Wednesday, September 17, 2014

odessa vs. odesza

In today's game of compare and contrast, we've got two rising talents to discuss songstress Odessa and production duo ODESZA.

First up is Odessa whose calming and beautiful first release "I Will Be There" took our breath away at first listen. This California singer just has a four-song EP out but if this single is any indication, we're expecting to hear much more of Odessa's gorgeous and heartfelt lyrics in the future.

Switch out just one letter (and hit caps lock) and we've got our next group ODESZA whose music makes us want to get up and dance rather than snuggle deeper into our blankets/man friends. The single off their debut album "Say My Name" warranted a glowing feat. feature last week and has gotten so much hype that they've already sold out their upcoming show at U Street Music Hall.

Now, since ODESZA is a production duo that enjoys featuring female vocalists and Odessa has the voice of an angel, let's all pray for collaboration between these two parties, shall we?

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