Wednesday, October 8, 2014

banks vs. lanks

Oh boy am I excited about today's game of compare and contrast! We'll be comparing female singer and Hype Machine-dominating BANKS and Australian singer LANKS. Both singers are tall and beautiful, capitalize their stage names, and put out sexy, chill, electronic music. Saying my prayers for an eventual duet between these two.

BANKS has been the obsession of all the music blogs for the past year with her interesting music that's it's own take on electro R&B. The result is sensual music that sucks you in -- you may find yourself slowly dancing to these jams at your desk and not even notice that important clients are calling you (just me?). Fun fact: BANKS is featured in Coach's fall ad campaign -- so, that's neat. 

LANKS similarly has that electronic R&B vibe going on and with the complement of his raspy vocals, it's got us swooning. Seriously, WHAT is in the water in Australia that makes their music so good??

So, what do you think? LANKS or BANKS? I think I'm going to start a cover band called "tom hanks." (It's all lowercase, because lowercase is the new uppercase, just so you know.)

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