Friday, October 10, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Ready for Columbus Day weekend?? We sure are! We hope that your long weekend of traveling and/or relaxing is the perfect fall weekend!

Your Weekend Jam: Gorgon City teams up with the fabulous Jennifer Hudson on their weekend ready track “Go All Night.”

TIOJ Thoughts: 

New York Times interviews Stevie Nicks and Haim.

The trailer for Thug Kitchen’s first cookbook is fucking brilliant.

We love blue cheese. All types.

Is Teddy the cause of the Nats’ playoff loss? I kind of think so.

What Gilmore Girls character are you?

Free! The soundtrack to the movie The Song is on Noisetrade, and you must download it!!

DC Happenings: Check out DC Music Download's Autumn Spectacular on Saturday night, featuring Typefighter, The Sea Life, Teen Mom, and more!!

And in case you missed it: We compared favorites BANKS and LANKS!

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