Saturday, August 31, 2013

{PLAYLIST} best of august

How in the heck is it that summer is essentially over?? We're going to hold on as long as we can, but we are prettttty excited for September (um, hello: 2/3 of our birthdays, Freefest, and concerts on concerts on concerts, plus fall TV shows are back!!).

In true TIOJ fashion, this past month was a blur. In August, we:

Press play below for Kristen, Krista, and Stacey's favorite jams of August:

"Paris (Wallpaper Remix)" - Geographer
Best of August 2013 by this is our jam on GroovesharkThis beat-driven song is the perfect soundtrack for reminiscing our TIOJ vacay.
"Turn It Around" - Sub Focus feat. Kele Okereke
I cannot listen to this song enough -- so happy Sub Focus came on our radar.  
"Smile Big" - Leftover Cuties
I literally couldn't stop raving about this baller group after seeing them at Iota.
"Wildfire" - Frank Ocean feat. John Mayer
I think I can honestly say that this is the singularly most gorgeous thing I've heard in years.
"Hey Mami" - Sylvan Esso
Quite possibly my favorite song of the summer, made all the better after chatting with the band about this jam!
"Could It Be" - Charlie Worsham
Official winner of my award for cutest song ever.
"American Boy" - Estelle
True story: this was my ringtone after spending a summer in the UK.
"Magic" - Olympic Ayres
Expecting great great things from this indie pop band. So addicting. 
"Walkin' on the Devil's Backbone" - Ha Ha Tonka
Just that song title alone makes me love these boys.
"Crickets" - Drop City Yacht Club feat. Jeremiah
I'm a fan of these nerdy-ish rapping white boys.
"Wait For Me" - Kings of Leon
So glad these cuties are back and with great new music (who's surprised?).
"Boys of Summer" - Don Henley 
I have such a weird affection for this classic summer song (and all of its covers).
"Never Seen Such Good Things" - Devendra Banhart
"love, you're a strange fellow/won't you leave your mark on me"
"Dark Star" - Jaymes Young
Jaymes' entire album is everything. So sexy. So good.
"Restless Heart" - Matt Hires
Seeing Matt and his band perform this song was such a blast. (Stay tuned for our interview with him!!)

Want more? Listen to an extended version of this playlist on Spotify! And of course, stay tuned in September for fall jams, concerts and interviews, Freefest, and oh so much more!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

made in america is. my. jam.

TIOJ has very strong feelings about the Knowles-Carter dynasty -- namely, that they can do wrong. So when Jay-Z hosted the inaugural Made in American festival last Labor Day, it took a lot of self-restraint to not hop on a train and go. Fast forward a year to me living in Philadelphia, and I knew there would be nothing stopping me from looking for and befriending Blue Ivy.

I'll just be going to day one of Made in America, but with TIOJ favorites Walk the Moon, Imagine Dragons, and HAIM -- not to mention Beyonce and Solange -- I can't wait.

If you're in Philadelphia for MIA, you'll be able to find me dancing all over town.

{PLAYLIST} labor day jams

Happy Labor Day, everyone! What are your plans this weekend? Whether you're camping, roadtripping, or lounging by the pool, we hope you soak up those last few rays of summer and are as lazy as possible with your extra weekend day.

last days of summer via sweet fine day

Press play for some of our easy, breezy, BBQ-ready Labor Day Jams:

"Perfect Picture" - Carlos Bertonatti  
"Ten-Twenty-Ten" - Generationals
"And She Was" - Talking Heads  
"I’m Writing A Novel" - Father John Misty  
"Tip It On Back" - Dierks Bentley  
"Supersoaker" - Kings of Leon  
"Red Hands" - Walk Off The Earth  
"Mother, When?" - The Shouting Matches  
"I Was Made for Sunny Days" - The Weepies  
"Recovery" - Frank Turner

And since you've got the day off on Monday... keep the jams coming with our 2012 Labor Day Jams from AND 2011 Labor Day Jams (sheesh, this blog's getting old).

Thursday, August 29, 2013

{THROWBACK} *nsync

In honor of their glorious reunion at the VMAs the other day, I figured there was no better week to throw back to one of the greatest boy bands of our generation. What up, *NSYNC.

Hi boys.

Look at that hair. God bless.

"Tearin' Up My Heart" was released in 1997. 1997!! I guess that explains why current teenagers don't know who they are. Does this make everyone else really sad too?

via buzzfeed

Breaks my little '90s heart.

the guilty-pleasure song of my summer

I wish I hadn't waited to discover the song of my summer until, you know, summer was basically over. Enter Drop City Yacht Club and "Crickets." I can't quite explain why I love this song so much but I suppose it could be because I have an appreciation for seemingly-charismatic (and kind of nerdy) musicians who can poke fun at themselves when they get rejected by women.

