Sunday, August 31, 2014

{PLAYLIST} best of august 2014

While we're super sad that the end of August brings the unofficial end of summer, we sure do love reminiscing on what a great summer this was. In August we were able to catch THUMPERS, and we were listening to:

"Life of Sin" - Sturgill Simpson
This singer is a breath of fresh country air.
"Say You Love Me" - Jessie Ware
Jessie Ware's latest song gave us all of the feelings this month. 
"Song for You" - Less is More
Thanks to this song, I made it through my last week of school!
"Sound of Screams" - Thumpers
Thumpers was one of our favorite (and only) live shows this month -- so perfect for summer!
"Waiting on June" - Holly Williams
Without fail, this beautiful song makes me cry each time I hear it.
"lovers' carvings" - Bibio
This older track by Bibio has been my mellow soundtrack for these last lazy days of summer.
"Dogwood" - Whiskey Myers
Whiskey Myers, I dub you honorary Virginians.
"Smile" - Mikky Ekko
Delighted with Mikky Ekko's new optimistic single.
"Let Go" - Like Swimming
Not only are these the cutest Swedes, their music is quite darling as well.
"Arrows (feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)" - Fences
This jam snuck on to our radar at the end of July and we can't get enough.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

{WATCH} bleachers' "thank you very much"

To promote his upcoming tour, Bleachers put together this perfectly '90s-inspired cable access show "Thank You Very Much." The show includes interviews with '90s sitcom stars, call-in cameos from Lena Dunham, and live music performances that give Jesse and the Rippers a run for their money.

DC! Bleachers will be playing at the 9:30 Club on Wednesday, September 3!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Your Weekend Jam: With most of TIOJ going back to school as either a teacher or student, Charli XCX’s “Break The Rules” is a fitting anthem on this back-to-school weekend. Let’s break a few rules this weekend, shall we?

TIOJ Thoughts: 


A four-year-old reviews a fancy restaurant with her face. Hilarity/despair ensues.

On my to do list: emoji yoga.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched So You Think You Can Dance regularly, but boy oh boy do some of these make me cry.

Free! Virginia natives and Firefly faves The Last Bison are back with a new (and free) tune, “Bad Country,” that’s available for download via Soundcloud below.

More free! Don’t forget to download The Hood Internet’s latest mashup mixtape!

DC Happenings: It's Labor Day weekend -- get out there and play!

And in case you missed it: If you're a fan of Sam Smith or Zak Waters, you are sure to LOVE Reigen Miller -- make sure you check him out!

{PLAYLIST} labor day 2014

Happy Labor Day, lovelies! We hope that you have an amazingly relaxing long weekend up ahead of you as you rest up for whatever September brings. Whether you'll be catching rays at the pool until they kick you out on Monday, exploring around a new neighborhood, or eating your way down 14th Street, have a wonderful three day weekend!

if your weekend looks like this, color us jealous. (via)
Press play below for your weekend soundtrack:

And for more Labor Day jams, check out playlists from 2013, 2012, AND 2011!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

{RECAP} röyksopp, robyn

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words so we're going to shut up and share some FANTASTIC pictures Wes Della Volla captured during the Röyksopp and Robyn show at Wolf Trap last week!

We highly recommend you listen/desk dance to "Do It Again" while staring at these pictures:

Click ahead for the rest of the pictures including some robot/Robyn love!!

{THROWBACK} "something like that"

As we embark on Labor Day Weekend, it's only appropriate to honor one of the greatest country songs ever in existence -- Tim McGraw's "Something Like That." Not only does it celebrate the end of summer, it is guaranteed to be a favorite of all of those so-called country haters (*cough* Krista).

And gosh, Tim sure is a pretty human.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

{IF YOU LIKE} sam smith, zak waters

(via 1/2/
jennifer miller)
If you like the smooth falsetto of Sam Smith or the flirty vibes of Zak Waters, then we most highly recommend checking out Reigen Miller. Brooklyn-based Reigen popped on to our radar with him jam "Good Vibes" that is perfect for these dog days of summer. Grab a fruity drink and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"there is nothing about you i won't love"

I can't stop listening to Terror Pigeon's latest release "Girl!" It's a beautiful love poem layered on an amazingly energetic synth-pop track. Beware, this song gives you all the feels (in a beautiful, beautiful way).

