Thursday, October 31, 2013

{PLAYLIST} best of october 2013

Happy Halloween and end of October! 2013 continues to fly, and in this wonderful fall month, we were quite busy. In October, TIOJ:
Press play below to find out what Krista, Kristen, and Stacey were listening to this month:

Best of October 2013 by this is our jam on Grooveshark"Temple" - Kings of Leon
This jam from KOL's latest album has been in my head all October and I'm 100% okay with it. 
"Lose Your Soul" - Dead Man's Bones
Somehow this song seems simultaneously creepy (um, hello) and swoon-worthy (Ryan Gosling is lead singer.)
"Wildwood" - Chatham County Line 
The only way Chatham County Line would be more better is if they were from Chatham, Massachusetts. I guess Chatham County, North Carolina will do.
"Sonsick" - San Fermin
San Fermin has completely impressed and enchanted me this month. Definitely keep this band on your radar. 
"Roar" - Boyce Avenue feat. Bea Miller
I have to give it up to the boys from Boyce Avenue. They take my guilty pleasure songs and make me love them even more.
"Paddling Out" - Miike Snow 
I could not stop bopping along to this song during World Series commercials...
"3005" - Childish Gambino
I think it's scientifically impossible to listen to this song less than once in a row. 
"New Strings" - Miranda Lambert
There's something so wistful and autumnal about this song. It never gets old.
"Head On" - Man Man 
These quirks feature Wolf Blitzer in a song. I love them.
"Get Like Me (feat. Pharrell and Nicki Minaj)" - Nelly
So glad Nelly recognizes that the secret to a successful comeback is adding Pharrell to the equation. 
"I've Been Waiting" - The Intermission Project
Fair warning: these little British whippersnappers will put you under a spell as they sing.
"Mary Anna" - The Wood Brothers 
Yet another bluegrass band of brothers. I think I may have a problem...
"Black Out Days" - Phantogram
Halloween is our favorite season for playlists and this new jam from Phantogram is a standout this year. 
"Better Off Dead" - ZZ Ward
Is it fair to say that I want to be like ZZ when I grow up? She's a badass.
"Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast" - Capital Cities
This is the most perfect walk-to-class jam.

Keep on reliving October over on Spotify!

{THROWBACK} "i put a spell on you"

We're throwing back to the best Halloween movie ever on this hallowed Throwback Thursday! Enjoy my pretties!

Happy trick or treating and be careful what you do tonight...

{THROWBACK} old-school lady gaga

All of this focus on Miley Cyrus, her shenanigans, and the inspiration she's provided for too many Halloween costumes to count has me missing another pop loony bin. What's been going on with the Gags lately? No, seriously -- I want to know what she's been up to and what rock she's been hiding under.

halloween inspiration for oh so many (via 1/2)
But more than anything, can we just take a minute to remember when Lady Gaga was almost normal?

world series champions!!!

If you know one thing about me, it is that I lovelovelove the Boston Red Sox, who are WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS. I basically have not slept since the game ended and I've been listening to the following song on repeat in between watching Vines of the endless celebrations.

Love that dirty water.

Boston Strong.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{WE LOVE} ron howard's "made in america"

This weekend I curled up and watched my jaw drop to my coffee table as I watched Ron Howard's documentary "Jay Z: Made In America." As you might guess, the film follows the planning and execution on the inaugural year of the Philadelphia festival. It tells the story not only of Jay Z and the artists performing at the festival, but also the story of the people working the festival who are quite literally just trying to make it in America.

While the video does not feature any Beyonce interviews or make any premonitions about the water shortage that went down at this year's festival (sorry, Stacey), it does feature a number of incredible talents who gave inspiring insight into their pasts and why they love performing.

My favorites included Janelle Monae whose explanation of why she wears only black and white was sentimental and surprising.

And Rita Ora completely won me over because a) she performed in front of the royal family as a child and b) because she loves Biggie as much as I do.

The documentary has been playing on Showtime, but if you don't have Showtime/your cable company didn't randomly call you up and give you 6 months free (holler, RCN) cursory Google searching tells me that you can probbbbably stream this online if you're feeling sneaky.

Related: Relive Stacey's experience at Made In America 2013

{WE LOVE} man man

There's a new frontrunner for the weirdest, most quirkiest band on TIOJ's radar. Enter Philadelphians Man Man. This five-piece band calls their genre "experimental rock," and they all have nicknames (Honus Honus, Pow Pow, T. Moth, Brown Sugar, and Shono Murphy). And spectacular facial hair.