There are so many days wasted where I could have been swaying to this as I wasted time and basked in the sun. I guess I'm going to have to make the most of this during these last few sultry days before fall creeps in and listen on repeat. I'm okay with this.

{THROWBACK} "jessie's girl"

We're big fans of POP ETC not only for their original jams, but also for their well crafted covers. They've tackled the great Whitney Houston and now they've gone back a couple of years in music history to cover Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl". It's a great cover for their style of music, have a listen below.

And because you know you're curious now about what the original "Jessie's Girl" music video looked like in all of it's '80s glory...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{WE LOVE} geographer

It's gloomy days like this that make me especially wistful for TIOJ's mid-summer jaunt to France. I wish I could rewind a month or two, pack my bathing suit and fly off again. I miss the perfect weather, the endless lavender and CHEESE. Especially the cheese.

This remix of Geographer's aptly-named jam "Paris" is the perfect soundtrack as I reminisce, browse my holiday photos, and yearn for a glass of Rosé. This song is simultaneously somber, bittersweet, electric, and soothing. I can't get enough.

{WE LOVE} mavado

Since it's so disgusting out today, the only logical thing to do is listen to reggae music. Right?

Thank goodness I've discovered Mavado to brighten up this bleak day. This Jamaican singer who, yes, did name himself after the famous brand of high-end watches, has been around for a while, but has recently been cranking out some great tracks featuring some well known hip hop stars.

Loving his latest single "Give It All To Me" featuring Nicki Minaj:

"Rise Up" featuring Akon and Rick Ross:

And this one, which includes the stellar roundup of Mavado, French Montana, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and our DC fave Wale:

Want more reggae? Listen to my other favorite Jamaican Gramps Morgan.

{WE LOVE} ha ha tonka

The boys of Ha Ha Tonka have grabbed my attention lately, and it's not just because of their flowing locks (although they do have an Avett Brothers hair vibe going on). This quartet from Missouri has a varied but wonderful sound that is perfect for those last few days of pool lounging -- while also getting you ready for changing leaves and fall.

These four fellas are releasing their album Lessons later in September, and based just on their fun and poppy single "Colorful Kids," they'll be making their way onto fall playlists everywhere.

But for when you're in a folkier, rockier mood, they're perfect for that too. I would really like to be friends with these fine gentlemen.

Hey DC! These guys will be at Rock and Roll Hotel on November 16 -- be sure to catch them!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

{INTERVIEW} the silver liners

TIOJ had the opportunity to chat with Rose and Jay from hometown favorites The Silver Liners over margaritas on a gorgeous summer night recently. Keep on reading to see what Rose and Jay had to say about the art of making an album, political summer jams, and the DC music scene!

Listen while you read:

Tell us a little about yourself!
Jay: John and I went to college together at the College of Wooster. John knew Matt from growing up. So we just started jamming together and we’ve had several different lineups since then. We started playing in the area in January 2010. Rose and I actually used to work together. We just started talking about music one day, and it turned out that we have some of the same musical interests. I was writing a lot of stuff that was requiring a lot of harmonies and different layers of harmonies, and Rose fills out the high harmony range.

The Silver Liners during a show at the 9:30 Club

How would you describe your music?
Rose: I get a feeling from it that it’s very optimistic. I feel like it is a little bit hopeful, but also kind of American, in a way-- like American youth in that there is a kind of this hopeful element -- but it’s not all light and happy.

J: When we started, the first couple EPs were very much towards the pop rock side of things. This EP that we put out in March is definitely a departure from that; it is very keyboard driven, lots of reverb. We spent a lot of time tweaking the sound with our engineer. We really enjoyed that process.

Click ahead for more from the Silver Liners and the DC music scene!

Monday, August 26, 2013

{RECAP} trillectro festival: the video

We're so excited to premier TIOJ's most recent video celebrating the adventures we had at Trillectro Festival. Again, we turned to Caleb to complement our original festival recap with the fun video below.

Press play and get ready to dance with Misun, Ghost Beach, and Goldroom to "Million Faces" by RDGLDGRN (be sure to watch through for a special shout out!).

Want more videos?? Check out our Firefly Recap video as well!

a sarah jaffe cover to start your week

I was working in Panera the other day and found myself losing track of everything as I was completely captivated by Sarah Jaffe's beautiful subdued cover of "Louder Than Ever" by Cold War Kids.

Listen on repeat as you ease into the week.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

getting sexy with janelle monáe and miguel

That is probably the least shocking title I've written. I mean, just hearing the name Miguel pretty much induces swooning, so pairing up his seductive vocals with Janelle Monáe is a match made in slow jam heaven.

So pour yourself a glass of wine and listen on repeat for the rest of the sexy Sunday evening.

