Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{RECAP} arum rae, generationals

On Saturday night, I grabbed some of my bestest lady friends and headed over to U Street Music Hall to catch Arum Rae and Generationals. Due to some, er, technical difficulties we missed Arum Rae's set BUT still got to catch up with her in person after. As I said on twitter, this chick and the voice of a badass and the cheekbones of a Greek goddess. For evidence, check out this live performance of her latest single "Shake" from last week:

Next up were Generationals. This band has been a favorite of ours for a while and they proved to be even better than we anticipated in a live setting. From their light up mannequin to their surf pop perfection music, they were the perfect indie music for this weekend night. My favorites of their set are the bookends of their latest album Alix -- "Black Lemon" and "Would You Want Me." I highly recommend getting yourself acquainted with this new album on Spotify!

Obviously though, we were suckers for old favorites like "Tell Me Now" and "You Got Me." Also, full disclosure, I did not realize they had two lead singers and this made me love the band even more.

Next Up: Krista and Caleb are going to CMJ in New York next week -- stay tuned for lots of exciting things!!

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