Friday, September 6, 2013

{PLAYLIST} new york fashion week jams

Fall may be upon us, but designers and fashion-inclined friends are already thinking of spring during this week's New York Fashion Week for Spring 2014 collections. Whether you're a fashion blogger ready for a weekend full of high heels and gift bags or a regular person ready for a Project Runway marathon, we've got the playlist for you.

dreamy gowns via J Mendel
Channel your inner diva this week as you strut down the runway street in your finest duds.

Fashion Week Fall 2013 by this is our jam on Grooveshark "All Eyes On You" - St. Lucia
"Fashion Killa" - A$AP Rocky
"Versace" - Migos feat. Drake
"Fashion" - David Bowie
"Tom Ford" - Jay-Z
"Center Stage" - Capital Cities
"Flashing Lights" - Kanye West
"Gucci Gucci" - Kreayshawn
"Fashion Party" - Das Racist
"Dedicated Follower of Fashion" - The Kinks

For more fashionable tunes, check out more Fashion Week jams here!


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    1. Yay, so glad you like it! Hope you had SUCH a fab time up there this year!!


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