Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{RECAP} quiet life, thao and the get down stay down, and the head and the heart

Last Monday, after I had spent all weekend enjoying an action-packed blog reunion in Philly with Stacey, I toted my exhausted self over to the 9:30 Club, in the hopes that taking in a show by Quiet Life, Thao, and the Head in the Heart would somehow rejuvenate me.

The concert 100%, without a doubt, did not disappoint. Right from the start, I was enthralled.

Folksy rockers Quiet Life are a perfect example of why I love getting to shows early. These boys have such a natural ease to their talent. It's impossible not to sway around to their twangy tunes. If their beards and flannel don't charm you, their harmonicas and harmonies surely will. I have a feeling these fellas will be in constant rotation on my iPod now and I see great things for them on the horizon. If you haven't heard "Record Time" yet, I suggest you pause what you're doing and listen now.

Next up was fellow W&M alum Thao Nguyen and her talented band of mischief makers, the Get Down Stay Down. There were so many things to love about Thao's set--the least of which being her red romper. Those babies are seriously hard to pull off. We've been Thao fans for quiet a while now, but have never had the chance to see her life. Her notoriously husky voice is even more haunting in person and her set was so much more dance-worthy than I had anticipated. Thao had a lot of tricks (instruments) up her sleeve. In addition to the guitar, she also dabbled in the mandolin, drums, slide guitar, and, as featured on "Holy Roller," the banjo.

The Head and the Heart were next, and it was exciting to see them after a sneak preview of their incredible beards and fiddle-playing at Firefly 2012. They did a great job incorporating all of their first album favorites with tunes from their latest album, Let's Be Still.

Although I loved that they closed out the show with Stacey's all-time favorite "Down in the Valley," I also can't get enough of title track "Let's Be Still." It has quickly made its way on to my fall playlist and I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon.

Up next! Stacey getting further into the Philly music scene with Houndmouth and the Wheeler Brothers on Wednesday while Krista takes on the X Ambassadors in DC!

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