Thursday, July 31, 2014

{PLAYLIST} best of july 2014

What a busy month of July it was! This year is zooming, and we've had quite the couple of weeks this summer. In July, we:
(and lounged at the beach... via)
And in July, we were listening to:

"Silhouettes" - Of Monsters and Men
This NPR interview filled an Icelandic-sized hole in my heart.
"Gooey" - Glass Animals
Glass Animals blew us away live and this sexy song has been in my head ever since.
"Tenenbaum" - The Paper Kites
Seeing this performed live gave me all the feels.
"Partition" - Beyonce
Seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z live was the highlight of my life
"Born to Roam" - Oxford & Co.
LOVE these sweet Aussie lads.
"Like Real People Do" - Hozier
Obsessed with our Newport Folk Festival playlist featuring this amazing song.
"My Old School" - Steely Dan
What are the chances that both of my alma maters will get mentions (and negative ones, at that) in the same song?
"Bloodsport" - Raleigh Ritchie
So glad this guy came onto our radar this month!
"Girlfriend" - Streets of Laredo
A New Zealandish family band, yes please!
"Feels Like Summer" - Panama Wedding
Our go-to summer jam this entire month -- we can't get enough.

new macklemore & ryan lewis!!

Glory be, we've finally got new music featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to share! Thanks to a recent premiere on All Songs Considered, Fences (who helped produce the duos album The Heist) shared his recent jam "Arrows" featuring Macklemore's story-telling raps and Ryan Lewis' amazing production.

Get ready to hear this jam on a radio near you!

And while we're on the subject, let's take a moment to appreciate the cutie Ryan Lewis, shall we?

{THROWBACK} o.a.r.

My high school life was soundtracked by O.A.R. I forgave that they were from the lesser third of the DMV, and I listened to "Crazy Game of Poker" endlessly. There are so so many O.A.R albums in my iTunes, and I'm pretty sure that there are still several CDs in my car.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was that they teamed up with the kiddos of PS22 -- if only they had played some of their older songs! But still. My 18-year-old self is happy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

how to cope with the cancellation of freefest

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but our beloved Virgin Mobile FreeFest will not be returning this year (legit news proof here). To help you mourn this loss, we've put together a quick list to help you all (and ourselves) get through this hard time.

1. Let it out. 
We understand, this is a tough loss. Take a moment to be sad and read past recaps from 2013, 2012, and 2011. It will help with the healing process.

2. Rejoice that your stress levels won't rise exponentially trying to get free tickets.
Actually getting free tickets to FreeFest is no small feat. Appreciate the fact that this year you won't have to tactfully reschedule meetings around ticket pre-sales and curse the inventor of captchas.

3. Appreciate your freedom to not be stuck outside in a mud slide.
As much as we love Merriweather Post Pavilion, there are little to no options when the skies decide to open up right before Icona Pop performs (see: Freefest 2013). Celebrate the fact that you will no longer need to fashion a shelter out of discarded Jack Daniels boxes.

4. Grab tickets for another festival instead!!
As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Instead of sitting on your coach crying about your loss to the unsympathetic Frank Underwood, grab tickets to another all day festival! Might we recommend:

Mad Decent Block Party -- August 1 at Merriweather featuring Sleigh Bells, Diplo and more! (tix start at $45)
2014 Summer Spirit Festival -- August 2 at Merriweather featuring Lauryn Hill, Janelle Monae, RDGLDGRN and more! (tix start at $46)
Trillectro -- August 23 at RFK featuring Big Sean, Bauuer and more! (tix start at $49)
All Things Go Fall Classic -- September 13 at Union Market featuring Future Islands, Haerts and more! (tix start at $45)
Route 29 Revue -- September 13 at Merriweather featuring Trampled by Turtles, Iron & Wine and more! (tix start at $40)

5. But seriously, dance with us (and Future Islands) at All Things Go's Fall Classic.
Not to bias you or anything, but all the cool kids will be at Union Market enjoying the INCREDIBLE live show that is Future Islands. (And eating all the pork buns we can stomach from Toki Underground.)