Check out the lyrics below that are the kind of poetry I can wholeheartedly get behind:

Please allow me,
To speak this clearly:
There is not will nor force or power on this earth
To keep you from me.

And where I'm going
Will you come to then?
Cause all I want to do and see
Would be infinitely better with you beside me!

I cannot say it,
Words can't convey it,
The way that my whole body felt,
That night in Becky's car,

When we were singing,
Well it clicked right then,
That four months of denying it could make it no less true,
I absolutely, positively, had to, had to, had to,

Kiss you.

I want to be there when you wake.
I want to be there when you need.
I want to be there when you laugh.
I want to be there when you speed.
I want to be there when you're hurt.
I want to be there 'til you're fine.
I want to be there for tonight.
I want to be there all the time.

All the time.

And you know what I know.
And you feel what I feel.

There is nothing about you I won't love.

Side note -- does anyone know when they dropped the "Dance Revolt" from their name? Explain.

sturgill simpson is my jam

I'm always on the lookout for new country music, and Sturgill Simpson is exactly what I was looking for. With wry lyrics that don't buy in to the big truck/daisy dukes/drinking beer formula that is oh so present in pop country, this Kentuckian's album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music is pretty much soundtracking my week. It's no wonder NPR World Cafe Live featured Sturgill on World Cafe Next.

For proof, check out incredible full performance on KEXP.

Monday, August 25, 2014

a new mixtape from hood internet!

On this mashup of Mondays, we're sharing the latest mixtape for mashup champs The Hood Internet. Thier eighth mixtape continues the creative blend between hip hop and indie music that we've come to expect from this Chicago duo. Favorites off this release include a mix of Pusha T and Kendrick Lamar's "Nosetalgia" and ASTR "R U With Me" and "When Poison Start To Burn" that mashes up throwback fave Bell Biv Devoe and Disclosure.

Listen and download the entire mixtape for free via Soundcloud below!

{RECAP} thumpers

Last night, as my last hurrah before school starts, I caught Thumpers at Rock & Roll Hotel. Off the bat, I was surprised that the venue wasn't packed with people dancing to this amazing new band of Brits whose album Galore has been a summer staple on TIOJ. Nevertheless, the crowd acted like they were in a sea of people at a music festival and proved to be quite the energetic bunch.

This energy was thanks to the charm and accessibility of the band. Thumpers had that perfect pop sensibility where you can't help but to dance along and can instantly tell that they would be so successful winning over an entire crowd at a music festival (or your three besties while on a road trip). From hand claps to a sing along to "Unkinder," they were so much fun to see live.

We were further charmed by their accented banter as they recounted their formative American cultural experience earlier that day after dining at Cracker Barrel for the first time (welcome to the land of biscuits and gravy, Thumpers!). And just when I thought I couldn't love a group more, they went on and did a Chet Faker cover. Covers tell you a lot about a band and this cover told me that Thumpers deserved a major bump on my list of favorite new bands.

If you haven't listened to Galore yet, do it now as you savor these last few weeks of summer!

{GIVEAWAY} all things go's fall classic

So Freefest may not be happening this year, but you still have a chance at free festival tickets! We've paired up with All Things Go to start your fall off right with a pair of tickets to their inaugural Fall Classic at Union Market on September 13. The festival's got a killer lineup, including TIOJ favorites like Future Islands, Haerts, Panama Wedding, and so many more! PLUS -- the local venue will feature amazing food vendors like Toki Underground and Dolcezza Gelato. Swoon.

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

one more lazy summer song...

Keeping with the trend of last week's playlist, we have one more lazy summer song to share that didn't make it on to Spotify in time for our playlist.

Sit back and relax to Panama's "Stay Forever."

Friday, August 22, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, loves! We hope that you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend and enjoy one of the last weekends of summer. Desk dance and get clicking with some fun links below to get you in the weekend mood!

Your Weekend Jam: While we historically have mixed feelings about Taylor Swift, Kosher Kittens' mashup featuring her new jam "Shake It Off" featuring Ludacris, Childish Gambino, and Lil' Wayne is something we (think we) can get behind. (This jam is a freebie too!)

TIOJ Thoughts:

A Broadway play starring Michael Cera with music by Rostam? Yes please.

