Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{RECAP} empire of the sun, alpine

We sent our Concert Correspondent Jurg over to the 9:30 Club to check out Empire of the Sun on this lovely Labor Day weekend. Check out her recap (guitar smashing included) below!

I'll admit, I went into Sunday's Empire of the Sun show at the 9:30 Club not quite knowing what to expect. What I got was more dancers than musicians, 10+ total costume changes, strobe lights, and a large alien figure shooting fog guns into the crowd. And while I did not quite "get it" (IS there anything to get?!), it certainly did not stop me from enjoying the performance.

Missing from the show was original member Nick Littlemore, and while his vocals would have added to the power of the songs, frontman Luke Steele was charismatic enough to command the crowd's attention on his own. Of course, sporting an assortment of elaborate shiny jackets and some dangerous-looking horned headpieces certainly didn't hurt him there. Steele's voice is acrobatic and effortlessly transitions between what I would describe as a haughty robot and smooth falsetto. Steele was backed by an attractive drummer and guitarist (are all Australians good-looking?).

The majority of the set came from Empire of the Sun's new album, Ice on the Dune, released on June 14, 2013. Highlights included "DNA," "Concert Pitch," and "I'll Be Around." They did not neglect their breakout album Walking On A Dream, however, and included the title track as well as "We Are the People" in addition to several other songs. Every part of the show was choreographed, with four backup dancers/cyborgs stalking, dancing, and spazzing around the stage, adding to the spectacle.

EOTS encored with their new single "Alive," at which point the sweaty crowd lost their minds. And it wouldn't be a true rock performance if it didn't end with Lord Luke smashing his guitar onstage.

The show was opened by another Aussie band, Alpine. Led by two ladies with fab glitter eyeshadow and airy vocals, Alpine got the crowd warmed up with danceable pop music. Their enthusiasm and chemistry was infectious and I would highly recommend checking them out.

Next up: Checking out the Beatles-sounding band The Shilohs with Free Time at Black Cat Backstage tonight!

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