Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{RECAP} lord huron and alt-j

On Thursday, I started my birthday celebrations early and, after much anticipation, got to check out Lord Huron and Alt-J at the 9:30 Club.

I was so excited for Lord Huron after spending all of last week waking up to "Time To Run" and falling more in love with their album. The band's live show certainly lived up to my prescribed hype. From their stage setup, to their music, to their attire, and even down to the tin cup the lead singer sipped on between songs, Lord Huron made you feel like you were just enjoying music around the campfire. Their tunes were jangly, emotional, and had the perfect beats to sing along to with 1200 of your closest friends.

Our Concert Correspondent Jurg best summed it up when she said "They [the songs] all sound the same...but I like them all so I'll let it go." I can't echo Jurg's sentiments enough as I frequently mis-recognized songs but was always pleasantly surprised with whatever I ended up singing and dancing along to.

Alt-J was up next playing to a sold out 9:30 Club. After seeing the band earlier this year and extolling their album An Awesome Wave as my favorite album of 2012, to say I was excited was an understatement. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the band changed a few things up since I saw them in March, replacing their backdrop from a simple replica of their album art to an impressive light show and entering the stage to the hip hop club hit "Rack City."

With those minor changes, I was a little intimidated that the band would be completely changed. Thankfully, however, their music was just as good, if not better than ever. Every single song was superb, with added enthusiasm from one of the biggest crowds I've seen at this venue. Like their previous show, I was again wowed by their interludes and may have died when they ended their show with "Breezeblocks."

I must also give a quick thanks to the 9:30 Club Friends with Benefit program who treated me to a birthday cupcake during the show! If you're not already in the club, get it together and join here. That cupcake was freaking delicious.

Next Up: Getting folksy with Blitzen Trapper at Black Cat on Friday!

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