Speaking of Vampire Weekend, we spy Ezra Koenig, Grimes, and more celebs in HAIM’s latest video!

Eight songs with weird dialogue. I’ve always wondered about “Love Shack.”

The Killers take on Fancy = love.

Free! Leave it to Australian’s SAFIA to make James Vincent McMorrow’s “Cavalier” even more amazing. Listen below and grab for free here!

DC Happenings: Trillectro is going down on Saturday at RFK! Watch how much fun we had there last year!

And in case you missed it: We rounded up some awesome new music out this week featuring Walk The Moon, Mikky Ekko, and more!

new navy is our jam

Attention! We've got a new Aussie band to put on your radar. New Navy has come to us highly recommended and, unsurprisingly, they're amazing with the catchy yet thoughtful, poppy yet creative jams that we've come to expect from Australian bands.

We've been jamming to "Zimbabwe" and have a feeling this wanderlust-inducing jam will become our go to come the tired winter months.

Plus, they just release and amazing new single "Rosaline." As frequent readers might know, we're big fans of songs about girls (Exhibit A, Exhibit B) so this poppy tune is a welcome addition to our collection.

{PLAYLIST} lazy days of summer

As Labor Day gets closer and closer, August humidity is on the rise (and it wouldn't be a DC summer without it). And before our own lives get just a bit crazier once school starts these few weeks, we imagine ourselves lazing on hammocks and mellowing out with good tunes, good company, and good drinks.

we want to be in this picture, please (via)
Press play below and be lazy with us.

We're dedicating this week's playlist to TIOJ photographer Brian, who's in need of a little R&R this week. Feel better, Brian!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

{THROWBACK} christina aguilera

In honor of Christina Aguilera being a new mama again to baby girl Summer Rain, I'm throwing back to the songs that brought this boobalicious lady onto the pop music scene in the late '90s. I owned her self-titled album Christina Aguilera and listened to it on end. Take a trip down memory lane with me and listen to "Genie in a Bottle" while you pretend you're sitting on your couch after school and watching TRL.

And now, "What a Girl Wants." God bless the '90s.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

new music roundup!

This week's latest roundup of new music is a wonderful mix of positive and uplifting jams that should be the perfect thing to get you through the rest of the week!

"Shut Up And Dance" - Walk The Moon
Glory be! TIOJ's faves are back with and song that is sure to be an anthem throughout our falls/offices/lives.

"Smile" - Mikky Ekko
Mikky Ekko's turning his frown upside down with this uplifting and wonderfully catchy new tune. Would not be surprised to hear this on a commercial sometime soon.

"Walk" - Kwabs
Our favorite British crooner is back with his swoony baritone on this empowering track. 

"Classic (RAC Mix)" - The Knocks
Our latest weekend jam gets the royal remix treatment from RAC -- and coincides with the announcement of their upcoming tour together. (DC, put October 26 on your calendar!)

What new jams are you listening to??

HOW did i miss new enrique music?

I really love Enrique Iglesias (case in point, one of my favorite TIOJ posts ever written -- The Evolution of Enrique Iglesias). So imagine my surprise when I was flipping radio stations in the car the other day and came across "Bailando" (a little close to "Bailamos" if you ask me, but no one did...) -- welcome back to the airwaves/my life, E!

Thank goodness I've been reunited with my car so I run no risks of missing any important top 40 jams.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

lizzo and caroline smith are a match made in heaven

I audibly squealed when I saw that two of my most favorite up-and-coming female singers Lizzo and Caroline Smith have joined forces and put out a single together. Both Minnesota musicians top our 2014 concert list from Lizzo's badass performances at SXSW to Caroline Smith's amazing crooning (and solid Kendrick Lamar cover) at Jammin' Java. Their single "Let 'Em Say" follows the confident nature we've come to expect from both singers with the perfect amount of spice to get you snapping your fingers and flipping your hair.

As if things could get any better, the self-proclaimed besties are donating proceeds from the sale of "Let 'Em Say" to The Women's Foundation of Minnesota. Where can I sign up to be part of this powerful partnership?

"grizzly bear" vs. grizzly bear

We've got another game of compare and contrast today, friends! Today we're mixing things up a bit and comparing a band with a song because we can...