Man Man is making big waves with their latest album, On Oni Pond, features delightfully upbeat tunes like "Head On (Hold On to Your Heart)." This video seems a little perfect for Halloween, no?

Even better is this clip from cutie patootie Andersoon Cooper. Watch as he recounts Man Man song "End Boss," which is inspired by none other than CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

I love them.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"in you i found my home from home"

We're noted fans of British singer Roo Panes' music and cheekbones on TIOJ and we're delighted with his latest single "Home From Home." It's a darling song whose simplicity in its statement of love warms our sometimes jaded DC-dating souls.

Stay tuned for Roo's upcoming EP Land Of The Living coming out in December!

fort frances is making me homesick

No strangers to covers, Fort Frances is back with a lovely cover of Sufjan Stevens' "Chicago" that is so soothing this morning and making me slightly homesick.

Be sure to check out the equally stunning Milo Greene cover here as well.

Monday, October 28, 2013

{RECAP} autre ne veut

On Friday night, my siblings were in town and treated me to a lovely evening on H Street rounded out with a necessary concert stop at Rock 'N Roll hotel to catch Autre Ne Veut. The night started off with some spooky scary music from DC's own Lenorable, which was complemented by the perfectly creepy Halloween decorations scattered throughout the venue.

I knew little to nothing about Autre Ne Veut prior to seeing them live, trusting only my brother's stamp of approval, which, as always, proved to be a solid guarantor of musical greatness. Autre Ne Veut (the moniker of New York singer Arthur Ashin) has the falsetto of some of my favorite singers like How To Dress Well with the dark electronic vibe of bands like Purity Ring. The result is emotional and passionate music that is truly captivating. That passion often translates to super sexy music (think an electronic indie R&B version of Maxwell), which proved to be very effective according to the couple spooning next to me.

My favorite song was "World War" during which I may have cut off circulation to my sister's hand as I tried to contain my excitement once I realized that the song features Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know."

Next Up: The Head and the Heart AND Thao and the Get Down Stay Down AND Quiet Life at the 9:30 Club next Monday!

a mellow monday duo

I was exploring new British band Ecstasy this other day and was so excited to hear their "gaze pop" cover of the Band of Horses hit "Funeral." Check out their version as well as the original for a wonderful and melodic start to your week.

And in case you need to be perked up -- apparently there exist several dubstep remixes to this mellow jam. I am conflicted on this matter, but you can check out a remix from Sound Remedy here.

Friday, October 25, 2013

{PLAYLIST} halloween jams, part iii

Happy Halloween, pumpkins!! We hope that you have a spectacularly spooky scary week planned to celebrate Halloween -- from ghosties and ghoulies to candy and costumes, it is a holiday that gets high marks in our books. Let's talk for a hot second -- what are you going to be? Do you have any suggestions for us?

"i'm a mouse, duh." (via)
Halloween playlists are some of our favorites (see proof of that here and here), and this year is no different. Press play below, and have a most haunted Halloween!

Halloween 2013 by this is our jam on Grooveshark "Dark Am I" - The Last Bison
"Sleep Paralysis  - Gabriel Bruce
"Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" - Cage the Elephant
"Black Out Days" - Phantogram
"Lose Your Soul" - Dead Man's Bones
"Leading To Death" - Polica
"Sticks and Stones" - The Pierces
"Spooky" - Dusty Springfield 
"Demons" - Imagine Dragons
"True Blood" - Justin Timberlake

Be sure to check out our full mix of Halloween playlists on Spotify!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

{THROWBACK} "roll to me"

Who remembers Del Amitri's 1995 classic "Roll to Me"? And who still knows mostall of the words every time you hear it on easy listening radio or in restaurants? (At least I hear all the words and they all make sense now...)

Am I the only one raising my hand?

{THROWBACK} "what you won't do for love"

We've already thrown back to the Bobby Caldwell hit "Open Your Eyes" and today we're throwing back his biggest hit "What You Won't Do For Love." Watch below to listen to the original as well as a stunning cover of the hit from the enchanting Jessie Ware.

Brace yourself -- this is wonderful.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{WE LOVE} childish gambino

GUYS -- color me obsessed with the latest release from Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover). The mention of his latest hit with Chance the Rapper in "3005" also delights me to no end. Check out "3005" and prepare to press repeat at least three times in a row.

And while we're on the subject of Childish Gambino, let's use this as an excuse to watch two of our most favorite Gambino/Glover videos.

