Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{WE LOVE} she's just bein' miley

Today Miley Cyrus is totally my jam, but probably not for any of the reasons one would assume. Not for "Wrecking Ball." Not for "We Can't Stop" (although that shit is amazing.) Not for anything resembling a twerk. But rather for this stripped down, reverent version of Melanie Safka's "Look What They've Done to My Song." I could listen to this all day long and reminisce about when Miley didn't stick her tongue out in response to any question and hadn't swung questionably upon construction material while wearing her birthday suit. Listen. Enjoy. Weep.



  1. is this when she sang jolene? i was so pleasantly surprised! :) x

  2. Ffi--it is the same session where she sang "jolene"! I almost posted that song instead, actually :) So good!


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