First up is Angus & Julia Stone's latest release "Grizzly Bear." This Australian brother-sister duo has been around for a while with three albums to their name and a fourth on the way (produced by uber producer Rick Rubin!). Their music is so charming, with a perfect folks/blues influence. Plus, we're suckers for the perfectly harmonized melodies that pepper this jam.

Grizzly Bear, in contrast, is a band from Brooklyn that has been a favorite of my most indie loving friends for forever. Like Angus & Julia, they also have four albums under their belt with similarly comforting and subdued vibes. Unlike the brother-sister duo, Grizzly Bear is known to be a bit more rockier and experimental with the profound ability to dazzle you live (see: Firefly 2013).

We can't stop listening to either of these jams -- do you have a favorite??

Monday, August 18, 2014

delight your ears with like swimming

It may be the last few weeks that you can frequent the pool, but Sweden's Like Swimming will continue to make your ears quite happy well into the fall. With lovely three-part harmonies and the perfect mix of upbeat Swedish indie pop, this band is sure to keep you smiling as part of your  commuting playlist, even after summer is over.

And get to know Like Swimming here -- I love them.

And!! Grab an album preview over on Noisetrade while you can, then check out their first album on September 9!

{GIVEAWAY} thumpers @ rock & roll hotel

Happy Monday, lovers! To start your week off right, we're treating you to two tickets to see the amazing British band Thumpers at Rock & Roll Hotel on Sunday, August 24. We've had Thumpers debut album on constant rotation this summer and can't get enough their cheery and catchy jam "Unkinder."

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait to see if you've won? Grab tix NOW here!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

{WATCH} chet faker "gold"

This week's Watch feature is the latest music video from my dream boyfriend Chet Faker. TIOJ is collectively obsessed with dancing and rollerskating so this impressive music video is unquestionably our jam.

Friday, August 15, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, friends! Whether you're basking at the pool, exploring a new neighborhood, or walking 60 miles (good luck, Krista!!), we hope you have the most wonderful weekend!

Your Weekend Jam: Nothing like a new jam from The Knocks to kick off your weekend! Come to me baby, don’t be shy…

TIOJ Thoughts: 

This may have to be my new concert bag.

How are we going to explain The Garden State soundtrack to our future children?

Friends = How I Met Your Mother?!??!

Way to go, Drake.

WTF Renaissance is my new favorite twitter account.

Free! We’re OBSESSED with Tei Shi’s sexy cover of Beyonce’s “No Angel” that you can download for free to add some immediate sexiness to your life.

And in case you missed it: If you're a fan of American Authors or One Republic, you'll definitely like Young Rising Sons -- check it!

{PLAYLIST} walking for breast cancer

Krista here taking over this week's playlist! This weekend I'm participating in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk that aims to promote awareness and raise much needed dollars for breast cancer research. I'll be walking 60 miles over the next three days with hundreds of my closest friends rocking head-to-toe pink. As you might imagine, 60 miles of walking requires a MAJOR soundtrack so this week we're dedicating our playlist to walking and, of course, breasts.

If you're a fan of walking and/or breasts, click the playlist below to start jamming and learn more about the 3 Day here!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

{THROWBACK} "can't tell me nothing"

Oh boy did I discover a treasure on Soundcloud this week... check out my #tbt inspiration from Jon Bellion below. It's a thoughtful pop song reminiscent of Passenger or Ed Sheeran while expertly reworking Kanye West's hit "Can't Tell Me Nothing." It's nothing short of awesome.

And we would be remiss not to share Kanye's original in its 2009 glory. I'd like to imagine that Kanye performed sections of this song while going back and forth on plumbing considerations with his contractor for his new home with Kim Kardashian.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

jessie ware's "say you love me" is our jam

We've said before that we like to imagine Jessie Ware as one of our best girl friends and, as good girlfriends do, she's helping us to understand our own emotions with the honest portrayal of her own. Her latest single "Say You Love Me" is genius. It encapsulates various conversations my girlfriends and I have been having the past few weeks and is so gorgeous that it makes us sad and happy all at once (#feelings).

Pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to this song no less than four times in a row.

{IF YOU LIKE} american authors, one republic

(via 1/2/3)
If you like the optimistic nature of American Authors or the impossibly addictive melodies of One Republic, then tune your radio to Young Rising Sons. This New Jersey four-piece is certain to put a smile on your face with their latest alt-pop release "King Of The World"...

