Saturday, December 20, 2014

{2014} favorite music videos

AV Director Caleb is back with his second annual roundup of the best music videos of the year! Press play and enjoy!

5. "Fossils" - Circa Waves
First and foremost, I've always been a sucker for Super 8 footage. On top of that I love how personal and up close this video brings us to the wonderfully refreshing Circa Waves.

Click ahead for the rest!

4. "Hot Tonight" - Tokyo Police Club
Such an great reflection of how just fun this band really is. Clever, simple, and just downright playful.

3. "Trainwreck 1979" - Death From Above 1979
"The boys are back in town"... it's so good to have these brothers back together! Really I think I just love this video because it reminds me of an episode of "Skins."

2. "97.92" - Flatbush Zombies x Trash Talk
THIS VIDEO HAHAAAA! All around genius... literally.

1. "Christ Conscious" - Joey Bada$$
Well the name kind of says it all... I could, and probably will, talk about this video alone for the next two years. The video really speaks for itself so I'll just keep it at that.

I hope you all enjoy. Until next time, my friends!

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