Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{WE LOVE} san fermin

Guys, I am completely enamored with up-and-coming band San Fermin. The group's self-titled debut came out earlier this year and is a beautiful listen described by the band as "a pastiche of post-rock, chamber-pop and contemporary classical composition." The album is complemented with beautiful male and female vocals that will make fans of Dirty Projectors and Beirut certainly feel at home.

Their first single "Sonsick" is said by Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the Yale-educated brains behind the entire album, to be "like a panic attack disguised as a birthday party...I realized that the most intense moments are the ones in which conflicting emotional worlds exist inside you, equally, at once.” Check out the gorgeous video for the song below and experience what he's saying.

Fun Fact: The festival of San Fermín is home to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Hence the mysterious bull references in this video and on the band's album cover.

For a different take on the song, we're equally addicted to Vacationer's remix.

Okay okay, one more song because we love them just that much -- be sure to listen to the full album here!

DC! San Fermin will be rocking out at DC9 on Thursday, October 24 -- check them out!!


  1. Um HELLZ yeah! Saw him earlier this year and even with a torn calf muscle it was amazing!

  2. Is it cliche to say it's I'm Writing a Novel? The lyrics are the best.

  3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings!

  4. I look and dance like him. NBD.

  5. Love me some Father John Misty!!!!!

  6. Nancy from nowhere, if I had to pick.


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