Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{RECAP} trillectro festival

Last Saturday TIOJ hopped on metro to check out the much anticipated Trillectro Festival. DC to BC's team and sponsors transformed the DC Fairgrounds into a great spot for a day of hip-hop and electronic music.

They had a main stage for the live performers as well as a side stage for the DJs, which worked surprisingly well despite the close proximity of the two stages. The festival boasted more than just music with clothing vendors, artists, and, a requirement for all DC Fairground events, food trucks. (Not gonna lie, we were a little disappointed in the overall food selection and would have been upset if not for the saving grace that is the Big Cheese truck.)

new retro // misun // trying to become a member of RDGLDGRN // phil ade //goldroom // making caleb get in front of the camera!
Click ahead for our recap of our favorite bands and songs -- plus a special surprise!

We started off with New Retro, whose cover of Mayer Hawthorne’s “Backseat Lover” was a great R&B start to the day. Next were perennial TIOJ and DC favorites Misun, who looked like they were having a ton of fun up on stage. Misun’s dance moves are enviable and their performance definitely primed the early concert goers for an afternoon of music.

After Misun, we ran around catching bits and pieces of Alex Young’s DJ set, complete with an onstage emcee getting the crowd going the entire time. We also jammed with local Virginia band RDGLDGRN who we later got a chance to catch up and get a little goofy with after enjoying their live performance of “Lootin’ In London.”

DC rapper Phil Ade was up next, supported by pretty much the entire Royal Fam crew, who danced, rapped, and at times stood stoically behind Phil and he rapped off of his latest mixtape to an ever growing crowd.

Ghost Beach was next and, after having such a memorable night during their last show at Rock ‘N Roll hotel, it was disappointing that the sound system at Trillectro just wasn’t prepared to play their music. The samples that really make Ghost Beach’s music were almost impossible to hear, rendering songs like “Close Enough” almost unrecognizable. You could tell that the band was disappointed with these difficulties and, while their vibe was energetic (aided by the plants and tie-dye decorations on stage), it was nothing compared to prior shows. If Trillectro was your first time seeing Ghost Beach, I definitely recommend checking them out again in another venue, preferably something akin to U St. Music Hall.

Similar electronic pop favorites Goldroom were up next. Fortunately, the sound troubles were fixed a little bit for their set and, while everything would have been more fitting at U Hall, their set was definitely great. The band kicked things off with their cover of Charli XCX’s “You (Ha Ha Ha),” immediately winning me over. Josh and company continued to have a lot of fun, playing a game of musical instruments and fulfilling my dream of hearing “Fifteen” live.

After Goldroom, we wandered around catching bits of Tittsworth's set (featuring some scantily clad and heavily made up dancers) as we waded through the growing tide of people. Unfortunately, we had to bounce before A$AP Ferg and Wale went onstage. Turns out we missed a surprise appearance and performance by A$AP Rocky (womp.) and a disappointing shortened set by Wale (read more about the later sets on The Washington Post).

While we were a little disappointed with the sound quality and lack of french fries, it was great to see some new bands and chat with the artists and concert goers and we can't wait to share some of the crazy cool footage that we shot during our time at Trillectro (hint hint).

Next Up: Checking another venue off our bucket list and heading to Sixth & I to see/swoon at Matt Hires and Parachute tonight!

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