6. Believe in yourself. 
Together, we'll get through this.

{IF YOU LIKE} ed sheeran, bipolar sunshine

(via 1/2/3)
If you adore the smooth British vocals of Ed Sheeran or the thoughtful lyricism of Bipolar Sunshine, then you should take a listen to Raleigh Ritchie (aka Jacob Anderson). His voice captivated us instantly with its British charm and heartfelt melodies. PLUS -- this guy's got acting chops as well in case you might recognize his pretty face from a little show called Game of Thrones.

Listen to "Stronger Than Ever" and see what we're talking about...

... and while "Birthday Girl" isn't your birthday blowout jam it will completely entrance you (and may convince you to don your birthday suit thanks to Raleigh's beautiful pleading vocals).

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

i found some hold music in my music

So here I am, listening to How To Dress Well's new album while preparing for a meeting and I hear an eerily familiar tone during his song "Precious Love." My body automatically becomes instantly agitated as I recognize the sample... it's hold music from conference lines that has become embedded into my memory after 4 years of conference calls.

After getting over the initial shock of this recognition, I've come to love this song. As the "Stuck In The Middle" episode of This American Life pointed out, this particular tone can be very soothing. (Seriously, listen to that story!)

Listen to How To Dress Well's album "What Is This Heart?" on Spotify and come celebrate my birthday on September 20 at his show at U Street Music Hall!

oxford & co is my jam

Australian indie folk artists, especially when they're called well-dressed when they're being introduced, are undoubtedly my jam. Oxford & Co. is no exception -- these guys have soundtracking my beach weekend and all of my travels this past week. Take a listen to "Born to Roam," and I know you'll agree.

Be sure to check these guys out on Noisetrade -- get their debut self-titled EP now!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

walk the moon's instagram covers are my jam

It's been a hot second since we posted on TIOJ favorites Walk the Moon. While we're still anxiously awaiting new jams from these cuties, their recent covers song series on instagram (#GospelCover) is successfully filling the Anna Sun-sized hole in our hearts. It's like they read my iTunes library when picking their cover choices featuring my two most favorite bands, Bon Iver and Alt-J.

Click ahead for the rest!

{GIVEAWAY} donavon frankenreiter @ the hamilton

Escape from the August heat while still enjoying a summer concert by winning a pair of tickets to see Donavon Frankenreiter! This Hawaiian-based crooner will get you in the chillest of chill moods while you lounge at The Hamilton with him on August 14. And you can befriend all your fellow concertgoers with the lyric, "Pass me a drink or maybe two -- one for me, and one for you." You'll be sure to be a hit.

Take a listen and enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you're too antsy to wait and see if you've won tickets, you can always buy them here!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

{WATCH} ted radio hour's "what is original?"

Okay okay, tecccchnically this is more of a listen rather than a watch feature, but it is nonetheless worthy of a post. NPR's TED Radio Hour podcast recently published an episode entitled "What Is Original?" that discusses the concept of originality in a world where everything is inspired by something else or remixed to new heights. DJ/Producer Mark Ronson starts off the episode and if you're a music fan, his piece talking through the art of sampling and how it's progressed over the years is incredibly interesting to conceptualize.

Click the link below to learn where the chorus of Miley's "We Can't Stop" came from and how Apple came up with their idea for the Genius Bar.

Friday, July 25, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday!! We hope you enjoy a weekend full of picnics, good movies, and eating your weight in chips and salsa (just us?). Here are some thoughts to put you in the weekend spirit...

Your Weekend Jam: Viceroy and Penguin Prison are a match made in weekend jam heaven with “The Life”:

TIOJ Thoughts:

New app alert! Check out wēgo to connect with new and existing friends and go to shows together! (Find us and be our friends on the app!)

THE SILVER LINE. (I’ll believe it when I see it.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the seven ugliest buildings in DC.

NPR asks, "Does the term 'indie rock' still mean anything?"

Free! Our favorite recent discovery Wild Party is giving away a great remix of their jam “When I Get Older” from Big Party for free over on Facebook!

And in case you missed it: We played compare and contrast with Harts and Haerts -- who do you choose?

{PLAYLIST} newport folk festival 2014

High on our wish list of festivals to attend is Newport Folk Festival. Seriously, nothing sounds better than being in this classic New England town with gazillions of our most favorite folksy bands serenading us. Add in some hipster beards and lobster rolls, and shoot -- get ready for swoon city.  