His "first date" for MTV at NYC's ninja restaurant.

This rap from Community that was Kristen's earworm for a solid week:

Want more? Be sure to check out his feature on Jhene Aiko's lastest single "Bed Peace."

{WE LOVE} chatham county line

Remember last September when I accidentally drowned my computer (newly-uploaded CD of music included) and for the next four months I rediscovered all of that music? Apparently, that CD is the gift that keeps on giving.

Enter: Chatham County Line. The number one reason I like them is because their name makes me think of Cape Cod (even though they're from North Carolina). The number two reason is because of their wonderfully bluegrassy sound. Number three is that I think they should be on the show Nashville.

DC: Go see these guys at Jammin' Java on December 18!! You don't want to miss them.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{ALBUM REVIEW} poliça "shulamith"

I admit that I got on the Poliça bandwagon relatively late after their first debut. I was wandering around Lollapalooza right before their set last summer and my brother strongly encouraged me to go, knowingly swaying me after calling the band "the female complement to The Weeknd." He was definitely on to the something -- the Wisconsin band has the similar electro R&B vibe of The Weeknd and lead singer Channy's vocals are sneaky seductive.

The band just released their second album Shulamith today and I'm loving it. The entire album is consistent, sexy, interesting, and gets better with each listen. I'll break it down for you...

Come For: "Chain My Name"
The lead track off the album features interesting electronic beats and is a great introduction to the album. You'll be singing the chorus of the song over and over again in no time.

Stay Because Of: "I Need $" and "Trippin'"
I recognize that I'm likely partial to these two tracks, but they're wonderful. "I Need $" has a wonderful beat and undeniable appeal to a twentysomething working woman as it chants "I don't need a man..." and recounts other very relatable sentiments. "Trippin'" has more notable synths that some of the other tracks, which are a well documented weakness of mine.

Take A Bathroom Break During: "Vegas"
This song is good, but doesn't stand out from the rest of the album.  A perfect time to freshen up if you're listening to the album with a special someone *wink wink*.

Listen To While: This album is smooth, cohesive, dark, and sexy. That being said, it's sort of implied that this is great late-night listening. If that's your MO for this album, might I suggest flipping to "Warrior Lord" and "Tiff" featuring Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. However, I've also been listening to it nonstop at work and it's got the right vibe to keep you awake, even perking you up as you catch some of Channy's thoughtful and resonant lyrics.

Check It Out For Yourself: Stream the album on Spotify and purchase this puppy on iTunes AND as a special bonus, Noisetrade is giving out a Poliça sampler featuring singles and remixes to "Chain My Name" and more! Download it for free here.

See It Live: Poliça will be playing live at the 9:30 Club on November 6! Get your tickets here and check out the rest of the tour dates here.

Monday, October 21, 2013

"roar" is still my jam

I've been listening to "Roar" so much that I'm (almost, not really, not at all) embarrassed about how often I hit replay on my iPod. Katy Perry is many things, and one of those things is undoubtedly a damn catchy songstress.

Boyce Avenue's collaboration with adorable pixie songstress Bea Miller only makes me love "Roar" more, if that's even possible.

{AS SEEN ON TV} budweiser

During the last two weeks of baseball playoffs, I've found myself grooving to the peppy tune of a Budweiser commercial comes on. But because the commercial is so short and I'm so wrapped up in my bopping, my Shazaaming skills have not been at their best. I finally figured out that the jam is "Paddling Out" from the Swedish wonderminds in Miike Snow.

I'm digging the full song, too -- it's quickly earning frequent airplay on my commuting to class playlist.

Now, should I be the one to alert the advertising gurus at Budweiser that Miike Snow would be most fitting for a hockey commercial instead of baseball? In Sweden, hockey > baseball. Duh.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

{RECAP} noah and the whale

Last night I grabbed Jurg and we scampered off to enjoy the charming British group known as Noah and the Whale. I was woefully ignorant of the band 48 hours prior to the show and boy was I in for a treat.

The band, around the indie rock/folk scene since 2006 were on tour promoting their latest album Heart of Nowhere with great, shall we say, pazazz. They came out to a jazzy introduction, sporting vintage-looking suits like proper British gents. (We were particularly fond of the guitarist who was rocking a velvet blazer, vest, and feathered hat, which we’re fairly certain he borrowed from Liz herself.) Also, the lead singer looked like Dan Humphrey's doppleganger...sold.

