Friday, October 17, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, loves! We hope you have a lovely fall weekend full of apple picking, sleeping in, and re-discovering all of your cozy socks hiding in the back of your drawer. 

Your Weekend Jam: We know that it’s almost the weekend, but Justin Stein’s gonna give us a little “Loving On The Weekday” because he’s persuasive like that.

TIOJ Thoughts:

REJOICE! Friends is coming to Netflix! 

Reasonable responses to sexually suggestive song lyrics.

Hipster and Musician-themed Halloween costumes for the kiddos!

A pep talk from Kid President and Grover.

How well do you know The Beatles’ song lyrics? 

Free! This sampler from Bear’s Den will be the perfect soundtrack for your fall weekend.

DC Happenings: Bookmark Listen Local First’s Fall Stream on Spotify!

And in case you missed it: Like Capital Cities or RAC? Then check out Saint Pepsi this weekend!

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