Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"grizzly bear" vs. grizzly bear

We've got another game of compare and contrast today, friends! Today we're mixing things up a bit and comparing a band with a song because we can...

First up is Angus & Julia Stone's latest release "Grizzly Bear." This Australian brother-sister duo has been around for a while with three albums to their name and a fourth on the way (produced by uber producer Rick Rubin!). Their music is so charming, with a perfect folks/blues influence. Plus, we're suckers for the perfectly harmonized melodies that pepper this jam.

Grizzly Bear, in contrast, is a band from Brooklyn that has been a favorite of my most indie loving friends for forever. Like Angus & Julia, they also have four albums under their belt with similarly comforting and subdued vibes. Unlike the brother-sister duo, Grizzly Bear is known to be a bit more rockier and experimental with the profound ability to dazzle you live (see: Firefly 2013).

We can't stop listening to either of these jams -- do you have a favorite??

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