Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{ALBUM REVIEW} poliça "shulamith"

I admit that I got on the Poliça bandwagon relatively late after their first debut. I was wandering around Lollapalooza right before their set last summer and my brother strongly encouraged me to go, knowingly swaying me after calling the band "the female complement to The Weeknd." He was definitely on to the something -- the Wisconsin band has the similar electro R&B vibe of The Weeknd and lead singer Channy's vocals are sneaky seductive.

The band just released their second album Shulamith today and I'm loving it. The entire album is consistent, sexy, interesting, and gets better with each listen. I'll break it down for you...

Come For: "Chain My Name"
The lead track off the album features interesting electronic beats and is a great introduction to the album. You'll be singing the chorus of the song over and over again in no time.

Stay Because Of: "I Need $" and "Trippin'"
I recognize that I'm likely partial to these two tracks, but they're wonderful. "I Need $" has a wonderful beat and undeniable appeal to a twentysomething working woman as it chants "I don't need a man..." and recounts other very relatable sentiments. "Trippin'" has more notable synths that some of the other tracks, which are a well documented weakness of mine.

Take A Bathroom Break During: "Vegas"
This song is good, but doesn't stand out from the rest of the album.  A perfect time to freshen up if you're listening to the album with a special someone *wink wink*.

Listen To While: This album is smooth, cohesive, dark, and sexy. That being said, it's sort of implied that this is great late-night listening. If that's your MO for this album, might I suggest flipping to "Warrior Lord" and "Tiff" featuring Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. However, I've also been listening to it nonstop at work and it's got the right vibe to keep you awake, even perking you up as you catch some of Channy's thoughtful and resonant lyrics.

Check It Out For Yourself: Stream the album on Spotify and purchase this puppy on iTunes AND as a special bonus, Noisetrade is giving out a Poliça sampler featuring singles and remixes to "Chain My Name" and more! Download it for free here.

See It Live: Poliça will be playing live at the 9:30 Club on November 6! Get your tickets here and check out the rest of the tour dates here.

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