Press play and dream of seasides and banjos below!

Keep jamming with last year's Newport Folk Festival playlist!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

{THROWBACK} "dreams"

I'm a sucker for movie montages and the one in You've Got Mail featuring "Dreams" by The Cranberries is no exception. Reminisce with me, Meg Ryan, and the sound of AOL, won't you?

This nostalgic moment has been brought to you/inspired by the amazing cover of this jam from WATERS:

{THROWBACK} "my old school"

In the weirdest of musical fates, both of my alma maters have mention in the same song. And when I heard that song play at Trader Joe's the other day, I came home and listened to it three more times. Because nothing says school pride like Steely Dan hating your school.

Go Atoms/Tribe Pride forever (my Virginian version, apparently, of Texas forever).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

wild party is my jam

In a Soundcloud browsing miracle, I've come across up-and-coming Texas band Wild Party. Their song "When I Get Older" is so optimistic and catchy with an infectious youthful spirit that leaves me craving more. I definitely want to be at whatever party these guys are throwing next.

new music from guster? yes, please!

I have a very soft spot in my heart for Guster, who is coming out with a new album in 2015. They just released their first track off of it, "Long Night," which has all the poppy beats of a Guster song that you love with a few 2014-ish updates. Check it:

And it's also sent me down a Guster music spiral this afternoon, which is pretty perfect. Major props to these guys for always finding a way to keep their music new and exciting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

of monsters and men is back!!

There's been an Icelandic-shaped hole in my heart, and Of Monsters and Men is finally filling that. This long interview with them on NPR's World Cafe Live (which is basically in my backyard, nbd... one thing I'll definitely miss about Philly) is so darling and lovely and Icelandic.

Plus, they played "Silhouettes" (from The Hunger Games!!) for the second time EVER, and I'm obsessed.

I, for one, can't wait until they release their next album. Until then, I'll return to my over-listening of My Head is an Animal.

harts // haerts

Oh boy! We've got a great round of compare and contrast for you. This week, we're comparing Australian soul singer Harts and Brooklyn indie pop band Haerts.

Harts is the newest musician on our radar and his soulful falsetto and disco beats are insanely catchy. He is our dream combination of the voice of Prince paired with the music of Chromeo with that certain je ne sais quoi that we only get from Australian artists. Seriously, Prince himself has said that Harts "reminds me of how I was at that age." Hit play below and see what we're talking about and fall in love instantly.

Next up is Brooklyn band Haerts. This band stole our hearts (sorry, had to) recently during a performance at U Street Music Hall. Lead singer Nini Fabi's vocals are beautifully seductive with the perfect hint of Stevie Nicks-esque wonder. To stay on theme, check out their beautiful song "Heart" below.

Who would you pick -- Harts or Haerts??

Monday, July 21, 2014

{RECAP} horse thief, the paper kites

I headed to World Cafe Live last Thursday night for one of my last shows in Philly, and the Paper Kites and their openers Horse Thief were quite a lovely show to see. I was surprised by a few things (namely, the age and concert-going habits of The Paper Kites' fans -- more on that later), but it was the perfect level of mellow that I needed.

Horse Thief, of Oklahoma City, were up first, and my first reaction was that they automatically got a check plus from TIOJ because of their hair and beards (really, I thought that they were Amish). The weirdest, weirdest thing, though, was that everyone there for The Paper Kites' set (whose average age was approximately 16) was sitting on the floor while they waited for the headliners. It looked like a group of children at a singalong.

Still, that didn't keep Horse Thief from totally rocking out. I'm still digging "Devil."

Next up were The Paper Kites, who were just as lovely and Australian and charming as I hoped. They were playing at the end of their tour, and they definitely succeeded in celebrating guitarist Dave's birthday with the intimate sold-out crowd at the upstairs of World Cafe. And, most importantly, lead singer Sam Bentley invited the STILL SEATED ON THE FLOOR crowd to "stand up if you want." 

note: please check out birthday boy dave's tioj-style curls at far left.
Sam, a slight man with very skinny jeans (another check on the TIOJ list), won me over with his cute Australian banter, including when he said that "women are wonderful but terrible creatures" in reference to "Tenenbaum." Tell it like it is, Sam.

