Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{WE LOVE} ron howard's "made in america"

This weekend I curled up and watched my jaw drop to my coffee table as I watched Ron Howard's documentary "Jay Z: Made In America." As you might guess, the film follows the planning and execution on the inaugural year of the Philadelphia festival. It tells the story not only of Jay Z and the artists performing at the festival, but also the story of the people working the festival who are quite literally just trying to make it in America.

While the video does not feature any Beyonce interviews or make any premonitions about the water shortage that went down at this year's festival (sorry, Stacey), it does feature a number of incredible talents who gave inspiring insight into their pasts and why they love performing.

My favorites included Janelle Monae whose explanation of why she wears only black and white was sentimental and surprising.

And Rita Ora completely won me over because a) she performed in front of the royal family as a child and b) because she loves Biggie as much as I do.

The documentary has been playing on Showtime, but if you don't have Showtime/your cable company didn't randomly call you up and give you 6 months free (holler, RCN) cursory Google searching tells me that you can probbbbably stream this online if you're feeling sneaky.

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