Tuesday, September 23, 2014

{RECAP} phox and paolo nutini

If you clicked this link expecting anything other than a rave review, you might want to turn back now. On the eve of the historic Scottish independence vote (RIP, #indyref), I could think of no better way to acknowledge the occasion than by heading over to the Lincoln Theatre to see my favorite Scotsman in the flesh. And let me just tell you: Paolo Nutini did not disappoint. It seems I wasn't the only person in DC who was beside themselves with excitement over Paolo's show. The line to get into the Lincoln Theatre snaked all the way through the alley next to the venue and around the building.

Once inside, I quickly found myself a good seat and settled in. Opening band Phox was phenomenal. This Wisconsin-bred sextet had charm, humility, and harmonies that would knock your socks off. Their newly released single "Slow Motion" is my personal favorite. You know I can't resist whistling.

Paolo wasted no time in dazzling us. Almost as soon as he ascended to the stage, accompanied by resounding bass lines, jazzy horn players, and a grooving backup singer, he launched into "Scream (Funk My Life Up)." So sassy.

He transitioned pretty effortlessly between songs, rifling through some of his older hits (the "Jenny" and "New Shoes" mashup was particularly noteworthy) and peppering in his newer, grittier songs as well.

My favorite moment, though, was the unexpected inclusion of "Someone Like You," a song I'd actually never heard before. Paolo eschewed the big band on this one, and treated the audience to a stripped down, soulful rendition accompanied only by the acoustic guitar strung across his shoulders. I'll remember this one for a long time.

If you haven't listened to Paolo's latest release, Caustic Love, you're doing yourself a disservice!

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