"wherever you go, there'll be love love love"
The band proceeded to play hits off their entire discography and long-time Noah and the Whale fans were treated to band classics like “Mary,” “Two Atoms and a Molecule,” and a quick impromptu intro to “Wild Thing.” Our pre-concert wish for lots of accented banter was definitely fulfilled throughout the show. Lead singer Charlie had so much fun with the crowd, noting that “It is no coincidence that the government shutdown is fading as we enter town…”

Favorite songs include the crowd/gospel choir singalong during “Oh Joy,” the wonderful and emotional jam session during “Give A Little Love,” the always wonderful “Blue Skies,” and spelling out our mantra during "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N." Plus, pretty much all of the violin solos peppered throughout the set.

Next Up: Autre Ne Veut at Rock and Roll Hotel next Friday!

Friday, October 18, 2013

{PLAYLIST} pharrell jams

Today, we are paying tribute to one of the greatest producers/musicians/style gurus in the industry: Pharrell Williams. To celebrate Pharrell's career AND his recent marriage to model Helen Lasichanh (why can't we all get married in a secret French ceremony?!), we've put together some of our most favorite tracks performed and/or produced by the musical genius.

nerd swag (via)
While you listen, we recommend you take this quiz on the wizard: Which Pharrell Is Older?

Pharrell Jams by this is our jam on Grooveshark "Frontin' (feat. Jay Z)" - Pharrell Williams
"They call you Pha-Real cuz you the truth." Wise words, Jay.
"Get Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj and Pharrell)" - Nelly
Nelly must know that any successful comeback requires Pharrell's midas touch.
"Feds Watching (feat. Pharrell)" - 2 Chainz
Got addicted to this track thanks to DC's The Silver Liners.
"Twisted (feat. Pharrell)" - Usher
We're salivating just thinking about these two performing this song together...
"Money Maker (feat. Pharrell)" - Ludacris
Too many frat party dance parties memories associated with this song...
"Happy" - Pharrell Williams
From the Despicable Me soundtrack... Fun fact: the Despicable Me song "Rocket's Theme" was written in honor of his son, Rocket Man Williams.
"Grinding" - The Neptunes
Obsessed with this throwback from baby Pharrell.
"Lil Homie (feat. Pharrell)" - Tyga
Wish we had a tiny swaggerific kid to sing this song to.
"Love Is The Answer (feat. Pharrell)" - Aloe Blacc
We like to think that Aloe sang this song at Pharrell's recent nuptials.
"Presidential (remix) (feat. Pharrell and Rockie Fresh)" - Rick Ross
Think there was a singalong to this jam during this epic encounter??

Thursday, October 17, 2013

finally, the drake cover we've been waiting for

When I first posted Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" I mentioned how perfect it would be for a female cover. Since it's release, I had been disappointed with the remixes I came across (sorry Carousel and ASTR) but thankfully Mister Wives have restored our faith in music with their folk-tinged cover below.

Be sure to also check out Rick Ross' TIOJ-approved remix of the song.

DC people -- cross your fingers that Mister Wives will perform this cover live during their set at U St. Music Hall on Friday night! (Tickets here)

{THROWBACK} "open your eyes"

I must confess that I sometimes discover older music through contemporary covers of throwbacks. Such is the case with Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes." I stumbled across this throwback thanks to this beautiful John Legend cover of the classic.

Which subsequently led me to the original...

And while we're on the subject, see if you can hear the sampling of the original in Common's "The Light."

Stay tuned for a future throwback post featuring Bobby's other hit "What You Won't Do For Love" and a certain British songstress whom we adore.

{THROWBACK} jackson browne

Bruce Springsteen, Patsy Cline, and Jackson Browne provided the soundtrack to my childhood. My love of Jackson Browne is far from a new thing, but I was reminded this past weekend just how lovely and calming his voice is.

From "Runnin' on Empty" and "The Pretender" to one of my most favorite songs of all time, "The Load-Out/Stay," JB is just the coolest.

And his hair is really that magnificent in person. So is his voice.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{WE LOVE} san fermin

Guys, I am completely enamored with up-and-coming band San Fermin. The group's self-titled debut came out earlier this year and is a beautiful listen described by the band as "a pastiche of post-rock, chamber-pop and contemporary classical composition." The album is complemented with beautiful male and female vocals that will make fans of Dirty Projectors and Beirut certainly feel at home.

Their first single "Sonsick" is said by Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the Yale-educated brains behind the entire album, to be "like a panic attack disguised as a birthday party...I realized that the most intense moments are the ones in which conflicting emotional worlds exist inside you, equally, at once.” Check out the gorgeous video for the song below and experience what he's saying.

