debating between Clueless and Mean Girls) and braiding hair, sleepover style (yes, that is exactly what we'll be doing tonight). 

And remember: 

{PLAYLIST} valentine's day 2015

Happy Valentine's Day, loveys! We hope you're ready to celebrate love, whether friend love, romantic love, or self love (or any/all of the above). To help you get in the mood, we've compiled some of our most recent favorite love songs -- everything from classics you hear in the best old movies to some more eccentric declarations of love.

(some of our favorite lovahs, via)

Press play and fall in love below!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

{THROWBACK} rocky mountain way

"Rocky Mountain Way" may be quintessentially '70s with sweeping guitar solos, gravelly lyrics and a cameo from a wah-wah pedal, but it's one of those songs that will make me happy in any era. I can't help but feel happier after hearing this song, every.single.time.

Sidenote: I'm pretty into this Ozzy Osbourne cover. I can't help myself.

{THROWBACK} "heard 'em say"

We can thank the inspiration for this throwback from Mr. West to a recent episode of NPR's Planet Money podcast that featured his 2005 hit "Heard 'Em Say" in the background and immediately had me going to Spotify to listening to Kanye's Late Registration on repeat. We recommend you do the same on this #TBT.

Bonus points for the crooning of a younger Adam Levine.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{IF YOU LIKE} mr. little jeans, lana del rey

(via 1/2/3)

If you like the slinky vocals of Lana Del Rey or the enticing sounds of Mr. Little Jeans, we think you'll like Melanie Martinez. We found ourselves getting sucked in to her single "Dollhouse" that's got the perfect amount of darkness to it. (If you're a fan of The Voice, you may recognize Melanie from Adam's team in Season 3!)

Keep up these slightly spooky, slightly sexy vibes with "Carousel":

osca vs. o s c a r

Today we've got a fun game of compare and contrast between two up-and-coming male vocalists who are both from London: Osca and o s c a r. (It feels fitting with THE Oscars right around the corner, right?)

First up is Osca, a London four-piece band whose music, full of strong vocals and beautifully built up melodies, reminds us of a more modern Coldplay. We can't get enough of "Blood" and "Illume."

Next up is British singer Oscar Scheller a.k.a. o s c a r who, despite having a stage name that's rather annoying to type out, is putting out some gorgeous music. His deep voice, reminiscent of Morrissey (and someone else who is on the tip of my tongue but I can't think of -- HELP ME!), is simply captivating. His latest single "Daffodil Days" is sitting with us so nicely and has us craving springtime more than we thought possible.

And to close, one more version of Oscar for your consideration:

amazing, beautiful, inspiring, breathtaking

I've run out of words to describe this video. Friends, you must watch this video before you begin your day. Ballet dancer Sergei Polunin has the most incredible choreography to Hozier's already-breathtaking "Take Me to Church." I hope this video inspires you to do something beautiful today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

new music roundup!

Hello hello, friends! We're coming at you with our latest roundup of new releases from some of our favorite artists. Enjoy!

"We Are Dreamers (feat. Misun Wojcik)" - Prinze George
Recent compare and contrast favorites Prinze George have teamed up with our former DC favorite Misun and it delights us to no end and has us wishing for warm afternoons in Meridian Hill Park.

"The Night We Met" - Lord Huron
Lord Huron is FINALLY back with new music and we didn't realize just how much we missed their folky heartfelt tunes until we heard this song. (They're back on tour at 9:30 Club on May 3!!)

"Arrest Me (feat. Tei Shi)" - Shy Girls
This pairing of 2015 artists to watch is unbelievably sexy -- so much so that this jam should be a bonus track on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack.

"Leaf Off/The Cave" - José González
I've been listening to José González's most recent album on NPR's First Listen all week and it's so perfect for the winter workday. I highly suggest adding it to your rotation.

What new songs have you been jamming to this week?

{GIVEAWAY} jessie ware @ 9:30 club

Mark your calendars! TIOJ lady love Jessie Ware is coming back to DC on March 31, and we're giving YOU the opportunity to see her for free! Take a listen to "Say You Love Me" if you need any extra convincing, and then enter via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you're too antsy to see if you've won, you can always buy tickets here!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

the most AMAZING cover you'll hear all month

Forget every other cover/mashup you've heard. This one takes the cake, hands down. Sam Tsui and Casey Breves teamed up to cover Grammy winner extraordinaire Sam Smith's "I'm Not the Only One" and Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud," and it is literally going to be the most beautiful thing you hear this week. These guys blend these two songs perfectly, perhaps even as well as Sam and Ed themselves would.

I'm on my third listen in a row, and I'm foreseeing many more in my future.

big sean x the knocks

Our besties the Hood Internet know that anything mashed up with The Knocks is forever and ever going to be our jam. Press play below for their latest mashup between The Knocks and Big Sean's perfect-for-Monday jam "I Don't Fuck With You."