Despite some more questionable crowd behavior (i.e. a grown man blowing bubbles, and a teenage-looking girl waving her phone around as she danced -- I'm pretty sure she had an app that looked like a lighter), The Paper Kites were a very needed show. And of course, I got chills during "Bloom." The whistling, the harmonies, the banjo, the lyrics -- everything gave me all the feels.

Up next: Jurg is checking out The Kooks on Sunday night at the 9:30 Club!

some xavier rudd for your mellow monday

Bob Marley is mellow (um duh). This Xavier Rudd cover of Bob Marley is even mellower. It's the perfect way to ease into your week after what we hope was a really wonderful weekend.

{GIVEAWAY} david gray @ merriweather post pavilion

Grab a blanket and a hot date, and get clicking to enter our latest giveaway -- we're giving away a pair of tickets to see David Gray at Merriweather Post Pavilion on August 7. You'll recognize David from his classic '90s throwback "Babylon," but he's currently touring in support of his new album Mutineers, which features tracks like "Back in the World." Take a listen then enter below!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Thank god it's FRIDAY! Check out our thoughts to kick off your sure-to-be gorgeous weekend!

Your Weekend Jam: Disclosure remixing Usher -- this is a match made in weekend jam heaven.

TIOJ Thoughts:

Hip Hop lyrics + famous paintings -- YES. PUHLEASE.

The Fug Girls take on Bey and Jay.

A Ron Howard documentary on The Beatles!!

Attention: Weird Al Yankovic still exists and is putting out a new album. This interview with him about parodies of songs is super fascinating.

Sometimes you just need a hug. Especially if it's from a giant.

Free! Put Undiscovered Soul on your radar thanks to their awesome cover of The 1975’s “Robber” -- available for free here!

More Free! Slow Club is the free download of the week on the Starbucks app!

DC Happenings: DCist is becoming pros at putting on concerts! Head to The Lot tomorrow to see BRNDA, Yonatan Gat, and Shoe Gaze!

And in case you missed it: If you’re a fan of Penguin Prison or Foster the People, you must check out Nick D’ and the Believers!!

Plus! We were over on DC Music Download talking about our DC summer jams -- check it out here!

{PLAYLIST} pitchfork festival 2014

Festival season is back in full swing this weekend, and if you find yourself in either of Krista's hometowns of Louisville or Chicago -- boy, are you in luck. Forecastle Festival is taking over Louisville (and our Spring Concert Correspondent Elizabeth is taking it all in!). Or if you're looking for a slight variation on the typical festival lineup this summer, please direct your attention to Chicago's Pitchfork Festival.

We'd take being at either one, but we're especially dreaming of Pitchfork today. Click play below and groove along with us.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

{THROWBACK} "come fly with me"

One of my favorite sporting events of the year is the Home Run Derby, which took place on Monday night. A major reason I love it so is because all of the all-star baseball players who aren't in the Derby bring their babies and sit on the field. Everyone is friends. It's the best.

As is Aloe Blacc's cover of "Come Fly With Me," which was in a preview right before the Derby. And in case you were wondering, I teared up. And while the internet is not aiding me in finding this lovely cover, it set me off on a Frank Sinatra spiral, and nothing is better than Old Blue Eyes.

{THROWBACK} "pony"

Oh, Zak Waters, as if we couldn't love you more, you've gone and covered the most gloriously filthy and wonderful songs of all time. Check out Zak's cover of Ginuwine's "Pony" below.

And the original in all of its 1996 glory:

And one more version because I like you all. R.I.P. Lil' Sebastian.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{IF YOU LIKE} foster the people, penguin prison

(via 1/2/3)
If you're a fan of Mark Foster's sweet falsetto and the poppy vibes of Foster the People or you dig the sultry synth of Penguin Prison, then you must check out Columbus, Ohio's Nick D' and the Believers. This trio won us over with their upbeat, windows-down jam "Throwing Stones," and their latest music video release "Bang Bang" is the perfect song to bop your head along to as you walk down the street.

(Plus the music video is super kooky and quirky.)

Nick D' and the Believers are releasing their EP Bang Bang later this summer -- be sure to keep your eyes peeled!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the history of boy bands

I'm feeling especially intellectual today as I write a paper, and I'm listening to NPR. Except I'm listening to this history of boy bands, which is so fascinating. I may try to incorporate some of these lyrics and facts into my paper on picturebooks.