Fun Fact: The festival of San Fermín is home to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Hence the mysterious bull references in this video and on the band's album cover.

For a different take on the song, we're equally addicted to Vacationer's remix.

Okay okay, one more song because we love them just that much -- be sure to listen to the full album here!

DC! San Fermin will be rocking out at DC9 on Thursday, October 24 -- check them out!!

{GIVEAWAY} father john misty @ the 9:30 club -- CLOSED

Seeing Father John Misty live was one of the most ridiculous and wonderful concerts we've been to all year. We're so excited, then, to announce that we're giving you lucky readers a chance to win tickets and witness J. Tillman's kooky antics, sultry dance moves, and incredible music live on Wednesday, October 23.

Enter to win below via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hedge your bets by buying a ticket to this night of complete entertainment here. See below for an example of said kookiness:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the wood brothers are my jam

Once again, Noisetrade knows the way into my musical brain. The Wood Brothers are a bluegrassy Americana trio comprised of two real life brothers, and I'm just obsessed. They're currently wrapping up a tour with Zac Brown Band (did anyone see them at Jiffy Lube over the weekend??), which is definitely a sign of great things to come for these folksy, fun fellas.

Click here to get a (free!) sampling of their tunes, including the title track from their recent album The Muse.

lupe fiasco + ed sheeran -- YES PUHLEASE

Well this is a match made in TIOJ heaven...

via Pigeons & Planes

{IF YOU LIKE} michael jackson, justin timberlake

(via 1/2/3)
If you like the irresistible pop of Michael Jackson or the swoon-worthy falsetto and beat boxing of Justin Timberlake, you must check out up-and-comer Jhameel. If you don't like these things, are you human? Jhameel has been a TIOJ favorite for a while thanks to his drunk covers of classic songs, but his latest jam "Feisty" has apparent touches from these two great influences. We dare you not to desk dance to this track.

Related: {WE LOVE} Jhameel

Friday, October 11, 2013

new pitbull and ke$ha for your weekend dancing

I realize that I may be alienating some die-hard indie music people with this post, but I care not a bit. It's no secret that Ke$ha is a topic of contention amongst TIOJ writers, but it's hard to deny the weekend-ready catchiness of the latest track "Timber" from Pitbull featuring Ke$ha. Bonus points for the mouth radio featured on this jam.

Happy Friday!

{PLAYLIST} fall road trip jams

Fall is such a lovely, wistful time of year that lends itself perfectly for hopping in the car with your ladyfriends, your boo, or just by your lonesome and hitting the road. Whether you're headed out into the country for a fall activity-filled day of apple picking and leaves changing or you're just yearning to see a stretch of open highway in front of you, we have some jams for you.


Roadtrip Jams -- Fall 2013 by this is our jam on GroovesharkRoll the windows down as you catch the year's last warm rays of sunshine (or depending on where you are, get the heat cranking for the first time this year...), and press play!

"Motorway" - Little Boots
"Hopeless Wanderer -" Mumford and Sons
"Mercury" - Moon Taxi
"Metaphors" - San Cisco
"New Strings" - Miranda Lambert
"Gone, Gone, Gone" - Phillip Phillips
"Adventurers" - Port Isla
"Drive All Night" - Needtobreathe
"Stand on the Horizon" - Franz Ferdinand
"October Road" - James Taylor

For more road trip jams, click here and here.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

{INTERVIEW} zz ward

We're so excited to share our latest interview with bad-ass songstress ZZ Ward. For this interview, we teamed up with the lovely ladies over at Quaterlette to get her thoughts on not just music, but also what it's like to be a twentysomething female in the music industry.

AND as a special treat to you loyal TIOJ readers, we wanted to share one of ZZ's comments that we've shared just for you!

One thing we really like about your music is that you’ve collaborated with people outside of the regular pop/singer-songwriter genre. We really like your mixtape Eleven Roses features your interpretations of some modern hip hop songs. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind making that mixtape?

It was a way to get away from what I was writing at the time. I was writing the record and I started, just when I was listening to music, writing over hip hop beats that I heard. The first one I wrote was over “Yonkers” by Tyler the Creator -- and I wrote a song called “Better Off Dead.” After that, I just kind of got into it and kept doing it. I decided to put it out, with no expectation of what people would think.

Rock out to ZZ's entire Eleven Roses mixtape here!

