Wednesday, January 14, 2015

new music roundup!

While we're still not sure how we feel about 2015 just yet, we can say for sure that it's already starting with some awesome new tunes. Here are some new jams that are making us particulalry optimistic for a good year in music.

"Our Own House" - MisterWives
A top 2015 band to watch, MisterWives is proving that they warrant this accolade. "Our Own House" is a welcome addition to the band's repertoire that is best listened to on repeat.

"First Light" - Django Django
We've been waiting for more from Django Django and the first track off their upcoming sophomore album does not disappoint.

"begin again" - Purity Ring
Another much anticipated 2015 album, Purity Ring is coming back and while we haven't always "got" Purity Ring, "begin again" is something we can totalllly get behind.

"Homegrown" - Zac Brown Band
Hot off the announcement of their headlining spot at Hangout Fest this year, Zac Brown Band is back with a new single that makes us nostalgic for being home just a few weeks ago.

What other new jams have you been listening to?

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