Take a listen here, and then listen to this playlist that features SO MANY boy bands. I'm in love.

new music roundup (remix edition)!

Sometimes remixes are just as good, if not better, than original jams so in this edition of new music roundup, we've pulled together some of our favorite recent remixes.

"My Song 5 (Remix)" - HAIM feat. A$AP Ferg
The only way to make the HAIM sisters cooler is to add a hip hop remix to their jam with A$AP mob favorite A$AP Ferg.

"Pools (Kwes Rework)" - Glass Animals
I didn't realize it was musically possible, but Kwes' rework of "Pools" by recent faves Glass Animals is cooler than the original. Goddamn.

"Boom Clap (ASTR Remix)" - Charli XCX
Charli XCX's latest jam featured in The Fault In Our Stars gets a twerk-ready remix from ASTR.

"Tough Love (Cyril Hahn Remix)" - Jessie Ware
Jessie Ware's latest single gets a desk dancing-ready remix from Cyril Hahn that still highlights the beauty of her vocals.

What other remixes are you jamming to?

Monday, July 14, 2014

"i got what you need" is my jam

Producer Lane 8 just exploded onto my radar with his jam "I Got What You Need (Every Night)" featuring TIOJ fave Bipolar Sunshine. This desk-dancing is impossible to listen to less than once. Let it get you through these last few hours of Monday!

{GIVEAWAY} ha ha tonka @ rock & roll hotel

What better way to end your week than with a show by the wonderful boys of Ha Ha Tonka? We sure do love these fellas (who got to hang with Anthony Bourdain, nbd), and they always put on a great show -- one that you do not want to miss. SO, we're giving away a pair to see our former babysitters/interview alumni on Sunday, July 20, at Rock & Roll Hotel.

Take a listen to the oh-so-wonderful "Colorful Kids" (which I heard in an H&M once...), and enter to win below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you just can't wait to find out if you've won, you can always buy tickets here!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

{WATCH} mac demarco: pepperoni playboy

Mac DeMarco's album Salad Days has been one of our favorite albums this summer. To get further into the head of this unique Canadian musician, Pitchfork put together a documentary of Mac and his friends illustrating how Salad Days came to be. The "macumentary" is irreverent and entertaining and certainly worth a watch if you're a Mac DeMarco fan.

DC! Mac will be at the 9:30 Club on July 19 -- get your tickets here!

Friday, July 11, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy Friday friends!! We hope that you have a lovely summer weekend buying up fruits at your local market and screaming "GOALLLLLL" at the television on Sunday. Here are some thoughts to kick off your weekend!

Your Weekend Jam: This time last year, we were on our way to France. Luckily, our DC favorites Caleb L’Etoile and Will Eastman are easing our woes with their French film-inspired “Breathless.”

TIOJ Thoughts:

Totally agree with this article on the pros of going to concerts alone.

Download the Sweetlife festival cookbook! (It’s gorgeous/I wanna make ASTR’s pad thai!)

As we prepare for another influx of music festivals this month, these 10 rules to fix all festivals everywhere sound magnificent (#s 4 and 5 especially).

Yeah. We get it. It’s hot out. (It’s also July.) These tips for a DC summer are spot on.

Free! Our summer favorites Mausi put out an awesome electronic take on Kanye’s “Bound 2” that’s available fo free on Facebook!

And in case you missed it: In case you were too busy eating hot dogs (or watching people eat hot dogs) last Friday, we put together a playlist of ALL 50 STATES (+DC)!

{RECAP} white arrows, travi$ scott, the neighbourhood

Since it's Friday, we're going to forgo words and just show you some incredibly awesome pictures that Brian Christensen took at Echostage as he caught White Arrows, Travi$ Scott, and The Neighbourhood on Wednesday night.

White Arrows:

 Click ahead for all of the pictures!

{PLAYLIST} roadtrippin'

It's that time of the summer -- the perfect time to pack up some snacks on snacks, roll the windows downcrank up the AC as high as it will go, and hit the road. Whether you're heading to the beach, camping, a festival, or, say, hopping on a train to Philadelphia, summer travels always inspire the best playlists.

our ideal roadtrip companion (via)
Throw your feet up on the dashboard and press play below!