...and you'll find yourself smiling and whistling to their uplifting debut "High."

Keep jamming to Young Rising Sons on Soundcloud!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

whiskey myers is my jam

With a name like Whiskey Myers, I was bound to love this rocking country group. These Texans are the perfect roll-your-windows-down-and-let-in-the-August-heat tunes that I'll be needing upon my return to the DMV this week. Plus, they have copious amounts of hair -- automatic check plus.

For the record: I'm seriously questioning their Texas roots with song titles like "Virginia" and "Dogwood." Whiskey Myers boys, I believe you are my kindred Virginian spirits.

Monday, August 11, 2014

holly williams is my jam

Holly Williams has been on the outskirts of my radar for far too long. After watching her Tiny Desk Concert, I can say that I'm officially loving this badass folksy woman, and I'm so disappointed in myself that it's taken so long.

Ease into your Monday by taking a listen, and I'm sure you'll agree.

Friday, August 8, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday beauties! As we get ready for a relaxing weekend full of girl power and sunshine, we just had to share some of our favorite finds from the interwebs this week...

Your Weekend Jam: We’re loving Diplo’s “Andre Agassi Remix” of Lorde’s hit “Tennis Court.” Clever, Diplo, verrrry clever.

TIOJ Thoughts:

Getting pumped for All Things Go’s Fall Classic with this playlist!

I always knew Malia and I were meant to be best friends

Barack's so fancy -- he already knows.

SO MANY Jayson Werth gnomes!!!

Free! Our latest Aussie faves Gossling are giving away their EP called 2 S’es Not Ryan for FREE on Noisetrade! If that’s not the best EP title you’ve heard, I don’t know what is.

And in case you missed it: Don't forget to enter to win tickets to see Wildcat! Wildcat! at DC9!

{PLAYLIST} songs about girls, part ii

From classics to contemporary, country to hipster, there's something about a girl's name that just makes for a great song. While some names are definitely more popular than others (we could make a whole playlist of Jenny songs), we like to celebrate all the gals and the songs that they inspire.

Grab your girlfriends and press play below!

Keep on jamming/dreaming up your future children's names to Songs About Boys and the original Songs About Girls!

{GIVEAWAY} wildcat! wildcat! @ dc9

Happy Monday, friends! To start your week off right, we're giving away a pair of tickets to see the incredibly enjoyable indie rockers Wildcat! Wildcat! This band has toured with Passion Pit, alt-J and so many more awesome bands and now they're out on their own and will be playing at DC9 on August 14.

Check out their latest single "Hero" and prepare yourselves for lots more new jams to come from these guys!

And listen to the song that made us fall in love with them in the first place, "Mr. Quiche":

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait? Snag your tickets here!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

{THROWBACK} hilary duff

I got an email the other day about Hilary Duff's newly released single. Upon watching it, I realized that it's really no different than any that she made in her heyday of the early 2000s. Ladies and gentleman, Lizzie McGuire is alive and well.

And if you're like me and this video makes you want to search Lizzie McGuire on Netflix (verdict: Lizzie isn't on there, but Cadet Kelly and Beauty and the Briefcase are), this is for you:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

new music roundup!

This edition of new music roundup is punctuated by the resurgence of some of our most favorite singers who have been hiding for some time (looking at you, Ben Howard and Hey Rosetta!).

"End Of The Affair" - Ben Howard
Sweet lord in heaven, have we missed this voice. Bless you, Ben Howard, for coming back to us with almost eight minutes of magic.

"Kintsukuroi" - Hey Rosetta!
This is the perfect end-of-summer jam to motivate you through work until you can go to happy hour at a rooftop bar, and it's just enough of a taste from these guys to hold you over until their second album drops in October.

"Gold Silver Diamond" - Generationals
Generationals were IYL favorites last summer and they're finally back with a new album coming out in September. This first track off the album is indie pop goodness.

"Heavenly Father" - Bon Iver
We've technically posted this already, but it's worth posting again in case this missed your radar the first time around. And you MUST go see Wish I Was Here!

What new music are you jamming to??

