Wednesday, September 10, 2014

hop on robert schwartzman's tour bus!!

We are suckers for intimate performances on TIOJ. Look at the number of live sessions we post or how giddy we get when a band unplugs during a live performance and its evident how important moments like this are to experiencing music. Robert Schwartzman, who you may remember from Rooney or from his piano-playing role in The Princess Diaries, echoes our love for intimate performances and is attempting to turn the concept of touring on its head for his California Roll Tour. On this tour, instead of playing at venues, fans can buy seats on Robert's tour bus and be treated to two hours of live performance and chatting with this talented musician in a venue unlike any other.

If his latest release "It's You," which will be featured in the upcoming film Palo Alto starring Emma Roberts and James Franco, is any indication, this experience is not to be missed.

Robert Schwartzman: It’s You on

Robert will be literally rolling through DC on September 23rd. Get your tickets here and check out other tour dates below!

:TCRT Tour routing main.png

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