Wednesday, August 6, 2014

new music roundup!

This edition of new music roundup is punctuated by the resurgence of some of our most favorite singers who have been hiding for some time (looking at you, Ben Howard and Hey Rosetta!).

"End Of The Affair" - Ben Howard
Sweet lord in heaven, have we missed this voice. Bless you, Ben Howard, for coming back to us with almost eight minutes of magic.

"Kintsukuroi" - Hey Rosetta!
This is the perfect end-of-summer jam to motivate you through work until you can go to happy hour at a rooftop bar, and it's just enough of a taste from these guys to hold you over until their second album drops in October.

"Gold Silver Diamond" - Generationals
Generationals were IYL favorites last summer and they're finally back with a new album coming out in September. This first track off the album is indie pop goodness.

"Heavenly Father" - Bon Iver
We've technically posted this already, but it's worth posting again in case this missed your radar the first time around. And you MUST go see Wish I Was Here!

What new music are you jamming to??

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