Saturday, February 7, 2015

{WATCH} broad city interviews sleater-kinney

Two things that have been all over the interwebs lately are the new season of Broad City and the recent release after an eight-year hiatus from Sleater-Kinney. Truth be told, I was not familiar with Sleater-Kinney besides recognizing Carrie Brownstein, but this article from D.C. Music Download helped and got me excited to learn more about the band.

Plus, I recently binge-watched all of Broad City the other weekend and find those two ladies so refreshing and hilarious so it was with excitement that I took the time to watch this interview between these two brilliant and entertaining groups of women.

Check out the interview via NPR below.

And if you haven't watched Broad City yet, we recommend you give it a whirl.

DC! Sleater-Kinney is going to be in DC later this month -- tickets are already sold out, but stalk away!

Friday, February 6, 2015

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, friends!! Whether you're spending the weekend snuggled in bed catching up on Scandal or working up the nerve to ask out your crush, we hope you have a great one!

Your Weekend Jam: Our favorite flirt Zak Waters is back with a perfect weekend jam “By The End Of The Night”:

TIOJ Thoughts:

I like my men like I like my…

Some Valentine’s Day card we’re loving here, here, and here.


The Obamas’ best music moments. I can’t pick a favorite.

Left Sharkkkkkkkk!!!

Free! The Hangout Festival’s lineup is looking pretty stellar -- and this Noisetrade album is the perfect sampler.

DC Happenings: Always wanted to be in a flash mob?? Now’s your chance! Be at 14th & U St on Saturday at 2pm!!

And in case you missed it: Before jumping into February, we paused to recap our favorite songs and moments from January 2015.

{RECAP} coin, grizfolk

Today we've got Concert Correspondent Drew recapping his time seeing Coin and Grizfolk at Black Cat Backstage on Wednesday night!

While it's always fun to see bands after they've already made it and playing the bigger venues in the area, it will never get old seeing up-and-coming acts fight tooth and nail to put on a great show to a crowd of a couple hundred people. Last night COIN and Grizfolk did exactly that, playing to a sold out Black Cat Backstage as they captivated the crowd with their unique styles of rock.

COIN was first up, and they knew the best way to get the night started as they arrived on stage to Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone." The Nashville based group has been a little bit under the radar in the past couple of year with songs such as "Honey" and "Atlas" making small impressions on the indie music scene, but seeing them live definitely took these tracks to the next level. The best way to describe their live show is an electro-rock mix between Walk the Moon and Phoenix, and their seven song set list was extremely fun.

By far the biggest hit of COIN's set was their latest single, "Run," which I've been listening to on repeat since it first hit the Hype Machine charts last week. The group has an EP coming out February 24th in anticipation of their first full album coming out in June, and if last night's performance is any indication they will not be ones to miss.

Grizfolk took the stage next and put on an awesome show. I didn't know much of the group other than RAC's remix of their song "The Struggle" that came out last year, but they had a very unique sound and I'm predicting big things for the band. They had great range to the songs they played as one minute they had an folk-rock sound, then the next minute they sounded more electro-rock than anything. The band hails from Los Angeles, but frontman Adam Roth is originally from Louisiana and you could hear the Southern influence when he sang. His voice had sort of a Tom Petty sound, and it definitely worked alongside the rest of the five-person band, which is an eclectic mixture of Americans and Swedes.

While the group doesn't have a ton of music out, they showcased songs off of their two EPs, "From the Spark" and "From the Road (Live)." Grizfolk played a 12 song set, with the highlights being "Vagabonds" and "The Struggle," not to mention their covers of Kendrick Lamar and David Bowie. The whole band did a great job of getting the crowd involved, and the hour passed by in a flash with everyone having a great time.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where Grizfolk goes from here. Roth announced last night that the group just got invited to play the Letterman Show, so depending on how that goes next time they're in DC they might be selling out yet another venue, this time a bigger one.

Thanks for the review, Drew! Next Up: Morgan's checking out New Madrid at DC9 on February 18th!

{PLAYLIST} love advice

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and you know that means that everyone and their uncle will be trying to give you love advice on anything from getting engaged to how to snag that perfect someone. If you're trying to build up your confidence to make that plunge and ask out your crush (or plan the perfect Valentine's Day for your steady bf), let this playlist serve as your inspiration.

friends, DON'T be michael cera.(via)
Now get out there and make it happen before the big V day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

{THROWBACK} "work it"

Inspired by and in honor of magnificent, incredible cameo at the Super Bowl halftime show, I have no better option for throwback than Miss Missy herself. Like so many other songs, this one makes me flashback to high school dance team (and, of course, thinking I was cooler than I really was).

Virginia represent.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"salted wound" is my jam

I'm pretty conflicted about whether I will ever get on board with watching "Fifty Shades of Grey," y'all. One thing I'm not conflicted about at all, though, is Sia's self-penned "Salted Wound," which is slated to appear in the film. The song is way more romantic than the movie deserves, with sweeping, hopeful string sections and Sia's ethereal vocals. The "Fifty Shades" soundtrack has kind of been on point so far, and it's definitely piquing my interest. We shall see...