Friday, August 23, 2013

"tonight you're electrical // unchained like an animal"

HAPPY FRIDAY!! To get your weekend started off on a fun and empowering note, we just had to share the latest video for "Glitter and Gold" from our favorites Little Daylight. This song is just so happy and is guaranteed to put you into a good mood as you prepare for the lovely weekend ahead.

Not gonna lie, it's kind of inspiring us to rock some serious glitter and gold when we got out to play in DC tonight...

DC loves! Little Daylight will be opening for Bastille next month at the 9:30 Club, tickets are currently sold out, but we highly encourage Craigslist creeping for some last minute tickets -- this band is TOTALLY worth it.

{PLAYLIST} back to school

If you're anything like us, it's taken a lot of self-restraint to not buy absolutely everything from the school supplies aisle at Target. With summer winding down and fall clothes popping up in our favorite stores, that means one thing: it's back to school time. Whether you're ramping up for the start of 10th grade or your senior year of college, the beginning of the school year is such a fun/exciting/overwhelming time of year. (Nerd alert: we love it.)

the most beautiful campus of all, in our very unbiased opinion (via)

TIOJ is also taking this opportunity of celebrating back to school season by making an announcement of our own: Stacey is moving to Philadelphia to go back to school this year! Don't worry -- this won't change any of your This Is Our Jam posts. We just want you to be her friend if you live in/near Philly (and she would very much like recommendations for concert venues, restaurants, and bars).

Back to School by this is our jam on GroovesharkWhether you're already getting into the study groove or you need a playlist to move in to, these are some of our favorite back to school jams:

"Campus" - Vampire Weekend
"Pencil Full of Lead" - Paolo Nutini
"College" - Rogue Wave
"We're Going to Be Friends" - The White Stripes
"High School Lover" - Cayucas
"On the Way Home" - John Mayer
"Back in the High Life" - Steve Winwood
"Your English Is Good" - Tokyo Police Club
"Tennis Court" - Lorde
"Back to the Time" - Sons of Bill

Thursday, August 22, 2013

{THROWBACK} "boys of summer"

What's better than a triple dipping of one of summer's most iconic songs? Not much.

Let's start with Don Henley's cool classic tune, "Boys of Summer." Already on its own, it's a good one.

Not to be shown up by the Ataris, of course, whose quick version is still getting plenty of radio airtime:

A newcomer to this roundup is Bell X1. These guys get mellow on you, slowing down this essential summer song to a more haunting and sultry speed.

DC friends! Bell XI will be playing at Sixth & I on October 8th -- more info here!

{RECAP} andrew ripp, matt hires, parachute

Earlier this week, TIOJ finally strolled over to Sixth & I synagogue to catch Andrew Ripp, Matt Hires, and Parachute. We had such a wonderful evening from the great musicians to the viewing the “Hall of Fame” to the tumblers full of wine -- we’ll certainly be making more excuses to get to this unique venue.

Nashville native Andrew Ripp started the show, immediately winning us over with his charming banter and kick drum usage. Andrew switched between crooning to us while playing guitar (at one point encouraging the crowd to “suck face” during his song “When You Fall in Love”) and captivating us at the piano. The entire crowd, whose median age was approximately 16, was so excited for his cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors.” But TIOJ’s favorite was “Rescue Me,” off of his recent album Won’t Let Go, that features country legend Vince Gill.

Next up was Matt Hires. TIOJ got a chance to catch up with Matt before his set (stay tuned for the full interview!), which made getting to see him and his band live all the more exciting. Matt and company put on a great set, peppering in some brilliant covers including The Killers “All These Things That I’ve Done” and The Beach Boys’ “Do You Wanna Dance?” with songs from Matt’s just released album This World Won’t Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend. We love love loved the lead single off the album “Restless Heart.”

Charlottesville natives Parachute ended the night to a synagogue of screaming girls (and some dudes). The band, new to TIOJ, has an extremely dedicated following and it was so incongruous, yet glorious to see young people rocking out so hard in a synagogue on a Tuesday night. Girls were mad swooning to the flirtatious singer during their ballad hit “She Is Love.”

While the music isn’t quite our speed these days, it was so wonderful to see fans so passionate about a band and music in general that we had a great experience. Plus, they had a saxophone, so… we’re good.

Next Up: Perhaps a cameo appearance at Jay Z's Made in America Festival, and then Volcano Choir and Sylvan Esso at 9:30 Club!

{THROWBACK} prince

In case you missed the memo, Prince is back and with a sense of humor. For his most recent single "Breakfast Can Wait" he had Dave Chappelle dress up as Prince himself holding a plate of pancakes. It's pretty much the most genius marketing for a new song, in my opinion (although I may be biased to any album art featuring breakfast food...).

