Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"best song ever" vs. "best song ever"

In this round of compare and contrast, we're pitting the original and a cover of One Direction's "Best Song Ever" against each other. Both the catchy original and Samm Hemshaw's cover of this jam are simply wonderful.

First up is the cover, and let me say that I was skeptical before pressing play on Samm Hemshaw's version of "Best Song Ever" but he immediately blew me away with his slowed down R&B take on the jam and then, that voice. His raspy voice (that surprisingly reminds me of Paolo Nutini) is perfect for this song. So perfect that I would have never ever guessed that this was a One Direction cover.

Next up is the original that, I must admit, I had never fully listened to and without any shame, might I say that I also love this version. In doing my "research" for this post, I ended up listening to the full One Direction album and that ish is pretty darn good! (I know, I know, way late to the party on this one...)

Alright now, be honest, which version of "Best Song Ever" do you prefer??

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