Monday, July 21, 2014

{RECAP} horse thief, the paper kites

I headed to World Cafe Live last Thursday night for one of my last shows in Philly, and the Paper Kites and their openers Horse Thief were quite a lovely show to see. I was surprised by a few things (namely, the age and concert-going habits of The Paper Kites' fans -- more on that later), but it was the perfect level of mellow that I needed.

Horse Thief, of Oklahoma City, were up first, and my first reaction was that they automatically got a check plus from TIOJ because of their hair and beards (really, I thought that they were Amish). The weirdest, weirdest thing, though, was that everyone there for The Paper Kites' set (whose average age was approximately 16) was sitting on the floor while they waited for the headliners. It looked like a group of children at a singalong.

Still, that didn't keep Horse Thief from totally rocking out. I'm still digging "Devil."

Next up were The Paper Kites, who were just as lovely and Australian and charming as I hoped. They were playing at the end of their tour, and they definitely succeeded in celebrating guitarist Dave's birthday with the intimate sold-out crowd at the upstairs of World Cafe. And, most importantly, lead singer Sam Bentley invited the STILL SEATED ON THE FLOOR crowd to "stand up if you want." 

note: please check out birthday boy dave's tioj-style curls at far left.
Sam, a slight man with very skinny jeans (another check on the TIOJ list), won me over with his cute Australian banter, including when he said that "women are wonderful but terrible creatures" in reference to "Tenenbaum." Tell it like it is, Sam.

Despite some more questionable crowd behavior (i.e. a grown man blowing bubbles, and a teenage-looking girl waving her phone around as she danced -- I'm pretty sure she had an app that looked like a lighter), The Paper Kites were a very needed show. And of course, I got chills during "Bloom." The whistling, the harmonies, the banjo, the lyrics -- everything gave me all the feels.

Up next: Jurg is checking out The Kooks on Sunday night at the 9:30 Club!

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