Anyway, aside from the song art, I'm loving his new jam:

ALSO, because it's Throwback Thursday, an older Prince favorite -- and because Prince's lawyers have taken most of his videos off YouTube, listen to his greatest hits on Spotify!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{WE LOVE} jaymes young

If you guys know anything about me by now, it's that I am a sucker for beautiful slow jams with sexy lyrics. So I was so excited to discover Jaymes Young this morning. He just released his full album Dark Star this week and it is glorious. I'm praising the musical gods (and Jaymes, obvi) that it's available for free download on his website.

I've listened to "One Last Time" too many times this morning -- it's so beautifully simple and sexy.

His title track "Dark Star" packs a bit more of a punch with more electronic trap beats while maintaining the same sexy vibe as "One Last Time." It's a fitting follow up to last week's lover SBTRKT/Sampha.

PLUS his project features some wonderful covers including this slowed down cover of "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber himself.

Related: Hipster Hookup Jams

{WE LOVE} charlie worsham

My love of Friday Night Lights is very well-documented. And I'm saying this upfront: just one of the reasons I'm loving Charlie Worsham is because he looks like a perfect hybrid of Jason Street and Tim Riggins.

If I have to be honest, though, I just can't get enough of Charlie's adorably sweet debut single, "Could It Be." This tune is so refreshingly catchy, and the video makes it even more darling.

Okay. And it doesn't hurt that he has Street's cheekbones and Rigs' flowing locks.

new music roundup

Shucks, there is too much great new music we've been discovering this week that it's time for another new music roundup!

John Mayer - "Wildfire"
The new J-May album dropped yesterday and is fully TIOJ approved. We're loving "Wildfire" -- both the John Mayer version below as well as the Frank Ocean reprise (SWOON).

RAC - "Let Go (feat. Kele & MNDR)"
I knew I would love this song before I pressed play. I mean the production genius of RAC coupled with Bloc Party's Kele Okereke's alluring vocals and MNDR's always addicting hooks, is a recipe for success.

Two Door Cinema Club - "Changing Of The Seasons"
New TDCC -- must post, obviously. And a perfectly timed release for this song if I may say so.

Penguin Prison - "Fair Warning (Wax Nostalgic Remix)"
Wax Nostalgic can seriously do no wrong. I was captivated by his Local Natives remix and his recent take on one of my favorite Penguin Prison songs is another win for this guy.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{RECAP} trillectro festival

Last Saturday TIOJ hopped on metro to check out the much anticipated Trillectro Festival. DC to BC's team and sponsors transformed the DC Fairgrounds into a great spot for a day of hip-hop and electronic music.

They had a main stage for the live performers as well as a side stage for the DJs, which worked surprisingly well despite the close proximity of the two stages. The festival boasted more than just music with clothing vendors, artists, and, a requirement for all DC Fairground events, food trucks. (Not gonna lie, we were a little disappointed in the overall food selection and would have been upset if not for the saving grace that is the Big Cheese truck.)

new retro // misun // trying to become a member of RDGLDGRN // phil ade //goldroom // making caleb get in front of the camera!
Click ahead for our recap of our favorite bands and songs -- plus a special surprise!

{IF YOU LIKE} milo greene, gloriana

(via 1/2/3)
If you're into the mellow, folksy sound of Milo Greene or the harmonious male/female voice combo in Gloriana, look no further than Westward the Tide. This new band from Utah includes so many of our favorite things in music, including but not limited to: fiddles, coordinated handclaps (see 3:35 of the video below), and an infectious sound that is perfect for carrying us into the fall months ahead.

Monday, August 19, 2013

keaton henson is my jam

Perfect for this dreary and mellow Monday is Keaton Henson's "To Your Health" -- and the accompanying Channel 4 video. This song is so hauntingly beautiful... and any musician that incorporates ballet, my first love, into their music is my jam.

Keaton Henson - To Your Health (Channel 4 version) from Keaton Henson on Vimeo.

The juxtaposition of a ballet dancer in this abandoned warehouse is so cool and eerie and I just love it.

Friday, August 16, 2013

have a trill weekend

GUYS -- It's finally Friday, which means that Trillectro is tomorrowwwwwww! We seriously cannot wait to play at the Fairgrounds, enjoy the awesome weather, discover new music, and jam to some of our favorite hip hop and electronic acts.

Whether you'll be at Trillectro or not, these tracks featuring some Trillectro lineup highlights are sure to get you hyped for the weekend ahead!

If you're at Trillectro and see Krista dancing around like a crazy person, come say hello (or hit us up on twitter @thisisourjamdc)!! And for you slow pokes who haven't bought tickets yet, BUY THEM HERE RIGHT NOW.

{PLAYLIST} ghosts of summers past

Every summer, there's a song (or several) that you can't escape. And years later, when you hear that song, you're instantly transported back to that summer of young love, baseball games and tailgates, camp friendships and romances, road trips, or however you choose to spend your summer. We're being a little nostalgic this week and reminiscing on some of our most favorite songs of the summer over the past decade or so. Don't front, you still know all the words to all of these songs.

