Monday, August 25, 2014

{RECAP} thumpers

Last night, as my last hurrah before school starts, I caught Thumpers at Rock & Roll Hotel. Off the bat, I was surprised that the venue wasn't packed with people dancing to this amazing new band of Brits whose album Galore has been a summer staple on TIOJ. Nevertheless, the crowd acted like they were in a sea of people at a music festival and proved to be quite the energetic bunch.

This energy was thanks to the charm and accessibility of the band. Thumpers had that perfect pop sensibility where you can't help but to dance along and can instantly tell that they would be so successful winning over an entire crowd at a music festival (or your three besties while on a road trip). From hand claps to a sing along to "Unkinder," they were so much fun to see live.

We were further charmed by their accented banter as they recounted their formative American cultural experience earlier that day after dining at Cracker Barrel for the first time (welcome to the land of biscuits and gravy, Thumpers!). And just when I thought I couldn't love a group more, they went on and did a Chet Faker cover. Covers tell you a lot about a band and this cover told me that Thumpers deserved a major bump on my list of favorite new bands.

If you haven't listened to Galore yet, do it now as you savor these last few weeks of summer!

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