{THROWBACK} "every little thing she does is magic"

I was listening to The Blow the other day and stumbled across their hit "Come On Petunia," which is their own remake of the perfect love song from The Police.

Now for the real, wonderful version. Seriously, I think this might be one of my most favorite songs of all time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

this may be the greatest mashup. ever.

In anticipation of their upcoming tour together, Fitz and the Tantrums and Capital Cities teamed up with mashup mastermind DJ Earworm to create "Kangaroo League" -- a perfect combination of "Out of My League," "Safe and Sound," and "Kangaroo Court."

Everything about this video is pretty much the weirdest thing you'll see, but everything about the song is guaranteed the greatest thing you've ever heard.

DC! These two bands will be coming through DC October 30 & 31. Tickets are already sold out, but we highly recommend getting your craigslist stalking on for this one!

{WE LOVE} kings of leon

I rarely find myself listening to one album over and over again, but Kings of Leon's latest Mechanical Bull is breaking me of this habit. Whether I'm cleaning my room, driving around, or walking to work -- this album has been in constant rotation. I think I must be recovering from an un-diagnosed KOL deficiency in my musical diet or something.

My favorite off their album at the moment is "Temple." Let's be real, any song that begins with the line "the dance floor's a temptress..." is pretty much guaranteed to be a favorite of mine.

Be sure to also listen "Wait For Me," the bittersweet "Beautiful War," and if you're missing Black Keys "Don't Matter."

Let's be real, you should really just listen and buy the entire album right now.

{GIVEAWAY} atlas genius @ the fillmore -- CLOSED

Boy have we got a treat for you, pretty people! Because we like you all so very much we're giving away a pair of tickets to see Atlas Genius, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., and Family of the Year at The Fillmore Silver Spring this Sunday, October 13.

All three bands are so wonderful and TIOJ-approved. From the undeniably addicting "Trojans" from the adorable Aussies in Atlas Genius --

To the the hilarious and spot on track from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. "If You Didn't See Me Then You Weren't On The Dance Floor" --

To the breezy indie rock vibes of Family of the Year. This show will be a must-see!

To enter, leave a quick comment telling us what song has been playing on repeat on your iPod/Spotify/shower singing lately! (We'd be ever so indebted if you could include your email address, twitter handle, smoke signal code, or another way that we can get in touch with you -- please and thank you!)

Winner will be chosen on Friday, 10/11 at NOON EST!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

watch out for jon waltz, people

Oh man, Jon Waltz is the latest rapper you need to put on your radar right now. "Bang" has the witty rapping of a Chance the Rapper or a Kendrick Lamar paired with the slowed down, sensual beats of the indie music that makes me weak in the knees.

I'm already on my fifth listen of the day.

{ALBUM REVIEW} st.lucia // when the night

St. Lucia is quickly becoming one of my most favorite bands and after naming them as a "Band To Watch In 2013," I'm so proud that they're fulfilling our expectations and releasing their first full-length album When The Night today. Here's our breakdown of the album for your listening and iTunes-purchasing pleasure.

Come For: “All Eyes On You"
You likely already recognize the song from last season’s always epic Victoria’s Secret holiday commercial and with good reason. This beautiful song is a wonderful introduction to lead singer Jean's amazingly smooth and captivating vocals.

Stay Because Of: "Wait For Love" and "Elevate"
"Elevate" is our most recent weekend-ready favorite and we immediately started dancing "Wait For Love," appreciating the tropical beats of the song.

Take A Bathroom Break During: "Too Close"
Vocals take a back seat during this beat-heavy jam that's just a little too much for my taste. (Disclaimer: I feel like I will revoke this statement if I'm ever to see this song performed live.)

Listen To While: Thankfully, St. Lucia truly shows their range with this album so this album's applicability is far-reaching. Add up-beat jams like "September" and "We Got It Wrong" to your workout playlist and save more emotional "Closer Than This" and "The Way You Remember Me" (listen for the saxophone solo!) for a fun and romantic road trip playlist with that special someone.

Check It Out For Yourself: Stream the album on Spotify and purchase this puppy on iTunes.

Monday, October 7, 2013

"little wrecking ball"

At the risk of seeming too Miley-obsessed lately, I needed to share this brilliant mashup of Mumford and Sons' "Little Lion Man" and Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" because I am unable to handle how much I love this and I need kind friends to tell me it's okay.

Amazing, right?

houndmouth on la blogotheque

Y'all! We cannot contain our excitement over the most recent installment of La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows featuring longtime TIOJ favorites Houndmouth.