For more road trip jams, listen here and here and here. Plus, some songs about cars!

{RECAP} tei shi, glass animals

Tuesday night I strolled over to U Street Music Hall for the most recent All Things Gold show featuring Glass Animals and Tei Shi.

Brooklyn's Tei Shi kicked things off with her incredible voice. She immediately convinced me of her talent as she looped her vocals, making it sound like there was a choir of angels behind her on the stage all from just her voice. Speaking of angels... Tei Shi covered Beyonce's "No Angel," which, after Monday's night show, completely floored and delighted me.

tei shi via @dellavolla
Her performance was beautifully varied, starting slow and looping, having me wish for her duet with Kishi Bashi on an album of lullabies. It then transitioned to much more intense and powerful, culminating in the performance of an upcoming song "I'll Behave" that was incredible. Cannot wait to hear more from the future pop sounds from this lady.

Brits Glass Animals were up next. After comparing them to my favorites, alt-J, I had set my sights high for this band and they did not disappoint. The lead singer's voice and the bands interesting arrangements were unique and sexy. I loved hearing "Black Mambo" and "Pools" and the crowd favorite, which has been stuck in my head ever since the show (and has me craving peanut butter) is hands down "Gooey."

They wrapped up their set with an a-mazing cover of Kanye West's "Love Lockdown." I highly recommend checking out their full album on Spotify! AND check out more photos from the show from friend of TIOJ Brian over on All Things Go!

Next Up: Stacey's catching The Paper Kites in Philly next Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

{THROWBACK} funkadelic

I have a musical test for you today, friends! Listen to the 1971 hit "Can You Get To That" by Funkadelic and see if you recognize the indie song that samples this classic.

Click ahead to see if you're right!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

{RECAP} beyoncé, jay z

On Monday night, all of my dreams came true when I popped up to Baltimore to witness the experience that was Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour. The show was just as impressive as the world has come to expect from this power couple.

Beyoncé and Jay Z were an amazing pair. From the second the duo stepped out to their first hit together “03' Bonnie and Clyde” to a sold out football stadium, they had everyone hooked. With a minimal set, they used their incredible talents and impressive and seemingly never-ending wardrobe to put on a spectacular show. Seriously, I would have paid $100 just to watch Bey dance -- she is unreal.

(Yes, she DID do this same chair performance live. goddamn, goddamn, goodAMN!)

Bey and Jay did an amazing job intertwining their decades of hits as a feature on a Jay Z track would turn into a full-out Beyoncé performance and vice versa. It flowed really well, with some minor grumbles about Jay Z being a cock block as he took over the stage mid-Beyoncé burlesque show (we're talking thong and all).

Highlights included Bey's "***Flawless," which has had me sending rather ridiculously (un)attractive snapchats every morning (#iwokeuplikethis), Jay's "Holy Grail" and "99 Problems," and Beyoncé's "Resentment" that had my entire row in tears. Plus, I had this gif running through my head throughout Jay Z's entire performance of "Clique" and had to share...

that shit cray.
The show wrapped up with an goosebump-inducing performance of a "Forever Young"/"Halo" that featured a snuggling BeyJay looking over a video montage baby Blue Ivy. This pair's marketing genius, talent, and (hopefully) love is astounding and I'm so pleased that I trekked up to Bmore for this performance.

Now, please excuse me while I create a Beyoncé-inspired squat workout. May we all aspire to have the lower body (let's be real, entire body) of that woman.

Next Up: We're sending Brian back out to Echostage to check out White Arrows, Travi$ Scott, and The Neighbourhood tonight!

POOM is my jam

It is no secret that I love all things French so it should come as no shock that I am tellement heureuse to have discovered French band POOM. Their poppy electro hits paired with retro, relaxing vocals reminds me of Chromeo with an added female singer and it is THE BEST. They're making me nostalgic for this time last summer when we were off frolicking around la France.

Their latest hit "Les Voiles" made me fall in love...

...and "Face The Fire" solidified my addiction to this band.

Keep jamming to these guys on Soundcloud!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

riff raff // hurray for the riff raff

Today's game of Compare and Contrast comes in the form of two artists -- rapper Riff Raff and the folksy hipsters Hurray for the Riff Raff. Aside from their common name and recently released music videos, these two share little in common.

