Friday, October 10, 2014

{RECAP} young the giant

Here at TIOJ we never underestimate the importance of having wonderful friends. Especially when those wonderful friends named Danielle win tickets to invite-only shows to see Young the Giant at the National Building Museum and bring you along. The show last night was part of the Mercedes Benz-sponsored Evolution Tour and featured screen printing, amazing graffiti art on a Mercedes, and all the pop chips and vodka our hearts could desire.

Most importantly, of course, was Young the Giant's performance. While it hurt my heart to hear the drunk girls behind us trying to figure out if the band was called "young a giant" or "young THE giant," I quickly got over it as soon as the perfectly scruffy band of five took the stage. The band played a bunch of great songs off their new album Mind Over Matter, with a favorite being the synonymously titled single.

Throughout their performance, the band gave off a wonderfully approachable vibe -- so much so that literally all the notes I took for the show read like a lame love letter: "beards. wanna hang out?". While I got a bit distracted by the aforementioned crowd who could not get over the sexiness of lead singer Sameer (we don't disagree, girlfriend, but no need to repeat it 13 times) and the splendor of witnessing a performance in the amazing facility that is the National Building Museum, I quickly snapped out of it and began jumping up and down like a maniac as the band closed out with their hit and the song on every single workout playlist I've ever made "My Body."

So to recap, two thumbs up to Mercedes for putting on a super fancy and wonderful event (and three thumbs up for Danielle for including me!). Young the Giant, keep doing what you're doing and holler if you ever want to get lost in the National Building Museum's life-size maze with us.

Next Up: Starting our Saturday night off at U Street Music Hall with Arum Rae and Generationals!

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