"passing ships" is my jam

There's something very wistful about The Travelling Band's "Passing Ships." The opening chords are strangely reminiscent of Moulin Rouge (just me?), and this song just brings such a sense of nostalgia and sadness and a tinge of quirky hopefulness.

Download this song for free on Soundcloud!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"song for you" is getting me through school

I'm in my LAST. WEEK. of school. Helloooo, senioritis. To help me get through my final few papers, I've been listening to Less is More's "Song For You." It's so gentle and sweet, and it is currently on repeat in my apartment.

"best song ever" vs. "best song ever"

In this round of compare and contrast, we're pitting the original and a cover of One Direction's "Best Song Ever" against each other. Both the catchy original and Samm Hemshaw's cover of this jam are simply wonderful.

First up is the cover, and let me say that I was skeptical before pressing play on Samm Hemshaw's version of "Best Song Ever" but he immediately blew me away with his slowed down R&B take on the jam and then, that voice. His raspy voice (that surprisingly reminds me of Paolo Nutini) is perfect for this song. So perfect that I would have never ever guessed that this was a One Direction cover.

Next up is the original that, I must admit, I had never fully listened to and without any shame, might I say that I also love this version. In doing my "research" for this post, I ended up listening to the full One Direction album and that ish is pretty darn good! (I know, I know, way late to the party on this one...)

Alright now, be honest, which version of "Best Song Ever" do you prefer??

Monday, August 4, 2014

motivational monday with chance the rapper

So we've technically already posted on this jam, but Chance the Rapper finally released a legit studio version of his fantastic cover of "Wonderful Everyday" aka the theme song to PBS favorite Arthur. Plus, he added a bunch of additional singers on the track including Wyclef Jean. This is seriously the best cover of a children's TV show theme song that we've ever heard.

Bonus points -- this song is the perfect motivational, optimistic song to start off a sure to be wonderful week!

Extra bonus points -- you can download this for free on Soundcloud, click link above!

{GIVEAWAY} agnes obel @ 9:30 club

Let's just get right to it and start your week off right with a giveaway to see our mellow Monday favorite Agnes Obel. This Danish songstress is bringing her hauntingly beautiful music stateside, specifically to our beloved 9:30 Club, and her live performance is going to be spectacular. BONUS -- this is a rare seated show so that you can fully appreciate the majesty of Agnes.

Become enchanted with Agnes during this live session and don't forget to enter to win tickets to see her live on August 13.

Enter to win via Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Can't wait to win? Snag your tickets here!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

sultry sunday with the weeknd

As if music from The Weeknd wasn't sultry enough to begin with, producer extraordinaire Kygo went and remixed his jam "Often." The result is a sexy jam that will confidently stare deep into your earbuds.

Keep things steamy with Kygo's remix of Sexual Healing. You're welcome.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

{WATCH} lollapalooza live stream

As we mentioned yesterday, this weekend is Lollapalooza! If you can't be enjoying the beautiful venue and sea of people in Grant Park, then be sure to catch the festival live from your comfy couch.

Check out the full schedule below and stream the entire festival at!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday, chickadees! We hope you have a fabulous weekend in store, whether you're at Lollapalooza, at the beach, or bopping around town!

Your Weekend Jam: We CANNOT stop listening to Clean Bandit’s latest “Come Over” -- we’ll never have enough steel drum in our electronic music.

TIOJ Thoughts:

An interesting look at the role of tour openers.

Music quiz! Who wrote these songs?

It’s okay, DMX -- I’m afraid of roller coasters too.

Rejoice! D2: The Mighty Ducks and Spice World are now streaming on Netflix!

Free! Smallpools just released their single “Killer Whales,” which is the perfect song to continue jamming to all summer, and you can get it fo free here.

And in case you missed it: If you're a fan of Bipolar Sunshine and/or Ed Sheeran, look no further than Raleigh Ritchie!! You must give him a listen.

And! We're recapping the month of July with plenty of summery jams.

{PLAYLIST} lollapalooza 2014

The main summer festival circuit may be winding down, but Lollapalooza is as sure as ever to be an incredible weekend of music as ever. If you're going, we're jealous (especially if you get to make a human mudslide a la 2012). If you're not lucky enough to be in Chicago this weekend, join us in streaming as much of the festival as humanly possible here.

If we were there live, we'd be doing our best to see the following acts:

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