I must admit, I only clicked on a link featuring Riff Raff because I thought it was a reference to the other band featured in this post. While not my usual cup of tea, I can definitely get behind all of the witty lyrics... and when a band references Save the Last Dance and Julia Stiles, consider me sold. (This video is definitely NSFW. The description I read of it includes the line "fast-edited blur of song lyrics and butts and platinum fangs and digital non-sequiturs"... so do with that what you will.)

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Hurray for the Riff Raff, whose latest release "I Know It's Wrong (But That's Alright)" feels like it's straight out of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn's era. The lead singer really reminds me of April from Parks and Rec, which is definitely a plus in our book. This music vido largely takes place in a roller rink, which is a very big departure from Riff Raff's butts.

Do you have a preference between these two riff raffy bands? 

Monday, July 7, 2014

a new jam from PLOY!

DC favorites PLOY have found the perfect way to liven up Mondays this July. They will be releasing new songs each week, and if this week's release "The End of Time" is any indication, we're in for an sultry month.

Listen and download for yourself!!

{GIVEAWAY} wild beasts @ 9:30 club

To make the segue back into regular life after a lovely Fourth of July weekend, we've got a new giveaway for you! This week, we're giving away a pair of tickets to see England's Wild Beasts at the 9:30 Club next Saturday, July 12.

TIOJ favorites Mutual Benefit will also be kicking off the night!!

Enter via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait?? Grab tickets for the show here!

Friday, July 4, 2014

weekend thoughts...

Happy weekend and happy July 4, TIOJ-land! We hope you're taking today to celebrate with a cookout, fireworks, and an ode to all 50 states (and the District).

Your Weekend Jam: Panama Wedding’s “Feels Like Summer” is quite possibly the most perfect song to soundtrack your impossibly fun July 4th weekend!

TIOJ Thoughts

Oh Heavenly Father, thank you for bringing us a new Bon Iver track in your name (literally).

A Prayer for the Sunburned.

Public Service Announcement: The Parent Trap is now available on Netflix.

I realize that the humor in this fake Grey Poupon mustard commercial is targeted at teenage boys… and I think it’s hilarious.

Old Crow Medicine Show + Bob Dylan + NPR = obsessed.

Free! Grimes is FINALLY back with new music. We’re loving “Go” feat. Blood Diamonds -- it’s a much for electronic vibe than her past songs and we don’t hate it one bit. Listen and download for free on Soundcloud!

DC Happenings: Mark your calendars for an awesome show at Iota on Monday night! Catch The Shadowboxers and The Longweekenders -- if you need convincing, check out the band’s awesome cover (approved by JT himself!) of “Pusher Love Girl”:

And in case you missed it: If you’re a fan of The Killers or Muse, then we think you’ll LOVE Empires -- put them on your radar now!

{PLAYLIST} 50 states (+dc)

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! To celebrate the United States and all its glory, we have an extra special playlist coming at you today. Rather than limit ourselves to just 10 songs, we decided to put each state in the spotlight and are highlighting an ode to every since one of these 50 states of ours. AND, of course, we're not putting baby DC in the corner -- we've included our beloved city in here too.


We hope you have an incredible holiday weekend filled with red, white, and blue ensembles, fireworks, fireball, and more!

If you need more tunes after these 51, keep jamming with some more patriotic jams and these summer party jams!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

{THROWBACK} "show me love"

I got an email the other day about a song titled "Show Me Love" and may have started hyperventilating because I thought it was a Robyn cover. Sadly, it was not. I made it through 30 seconds of the new song before switching over to Robyn's classic "Show Me Love" and listening to it on repeat for the next hour. I think you should do the same:

#tbt to the time Jurg and I performed this entire song with our college volleyball team in someone's kitchen after a particularly raucous Wednesday Wine Night.

welcome america!

Leave it to a French band to write the perfect song to get you in the patriotic spirit for the 4th of July. Rock out to La Femme's "Welcome America" below!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{RECAP} vinofest

Last Saturday, after watching an awesome round of PK's between Brazil and Chile at Dacha, Kristen and I hopped over to Union Market for the first annual VinoFest. We had a fabulous time sipping on all kinds of wine, dancing around Union Market, and making new friends! Here are some of the highlights of the event.

