Wednesday, November 12, 2014

highs vs. high highs

In today's game of compare and contrast, we will discover if saying your name twice makes a band twice as good with HIGHS and High Highs. Funnily enough we discovered both of these bands at showcases put on by The Wild Honey Pie at CMJ and SXSW, respectively. I would say the folks over at Wild Honey Pie have a type for "high" bands, but as we'll see, they also have a type for good music because both of these bands are awesome.

First up is HIGHS who kicked off Wild Honey Pie's showcase at CMJ a few weeks back. This five-piece from Toronto are just the type of band that is set to become an instant TIOJ favorite across the board. They've got all of our musical weaknesses (coed members, beards, and an overall aura of happiness) -- think Milo Greene and Hey Rosetta! -- are are just delightful live.

High Highs in contrast takes things down a little bit with their music, which I suppose makes sense since they don't have the ALL CAPS excitement built into them. That said, their music is astonishingly beautiful. "Open Season" has been a sleepy time favorite of ours for a long time and we've found ourselves gravitating towards their music as the days get shorter.

So, moment of truth -- who are you feeling: HIGHS or High Highs?

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