We highly suggest listening to this playlist with the top down (credit: emcblue)

"Call Me Maybe" - Carly Rae Jepsen
Um, were you alive last summer?
"California Gurls" - Katy Perry
This sun-drenched song was the song of the summer circa 2010.
"Boom Boom Pow" - The Black Eyed Peas
A tune that will forever remind Kristen of a post-college road trip in June 2009.
"American Boy" - Estelle feat. Kanye West
Some delightful 2008 goodness.
"My Life Would Suck Without You" - Kelly Clarkson
Krista temporarily halted her distaste for K Clark when this jam came out in 2009.
"Sex on Fire" - Kings of Leon
Don't lie. Even in 2009, a song with “sex” in the title made you giggle a little bit. Just us?
"In The Summertime" - Mungo Jerry
So this song is technically really old but it was the ish when Krista’s favorite movie (Wedding Crashers, duh) came out in summer 2005.
"Wavin' Flag" - K'Naan
This song was inescapable during World Cup 2010 (it even got as far as being the ringtone for an Israeli soldier that Stacey met...)
“Ridin’ Dirty” - Chamillionaire
From being one of Ryan Zimmerman’s original walkup jams to being on the radio every 20 seconds, this is undeniably one of 2006’s greatest hits.
"Umbrella" - Rihanna feat. Jay Z
In 2007, Stacey drove two little girls from her swim team to a movie. They serenaded her with this song. They knew every word.
"Hips Don't Lie" - Shakira
One of the ways Stacey bonded with her freshman roommate bonded was by putting a picture of Shakira on their door and telling people they couldn’t come in if they didn’t love Shakira as much as they did. They let most people in.
“Blurred Lines” - Robin Thicke
Undeniably 2013’s official summer soundtrack.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

this "royals" cover is everything

Bands tend to cover songs that have been around for a while so it's such a wonderful surprise when they switch it up and cover their contemporaries. Today, we're commending Saints of Valory who recently covered "Royals" by Lorde. Lorde's EP has literally been my most listened to album this month and this cover brings a great backyard jam feel to the song, pretty much ensuring that I will never stop listening to this song in one capacity or the other.

And, repeat.

{RECAP} little comets, the dig

TIOJ checked off one of our New Year’s Resolutions on Tuesday night and finally went to a show at The Hamilton to check out Little Comets and The Dig. The Hamilton, nestled between classic old DC bars, definitely impressed us with its appealing set up, wonderful lighting, a deliciously fresh hummus. While we were a bit taken aback that the venue is seated (for the beginning, at least), it had a great tasteful atmosphere that we’re definitely filing away for future date night options.

First up were TIOJ interview alums The Dig. This is the third we’ve seen the group perform live and they seriously get better every time. It was great to hear old favorites like “Hole In My Heart” as well as some previously overlooked jams like “Animal Screams,” which, despite the somewhat haunting title, was a lovely song. We definitely recommend adding these guys into your music rotation once Autumn rolls around in a few weeks.

Britian's Little Comets were up next and I was so thankful to have most of the audience get out from behind their tables, grab their craft beers, and enjoy the band up close. The band, hitting DC as the first stop on their US tour to support their new album, was a delight from the very beginning. Their British charm and unique sound immediately captured everyone especially after they prefaced "A Little Opus" by preemptively apologizing for their stern faces for the first minute and a half due to the difficulty of the song.

I spent most of the show trying to figure out who they reminded me of and after a while gave up. While the lead singer reminded me of Mark Foster and a slow song had me think of Ed Sheeran, they really have an unmatched sound and it’s glorious. Plus, they outfitted their set with a long string across the entire stage from which they hung percussion instruments (taking note of this for TIOJ’s future percussion band).

serious percussion ingenuity
Little Comets’ overall indie pop vibes make them a band that I would recommend to pretty much everyone I know and I’m so excited to hear more from them. Per the advice of the lovely gentlemen who let us sit at their table, be sure to check out their new (and supposedly best) album over on Spotify. Start off with their  lead single "Jennifer" that's guaranteed to get stuck in your head and may cause you to use taciturn more often in your daily vocabulary.

Next Up: We're hitting DC Fairgrounds on Saturday for the all-day hip-hop and electronic music extravaganza that will be Trillectro. There are still tickets available -- come dance with us!!

{THROWBACK} the simple life

After letting loose and dancing around to Ke$ha earlier this week, I must share this video back from the early 2000's "hit" series The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. The clip features Ke$ha before she added the dollar sign to her name and was just trying to help her mom find love.

Bonus: Lady Gaga on MTV's Boiling Points

{INTERVIEW} sylvan esso

TIOJ was delighted to chat with Amelia of the talented new duo Sylvan Esso the other day as she took a break from packing boxes in anticipation of Sylvan Esso’s upcoming tour with Volcano Choir. Read ahead as we chat with Amelia about how Sylvan Esso came to be and her unique summer song choice.