The band's bluegrass is perfectly complemented amongst the scenery of the band's hometown New Albany, IN in the Ohio River Valley featured in this first video (shout out to my hometown of Louisville in the background!).

And watching the band rock out in their hometown and the setting from their first video is too much fun.

If you're feeling particularly nostalgic, check out our interview with Houndmouth -- one of our first ever! The band had only performed two shows together when we spoke with them and now look at 'em. Get it.

{AS SEEN ON TV} bose & target

Fall TV is back and that means -- COMMERCIALS! Here are two of our latest favorites found whilst watching the always fabulous Parks & Recreation.

Target Threshold featuring "So Groovy" by Jocelyn Alice & Right The Stars 

(Get the original on iTunes!)

Bose's SoundLink Mini featuring "Cayucos" by Cayucas.

Be sure to check out the wonderful Wes Anderson-esque music video for the "Cayucos":

{RECAP} smallpools, st. lucia, two door cinema club

It was such a treat to get a last minute chance to check out the outstanding trifecta of Smallpools, St. Lucia, and Two Door Cinema Club on Friday night while checking another concert venue, DAR Constitution Hall, off our bucket list. The show was fabulous and Constitution Hall definitely exceeded our expectations.

Los Angeles' Smallpools started out the evening with incredibly energy. We were treated to a lot of new music that we had never heard from the band in addition to their song of the summer "Dreaming" and a perfect cover of New Radical's "Get What You Give."

Click ahead for the rest of the recap!

Friday, October 4, 2013

"we dance until we're soaking wet"

If this latest single from The Soundmen featuring Brett's Mick Coogan isn't the perfect theme song for a weekend out, I'm not sure what is. The jam has the perfect beat to be complemented by strobe lights or streetlights depending on where you are in your night. Plus, Mick's lyrics about dancing until you're soaking wet and losing yourself without a care is pretty such the perfect  anthem for a weekend of playing out on the town with your bestest of friends.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

{PLAYLIST} hockey is back!

Praise the lord, hallelujah! This week, the hockey season officially got underway, and we're just so excited to not have the dramz of last year's lockout (government shutdown -- fine. As long as you don't mess with hockey). If you know anything about us, we're rejoicing. And studying trivia about our new Caps babies. And crying happy tears. And hugging each other a la hockey hugs:

the most epic celebration in joel ward's career -- and brooks laich's eyeballs in the bottom corner. (via hockey hugs, the most incredible blog series. ever.)

Press play below and join us in welcoming hockey back into our lives and hearts!

Hockey is Back! by this is our jam on Grooveshark“Out of My League” - Fitz and the Tantrums 
The NHL is redistricted and the Caps are in the Metropolitansexual Division -- which means we’ve bid adieu to those loner Floridians. 
“Chelsea Dagger” - The Fratellis 
We like that the Blackhawks play this when they score, but we’re hoping they don’t score too often. However, we’re quite fond of two things about this Chi-town team: Patrick Sharp and… nope, just Patrick Sharp. 
“Ice Ice Baby” - Vanilla Ice 
um, duh. 
“Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast” - Capital Cities 
This should probably be the theme song for the last ten years of hockey in the nation’s capital. 
“The House That Heaven Built” - Japandroids
Love that the Canucks skate in to this song.
“Comeback Kid” - Sleigh Bells 
Here’s hoping Chimmer and some of the other players with not-so-stellar 2013s have the comeback of their careers this year. 
“Let Me Love You” - Mario 
Our general feeling about 99.9% of hockey players. 
"Three" - Britney Spears
In celebration of hockey's three periods and two halftimes.
"Let's Go" - Calvin Harris (feat. Ne-Yo)
Whatever your feelings are on hockey fights, you have to admit that it's pretty darling that they ask each other if "they want to go" in their cute little Canadian accents before dropping the gloves.
“Started From The Bottom” - Drake 
Tom Wilson and Connor Carrick are the Capitals’ two teenagers… welcome to the big show, kids.

For more hockey love, check out our playlist in honor of What's Up, Ya Sieve?'s foxiest of Foxy Friday gentlemen here.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

{THROWBACK} "poison"

Hot damn The Hood Internet is on point lately with their mashups featuring throwbacks. I can't get enough of their mashup of the guaranteed '90s dance party starter and Disclosure's equally party-ready hit "When A Fire Starts To Burn." Let the desk dancing begin.