{GIVEAWAY} joshua radin @ 9:30 club

This is a big one dudes, today we're giving away tickets to see the amazing Joshua Radin at the 9:30 Club on March 19! You likely recognize Joshua Radin from being on some of the very best of TIOJ playlists (like this one and this one) and for being awesome in general. He's touring with his new album Onwards and Sideways and it's sure to be an amazing show!

Also, did you guys know he's BFF with Ellen and sang at her wedding?! As if you needed another reason to love him, watch this video!

Enter via Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait?? Buy your tickets NOW here!

love me some misheard lyrics

I've been holding on to this one for a while, but I figured this cold Tuesday was a good of time as any to share. We have a history at TIOJ of mishearing lyrics -- both now and when we were young. Turns out some of the guys at Buzzfeed have the same problem; they're just much more creative than I. And they made this video of some of the worst misheard lyrics in pop music. I love it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

we are the champions

I was point blank, no holds barred, no excuses needed cheering for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl this past Sunday because...ew, the Patriots. I'm deeply saddened over the loss, but even so, this cover of "We Are the Champions" featuring Jimmy Fallon and everyone famous he has ever met, while being bittersweet, is a pretty lovely consolation prize.

In case you missed it or want to relive the least depressing part of the Super Bowl, check out Katy Perry's full half-time show here!

{RECAP} asaf avidan

On Sunday night after enjoying Katy Perry's halftime show over milkshakes and tater tots at Satellite Room, Morgan and I caught Israeli musician Asaf Avidan at 9:30 Club. After being highly touted on NPR and listening to his latest album on repeat, to say we had high expectations for this show would be an understatement. Thankfully, Asaf totally exceeded those expectations.

From the get go, it was impossible not to try and pinpoint Asaf's unique voice to something familiar. Prior reviews had called him a cross between Bob Dylan and Billie Holiday and in the same song I found myself drawing comparisons between Elvis and Bette Midler. Meanwhile Morgan was fantasizing about him "doing the soundtrack to a Janis Joplin film while like...Amy Adams lip syncs. (Or someone. She's terrible casting. If they do a biopic the casting will be terrible anyway.)" Needless to say, Asaf sounds absolutely stunning live. Listening to the new album all day is beautiful and we would recommend it to anyone but live he is...ten times more soulful and there is something fantastically spiritual and moving about his voice in a live setting.

incredible photo of asaf via @930club
Asaf's latest album is certainly one of heartbreak, which he however charmingly discussed throughout his set. In general, his commentary throughout the event left the audience feeling like they were really getting to understand him not only as a musician, but also as a human being, a treat audiences are not often afforded. "Reckoning Song" in particular was so haunting and lovely live.

The entire performance was incredibly moving and the music so interesting and timeless that I did not feel like I was in DC on a cold winter evening. The highlight of the performance was the end of the first encore (yes, there were two!) when, after a diatribe about man's inability to tell the truth, Asaf invited the crowd to "emancipate yourself from gravity when the song comes back in" and as soon as the melody started to come back in, the entire 9:30 Club was jumping in the air. It was a truly special moment of literal levity and joy after a very introspective evening.

To sum up, it was a great evening and we recommend, neigh -- demand that you listen to Asaf's latest album Gold Shadow. I will close with an astute summation of the evening from Ms. Morgan: "Avidan was trippy in a good way where as Katy Perry was just...y'know, trippy."

parenthood is still my jam

I watched the series finale of Parenthood over the weekend, and amid my nonstop sobbing, I made special note to Shazam every song so I'd have a record of it. From the pilot on, I've been impressed by the musical selections in this cryfest of a show. The finale was no different. I couldn't pick a favorite moment/song from this episode, so please enjoy the following Youtube playlist of this episode. Fair warning: it may make you cry again.

Okay, I lied. This song at the end was what put me over the edge. Please listen to Rhiannon Giddens and Iron and Wine's "Forever Young" again and again and again.

Monday, February 2, 2015

american aquarium is my jam

Holy moly, do I love this band. American Aquarium just popped onto my radar, and I am so glad that they did -- better late than never, right?? This Americana/country group from Raleigh has been around for a couple of years, and I am now listening to their entire discography over and over again to make up for lost time.

American Aquarium's new album Wolves drops TOMORROW, and I can't get enough of the lead single off it, "Man I'm Supposed to Be." It sounds like it could be a Bruce Springsteen song, and you know that automatically makes it my jam.

DC! American Aquarium is playing at The Hamilton on Wednesday -- if you don't have plans, fix that and get yourself there!! Tickets available here

miguel x r. kelly by phoebe ryan is my jam

Oh boy do I have a mashup Monday treat for you kids. Meet Phoebe Ryan whose mashup of Miguel's "Do You" and R. Kelly's classic "Ignition (Remix)" is something that has come straight out of our collective TIOJ dreams. Enjoy!

Props to Kick Kick Snare for the find!
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