Listen while you read to OUR song of the summer, “Hey Mami”:

Tell us about yourselves! How long have you and Nick been making music together?
Nick and I met at The Cactus Club in Milwaukee. We (my other band, Mountain Man) were on tour with Twin Sister and Bear In Heaven. It ended up that for the gig we were playing, the promoters put Nick on the show. I knew that we were friends immediately because he dances in the same way that I do. His set was his solo project, Made of Oak, which is totally awesome. And then when Mountain Man needed a remix, I emailed him the stems and the remix was so good -- it actually turned into “Play It Right.”

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?
It’s electronic pop music. It’s mostly about raging and having fun.

You guys both play in other bands -- Mountain Man and Megafun. How do those experiences help with this project?
Well, Mountain Man is on hiatus and Megafun is also taking a break, so it was really a perfect time for us and a perfect time for Sylvan Esso to begin being as productive as possible.

How did you come up with the name Sylvan Esso?
It’s based off of this awesome video game called Sword & Sworcery. It’s an iPhone platform game run by this awesome indie game group called Superbrothers. The game is so disgustingly awesome, it’s kind of ridiculous how cool it is. In the game, there are these things call Sylvan Sprites and when you’re doing the right thing, they hop out of the trees and when you touch them on the screen they sing [Amelia proceeds to sing the Sylvan’s song]. They are so beautiful and lovely, and while we were banging our heads against the wall trying to figure out what our name was, I said “Sylvans!” and it stuck.

Click ahead to find out more about their upcoming tour and Amelia's (sort of) favorite president!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{WE LOVE} sampha

Sampha, the London based singer recognizable for his involvement in SBTRKT, has been seducing me lately. Between his recent EP and his collaborations with some of my favorite artists, this guy is filling the R&B void in my life.

LOVING his feature on one of Drake's latest jams "The Motion":

Plus, the combination of Sampha and Jessie Ware is a match made in soulful British heaven.

Want more?? Get to know Sampha more through this interview and performance of "Indecision" via Yours Truly.

{RECAP} ke$ha, mike posner

TIOJ is a house divided on when it comes to Ke$ha. Kristen and Stacey can’t quite stomach the pop star’s catchy, albeit tasteless, lyrics while I’m pretty sure Ke$ha soundtracked 90% of my college pre-games and still has a welcome spot in my heart and iTunes library. (To be fair, I'm slightly biased as I frequently spell my name Kri$ta on days when I need to spice things up a bit.)

Anyway, I had the chance to see Ke$ha at Wolf Trap on Monday night, which is quite possibly one of the most conflicting sentences I’ve written. Despite the contradictory atmosphere, the show ended up being wonderful. Sadly, I don’t have lots of pictures as we were celebrating a friend’s birthday as well as the liberal BYOB policy at Wolf Trap.

Mike Posner opened for Ke$ha and proved to be a great warm up. I was SO into Mike after graduating college and his classic frat boy jams like “Please Don’t Go” and “Bow Chica Wow Wow” took me right back to 2010. Mike also played his latest single “The Way It Used To Be,” which seriously sounds like it samples from “Go The Distance” from Hercules. Can someone please tell me if I’m hallucinating or if they actually sound similar?? kthanks.

Ke$ha was then pretty much everything we could have expected. From incredible back up dancers who performed in drag for half the show to the painted Hot Wheels truck she drove around stage to her all glitter ensemble, we were oh so satisfied. Our group had such a fun time dancing around to each song particularly “Crazy Kids” and “Tik Tok” (which may seriously be the best pre-game song ever written).

Next Up: Parachute at Sixth & I on the 20th!

{NEW} "another is waiting"

Be still, my heart -- new music from the Avett Brothers?!? Please direct your attention to NPR and stream their song, "Another is Waiting," as soon as humanly possible. You won't regret it.

is it just me or does scott avett look vaguely like brody jenner??

This song and a new album in October, plus tours upon tours upon tours. I can't even.

No, but seriously: click here. Stream this now.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{RECAP} poor young things, harmonic blue, dead professional

Last Wednesday night, TIOJ took a long overdue jaunt to DC9 to check out Poor Young Things, Harmonic Blue, and Dead Professional.

Poor Young Things (Caleb Followill doppleganger anyone??)
After enjoying beers on one of the best rooftops in DC, we checked out Dead Professional, a solo project by Virginian John Harouff. John’s set was a great introduction to the night and brought to mind the voices of some of our favorite rockers. Plus, any dude that sings with multiple microphones will always perplex and captivate us.

