Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{WE LOVE} how sad

For having such a melancholy name, How Sad's music is much more appealing than you might initially think. I've found myself listening to the Montreal-based band's latest EP Indian Summer on repeat as it is a fitting compilation to listen to at this time of the year.

My favorite of the moment is "Hot Blur" whose chorus of "the city's too cold, the city's too hot, life doesn't give a f*ck about what you want.." is kind of the perfect sentiment right now.

Fun Fact: My brother interviewed the band when they were going by their former moniker Goose Hut and fancied themselves a party band, performing on stage with only a drum. These days, the band is transforming into more of a "band" with lots of instruments on stage without losing the dance vibes upon which they were founded.

Listen to the entire Indian Summer EP on bandcamp!

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