Now, you must also check out the original "Poison" music video from Bell Biv Devoe.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{RECAP} crystal fighters, portugal. the man

Last night I made the annoying trek up to Silver Spring to catch Crystal Fighters and Portugal. The Man. Fortunately, the bands made the 16th street traffic oh so worth it.

After dancing from afar to Crystal Fighters at Firefly, it was such a treat to be able to get up close and personal with the talented and wacky members of the band. The lead singer was sporting a vintage women’s sequined sweater, a colorful head wrap, women’s sunglasses, and some sort of pant/skirt combination that made no sense at the same, perfect carefree sense. Meanwhile, the bassist wore no shirt save for a crystal pendant for the entire performance – giving way to some close calls for “Fighters crack”, but again, making perfect sense with the vibe of this band.

no shirt, no problem. 
The band covered a bunch of their fun loving hits and had a perfect balance between thier new album and older favorites. I particularly enjoyed the charming mandolin introduction to “Plage” and may or may not have been salsa dancing with myself during “Love Natural.” While the crowd was clearly there for Portgual. The Man and sadly did not reciprocate the bands undying energy during their hits like “At Home,” Crystal Fighters' enthusiasm never wavered and they absolutely killed it, stunning the crowd during new jam “Are We One.”

Portugal. The Man was up next and to be honest, I knew hardly anything about the band outside of these two (one, two) past TIOJ posts. During Crystal Fighters' set, I gave the crowd a pass on their lack of enthusiasm, reasoning that they weren't mentally prepared for the eccentricity and energy of this band. Boy was that a lame excuse.

Portugal. The Man were certainly not the chill band I expected and in fact, rivaled Crystal Fighters is eccentricity, enthusiasm, and aesthetic. From their entrance to the oldies classic “Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers to their incredible animated light show to enthusiasm of the crowd to their opening number “Purple Yellow Red & Blue,” this band is popular for a good reason.

they forgot some colors in "purple yellow red & blue"...
At one point, I’m pretty sure I was hypnotized by "Got It All" (totally guessing on the song) and animated background that featured a rodent-like cartoon creature; it was frightening and yet totally worked. After I pulling myself out of my hypnosis, I was pleased to hear “So American.”

All in all, this was a great night of a music from two eccentric bands who are able to make their eccentricity and music completely accessible and enjoyable. Keep doing what you’re doing, guys.

Next Up: Keep Shelly in Athens with Chad Valley and Brett at DC9 next week!

{WE LOVE} say lou lou

Now that fall is finally upon us, I've been drawn towards more mellow, dark music. Enter, beautiful Swedish sisters Say Lou Lou. I cannot stop listening to their cover of Tame Impala's hit "Feels Like We're Only Going Backwards."

And their first hit "Maybe You" is the perfect pensive jam for a cool fall day.

Want more? You MUST listen to their song with my ultimate music crush Chet Faker "Fool Of Me."

{WE LOVE} the intermission project

What are they teaching in primary school over in the UK that keeps producing such wise-beyond-their-years musical youngsters? First smitten with teeny Leo Stannard, I've now become obsessed with the Intermission Project, a collaboration between a trio of British schoolmates whose husky voices and earnest demeanor translate so effortlessly to their music. "I've Been Waiting" is a perfect gem for these Indian Summer days that are slowly creeping into fall.

As an added treat, The Intermission Project boys teamed up with Leo Stannard to cover TIOJ fave "Tessellate" by Alt-J. The final project is nothing short of amazing.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{IF YOU LIKE} two door cinema club, foster the people

(via 1/2/3)

If you like remarkable vocals of Two Door Cinema Club or the party-ready pop of Foster the People, then you must check out Dappled Cities. While this band of Australians has been around for a while, they're new to our radar and we're not wasting any time in catching up on their music.

Keep your fingers crossed that these adorable Aussies add some American stops on their next tour!

well, this is just the greatest.

I'm trying to figure out what my favorite part of this video of Justin Timberlake covering Michael Jackson's "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" is. It might be the bespectacled fellow dancing on stage right.

I can die happy now.

PS, have you checked out the second installment of JT's The 20/20 Experience?? Do it. Right now.

happy government shutdown day!!

While we're not quite sure if "happy" is the right word to associate with the government shutdown, we're going with it and wishing you the happiest of government shutdowns with our three favorite things.

1. Liz Lemon.

2. "Bang On The Drum All Day"
AKA our theme song since, unlike the government, we actually had to come into work today.

3. The West Wing. 

Happy Tuesday!
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