Next up was Harmonic Blue, who we knew we were going to love when they sound checked to Michael Kiwanuka’s “Tell Me A Tale” (watch the full cover here) and Krista almost had a happiness-induced heart attack. We’re pleased to say that they lived up beyond that cover and we thoroughly enjoyed their soulful set. Lead singer Zach’s powerful vocals reminded us of Young the Giant mixed in with some classic jazzy vibes and a dash of Maroon 5-esque pop.

Plus, we counted at least three harmonica solos. These boys seriously know the ways to our hearts. (Get to know them and their album over on bandcamp!)

"i don't know anybody that is quite like you"
Toronto’s Poor Young Things concluded the night in rock star fashion that we like to believe only Canadians can do. They had an infectious energy from the very beginning of their set as they opened with the anthemic “Sign Of The Times.” Throughout their set, the band continued to play their music as if they were performing for a crowd of thousands rather than a crowd of tens -- and it was glorious. At one point the guitarist came out into the crowd and we could have pretty much played a chord with him if we were so inclined.

(Bonus points to the bassist who looks like Bruno Kirby's (How Harry Met Sally/City Slickers) twin. Rock on, sir.)

The band’s energy never faltered as they befriended pretty much everyone in the audience, with the exception of Krista, who was scolded for clapping instead of snapping during on of the songs. {Editor’s Note: As former sorority girls, it was a surprising and shameful error.} Regardless, you should definitely put Poor Young Things on your radar and watch their cover of MGMT's "Electric Feel" if you need further convincing.

Next Up: FINALLY going to the Hamilton to check out Little Comets and The Dig tonight!

Monday, August 12, 2013

sing to me, leo stannard

Yeah, I'm not going to lie to you. I'm buying whatever it is that Leo Stannard is selling. When you have an adorable British accent, impressive guitar skills, and a raspy, earnest voice to back it all up you can be pretty sure I'll love it. He's so teeny--I just want to carry him around in my pocket.

mellowing out with Ólafur Arnalds

We've sang the praises of Iceland's"neo-classical" musician Ólafur Arnalds before and we'll sing them again because he is just THAT talented. I'm mesmerized by this live version of "Old Skin" and have already listened to it approximately eight times this morning.

If you're into Ólafur (or really, music in general), I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend checking out the documentary "PressPausePlay" on Vimeo that features Ólafur along with some other incredibly talented musicians, artists, and creators from Lena Dunham to Moby to Robyn. Check out the trailer below.

Friday, August 9, 2013

{RECAP} passerine, leftover cuties

One of my favorite things is to go to a concert with no prior knowledge about the band playing and coming out with a new potential favorite. That happened at the Leftover Cuties show at Iota on Tuesday night -- to say I was wowed is putting it lightly.

The evening kicked off with Passerine, and they were a nice break from the everyday concert scene. This folky band has a very old school folk feel, and it reminded me of some of your more wacky aunts and cousins getting together to sing at a big community church event.

Passerine is very passionate about birds (seriously, most songs had avian references), so "Another Song About Birds" was a very apt title:

Leftover Cuties were up next, and oh my goodness gracious did I love them. Shirli, the lead singer, is just darling (think Zooey Deschanel and Foxes), and you can tell that she and her band are having a great time playing. Even though there are just four of them on stage, they have so many instruments, including a bass, a ukelele, a trumpet, and the most tricked-out drum set I've ever seen.

not pictured: stu the drummer, who endearingly exemplified why drummers shouldn't be given microphones

Leftover Cuties' music transported you to a speakeasy in the 1920s -- I expected Ernest Hemingway to walk in any second and start drinking whiskey with me.  I really loved "Smile Big," which was featured in a commercial during the 2012 Olympics.

Leftover Cuties have big things coming for them -- their tune "Game Called Life" is the theme song for Showtime's The C Word, and anyone who listens to them will immediately be enamored. I was, that's for sure.

Up next: Kri$ta meets Ke$ha at Wolf Trap on August 12. Godspeed to all involved.

{PLAYLIST} lazy summer jams

You know how it is. By this point in the summer, all you want to do is lounge by the pool and soak up all the sun you can before fall sets in (or, in any year other than this strange and alternate universe we're currently living in, hide inside in the AC and watch Netflix marathons). And we don't blame you. We're dubbing this a lazy summer weekend, and these are our tunes to match.


Lazy Summer by this is our jam on Grooveshark
"Sun" - Two Door Cinema Club 
"Float" - Pacific Air 
"If I Wanted Someone" - Dawes
"Slow Down" - Poolside
"Drunk on You" - Luke Bryan 
"Open Season" - High Highs 
"In the Wind" - Lord Huron
"It All Feels Right" - Washed Out
"Good as New" - Vacationer
"Morgan Street" - Turnpike Troubadours

If you're feeling more upbeat this weekend, be sure to check out our summer party jams and poolside jams.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

wishing we were going to baltimore tonight...

