Monday, September 30, 2013

{RECAP} james bay, the wild feathers, and zz ward

On Saturday evening, TIOJ hit the early show for James Bay, The Wild Feathers, and ZZ Ward at the 9:30 Club after a requisite stop at The Satellite Room for grilled cheese and DC Brau.

We walked in to James Bay singing “When We Were On Fire” and were completely mesmerized by his voice before James even came into view. James’ voice was astounding and completely captivating live. Not to mention, that boy has cheekbones and hair that are only slightly surpassed in impressiveness by his vocals. We were swooning while he played a new song and crooned “I’d rather fight with you all night than never have you in my life.” We heard you, James. Loud and clear.

Throughout his set we had an ominous feeling similar to one we experienced when seeing Ed Sheeran open up a show at the 9:30 Club. Our spidey senses were tingling and we have a very strong feeling that we’ll be hearing much more from James Bay in the future. (Be sure to download his EP for free on Soundcloud while you can!)

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Next up were The Wild Feathers and our experience with them can be best summed up by Kristen’s statement: “I had no thoughts on them until they made me love them.” Indeed, the bands folksy charm, plethora of beards and hats, and slide guitar were a wonderful surprise to the show.

They had an almost country-rock vibe similar to Sons of Bill, that made us love them more and long for Stacey in Philadelphia.

As you might expect, ZZ Ward capped the night off perfectly. ZZ's set began with an affecting drumbeat that hinted at the rousing, non-stop show to come.  We were so ready for her to wow us and she did not disappoint. For those of you who aren't familiar with ZZ, she's a hat-wearing alt-country chick whose talent is simply stellar.  When she performs, her voice carries and hits you right in the chest. One of the highlights of the night was surely her performance of "'Til the Casket Drops," the titular track from her debut album. Hearing the crowd chant the chorus with so much conviction gave us chills.

The evening was wonderful and would not have been complete without a requisite goofy picture with James Bay.

Next Up: Dancing around to Grouplove’s sold out show at U Hall tomorrow night!

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