Friday, September 5, 2014

{RECAP} misterwives, bleachers

On Tuesday night we caught Misterwives and Bleachers at 9:30 Club. Misterwives has been a favorite on the blog for a while and this five-piece featuring lead singer Mandy Lee and her so-called band of mister wives (get it?!) were too much fun. First off, the band features everything that we love live: a trumpet, saxophone, tambourine, and a romper to boot.

Mandy's voice was so amazing and powerful live (as it is in this hilarious insta video) and it was a treat to see the band proudly singing "Reflections" after hearing it on the radio earlier this week. The best song live was definitely "Kings and Queens" that called for lots of boogieing and a glorious dueling trumpet and saxophone solos. Be still my heart.

Next up was Bleachers fronted by fun's Jack Antonoff wearing the shortest of shorts. To be honest, I had only planned to stay for the first few songs of their set, but with an epic introduction to the 9:30 Club, I was quickly convinced that this was a set that could not be missed.

From their incredibly hip outfits to the captivating light show to the easy-to-sing lyrics to songs like "Shadow," Bleachers killed it from the start. The band's sound, seemingly influenced by '80s pop and '90s power ballads was easy to listen and dance to and had all the makings of a pop group on the rise. We were further enchanted by a cover of The Mountain Goats' "This Year" and an aptly-played (if a bit of a spoiler) joke about House of Cards. Besides their hit "I Wanna Get Better" we loved hearing "Wild Hearts" and "Rollercoaster" live.

All in all, this was one of the most enjoyable shows we've been to in a while (with a 9:30 birthday cupcake to top it off!) and we HIGHLY you recommend adding both bands to your iTunes rotation.

Editors note: Concert Correspondent Jurg went to the sequel show the night after us and would agree that it was wonderful. She would have wrote more but she was busy with "too mugh boogieing." Word, Jurg.

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