Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"there is nothing about you i won't love"

I can't stop listening to Terror Pigeon's latest release "Girl!" It's a beautiful love poem layered on an amazingly energetic synth-pop track. Beware, this song gives you all the feels (in a beautiful, beautiful way).

Check out the lyrics below that are the kind of poetry I can wholeheartedly get behind:

Please allow me,
To speak this clearly:
There is not will nor force or power on this earth
To keep you from me.

And where I'm going
Will you come to then?
Cause all I want to do and see
Would be infinitely better with you beside me!

I cannot say it,
Words can't convey it,
The way that my whole body felt,
That night in Becky's car,

When we were singing,
Well it clicked right then,
That four months of denying it could make it no less true,
I absolutely, positively, had to, had to, had to,

Kiss you.

I want to be there when you wake.
I want to be there when you need.
I want to be there when you laugh.
I want to be there when you speed.
I want to be there when you're hurt.
I want to be there 'til you're fine.
I want to be there for tonight.
I want to be there all the time.

All the time.

And you know what I know.
And you feel what I feel.

There is nothing about you I won't love.

Side note -- does anyone know when they dropped the "Dance Revolt" from their name? Explain.

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