Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{RECAP} belle brigade, head and the heart

TIOJ readers! Remember our Spring Concert Correspondent Elizabeth?? Well she's back home in Kentucky now and will be our Kentucky Concert Correspondent for TIOJ! Check out her first official recap from the Bluegrass state for Belle Brigade and The Head and the Heart and Iroquois Amphitheater. 

Going to a concert not knowing much about the opening act is always an adventure. From polar opposite musical genres, to stealing the show from the main act, to becoming my new favorite band, I’ve experienced all sorts of openers. The opener for the Head and the Heart on Thursday, a brother/sister duo called Belle Brigade, was one that stuck out as being unique and having a sound that reminded me of Fleetwood Mac with surf rock vibes.

One of the things that stuck out about Belle Brigade from the start of their set was how their stage was set up- the duo and their band members all had an equal share of the front of the stage. Bassist, drummer, guitarist, and keyboardist were all aligned at the front of the stage, each being prominently featured. This was cool because Barbara, the sister of the duo and drummer/vocalist, was front and center… not a usual spot for the drum set to live. We have mentioned this in the past (see: PAPA), but can we bring up once again how much we LOVE it when a band’s drummer is also one of the lead singers?

The Head and the Heart’s drummer was not front and center like Belle Brigade’s was, but we definitely noticed him. Out of all the band members on stage, he looked like he was having the most fun. At one point, he was shaking a maraca with one hand, waving a tambourine in the other, and using both handheld instruments to play the drums… who needs drumsticks anyway? Overall the Head and the Heart put on a good show… their presence as a band on stage seemed a little disjointed, but they sounded great live and played all of the songs that people wanted to hear (my personal favorites, Rivers and Roads and Down in the Valley… which they saved for their encore!). They talked to the crowd a fair bit, which is always appreciated and singer/violinist Charity Rose’s kind comments about her love of Louisville were especially nice. The band definitely seemed glad to be in Kentucky and we sure were glad to have them!

PS. Fun fact about Belle Brigade- the duo's grandfather is renowned oscar-winning composer John Williams! They've got a strong musical gene in this family...

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