Best Welcome: Ruffino Prosecco
Why can't all parties/days start with a glass of bubbly? This refreshing and dry prosecco, served instantly upon arrival to all of the guests, was a fabulous way to literally whet our palette for the wine and bands to come.

Best Dance Party: Body Language
TIOJ faves Body Language made a dance party in the extreme heat totally worth it with their fun R&B/electronic grooves.

team TIOJ // rose in kegs // wine naps // jetty
Best Cover: See-I, "Murder She Wrote"
See-I was definitely the runner up for best dance party as their reggae music brought tons of people out from the comfort of the shade and full bottles of wine. Besides their hit "Real Steel", we really enjoyed shaking our hips along to the bands cover of "Murder She Wrote."

Best Dream Come True: Early Mountain Rosé
We couldn't get enough of this refreshing rosé served in KEGS throughout the festival. When we live said dream life in which all events begin with a complimentary glass of bubbly, we will also own epic homes that feature rosé in kegs throughout the grounds. Perhaps they will flow from marble fountains... we'll get back to you on the logistics of it.

Best Stage Presence/Most Suggestive Lyrics: Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rockettes
Clairy Browne and her gaggle of bangin' rockettes totally brought it during their set. From their cape/leotard combos to choreographed dance moves to Clairy's incredible voice, this bands set was so entertaining. We almost didn't realize how intensely suggestive some her lyrics were because we were so entranced by her vocal performance.

Best Surprise: Puddin's Brown Butter Bourbon Bread Puddin'
Half-way through Body Language's set, an angel from above came through the crowd serving samples of brown butter bourbon bread pudding from local favorite Puddin'. I am not a bread pudding fan normally but GOOD GRACIOUS that was the best thing I've tasted in a long time. I plan on stalking Puddin's food truck all over the city from now on.

Thanks again to VinoFest for having us -- we hope to see this event come back next year!

streets of laredo is my jam

When you combine New Zealand and Brooklyn hipster, you have a TIOJ dream come true. And to find such a magical combination, look no further than Streets of Laredo, who describe themselves on Twitter as an "indie-folk band of joy." This family band has all of the musical components that we love, from witty lyrics to a full appreciation and use of a tambourine, and they're certainly going to be in our rotation for the rest of the summer.

Streets of Laredo | Girlfriend (Official) from Streets of Laredo on Vimeo.

HEY DC, you're in luck!! Streets of Laredo are hitting up DC9 next Tuesday night (July 8), and this is not a show you want to miss. Tickets are available here!

glass animals is my jam

Oh boy have I found my favorite new band... Glass Animals! I stumbled across this English band a few days ago and was instantly hooked by their interesting melodies, sexy vocals, and creative production that are very reminiscent of my favorites alt-J. I can't stop listening to their first album Zaba that was just released in June and I suggest you do the same.

Get hooked with their hit "Gooey"...

...and keep things steamy with this live performance of "Pools."

DC! Glass Animals is going to be in town NEXT WEEK! Snag tickets to see these guys with Tei Shi at U Street Musical Hall on July 8 here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

put francesco yates on your radar

Oh boy am I sucker for a good falsetto. Luckily Francesco Yates has snuck his way onto my radar and onto my iPod with his single "Call." Somehow Francesco is only 18, but his impressive voice has already inspired gchat conversations about his sultry vocals and, more impressively, has caused Justin Timberlake to claim "Call" as the song of the summer.

Get hooked on "Call" and get ready to hear lots more of Francesco on a radio near you very very soon!

I'll leave you with my favorite quote so far about Francesco from Noisey: "He's the Nile Rodgers of people who can't drink yet."

{IF YOU LIKE} the killers, muse

(via 1/2/3)
If you crave the powerful vocals of The Killers' Brandon Flowers or the rock-and-roll-ready vibes of Muse, then you'll love Empires. This Chicago based band has been on a roll lately and their latest single "How Good Does It Feel" will pull you in instantly.

Check out "Hello Lover," a darker jam that would be AMAZING in a Guitar Hero battle -- if those are still a thing...

Keep jamming to their EP, How Good Does It Feel, on Spotify!
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