We're maybe just a little bitter that Jay-Z and JT decided to go to Baltimore and not DC on their Legends of Summer Tour. BUT instead of wallowing, we will instead listen to the collaboration that they did for Jay-Z's latest album Magna Carta...Holy Grail. (Gotta say, this collab is much better than "Suit & Tie.")

So we'll be listening to this on repeat all night while doing this dance move and wishing we were there.

{THROWBACK} supermarket sweep

Guys. I have rediscovered the single greatest television show from the 1990s. Do you remember Supermarket Sweep? It was a game show where three couples competed and got to have a shopping spree inside a grocery store (aka still what I dream of every week when I go grocery shopping)?? As a six-year-old, I may or may not have planned out everything I would do if I were on this show.

Get this: it's on YouTube. And. It's even better and more awkward than you remembered. Think late 80s/early 90s clothes, really uncomfortable narration/banter, and super awkward rapport between teammates. Plus, things are just so inexpensive that it's mind-boggling. They have games to see what's under $1, and those things are now $4. Naturally, I haven't been able to get enough.

If you need a 20 minute break today, please do yourself a favor and watch this gem of gems.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{WE LOVE} olympic ayres

I happily discovered Olympic Ayres the other day and they instantly brought me out of my musical rut. Their jam "Magic" is the type of feel good anthem that will quickly grab your attention and have you dancing around on the beach (or in your cubicle, work with what you got).

Think of Foster the People mixed with the more tropical electronic beats of their Aussie brethren Cut Copy and you've got pretty much my dream band...

And "Orchid" has an undeniable and TIOJ-approved Walk the Moon vibe that seems perfect for a night of vibing to electronic pop at U St Music Hall. SOLD.

Be sure to download all of their jams on facebook!

Hugs and thank yous to The Wild Honey Pie for this discovery!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

FINALLY! new kings of leon

Caleb Followill's baby blues and the rest of the Kings are back! The band will be putting out a new album Mechanical Bull in September (happy birthday to me!) and if their latest release "Wait For Me" is any indication, this album was certainly worth waiting for.

{IF YOU LIKE} she and him, beach house

(via 1/2/3)
If you're enamored by the soft, vintage vocals of She & Him's Zooey Deschanel or the chill vibes of Beach House, then you must check out Pure Bathing Culture. The beautiful vocals and relaxing compositions of this Portland band are the perfect accompaniment to these final lazy days of summer as you watch the rain slowly fall and prepare for autumn's arrival. (Apologies, this music and the rain today are making us particularly poetic).

"Ivory Coast"


Pure Bathing Culture's debut album Moon Tides arrives stateside August 20!

mumford and sons just won me over even more

What do you get when you combine wonderfully folky Mumford and Sons with some of our favorite comedians? Answer: comedy and musical gold -- also know as this goofball music video for "Hopeless Wanderer."

Mumford recruited Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, and Ed Helms to pose as the band for this music video, and it's as great as you would imagine. Beards, banjos, and old timey dance moves galore!

Monday, August 5, 2013

new music roundup

Well, this week is certainly going off to a great start with some incredible new music. Here goes:

The Head and The Heart - "Shake"
SO excited these adorable folksters are back at it with their first single from their upcoming sophomore album. (DC people -- mark your calendars for November 4th!)

Sub Focus - "Turn It Around (feat. Kele)"
Sub Focus just burst onto our radar with this infectious single featuring the powerful vocals of Bloc Party's Kele Okereke. Looking forward to his album debut in September!

The Blow - "Make It Up"
Hot damn this first release from The Blow's upcoming album is so sonically intriguing -- I'm so happy to have them back on my radar. (DC people - add November 8 to your music calendar!)

HAIM - "The Wire"
Seriously, these girls can do no wrong.

the lumineers covering fleetwood mac is my jam

I've become (re)enamored with The Lumineers after seeing them on The Colbert Report last week. They're just so cute and charming and awkward and endearing, and I just love them so. And now their cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" is just perfect for this mellow Monday.

(This song will forever make me think of Forrest Gump... anyone else?)

mashup monday: daft punk vs. daft punk

Our boy DOSVEC just hit our sweet spot with his latest mashup of new and old Daft Punk. Because really, who needs coffee when you have this jam to keep you awake after a busy summer weekend?

"never seen such good things"

On the off chance that you, like me, love to be serenaded by guitar-strumming bearded fellows in man-cardigans, I give you Devendra Banhart.

"Never Seen Such Good Things" is a vaguely beachy, lilting song that you can't help but sigh and sway to.

{RECAP} honest haloway, the silver liners, ra ra rasputin, brett

Honest Haloway, The Silver Liners, Ra Ra Rasputin, AND Brett -- whew. DC Music Download’s Summer Sizzler had such a baller lineup of some of DC's best bands that was the perfect start to a summer weekend.

Honest Haloway started the night on a strong note. Even early in the evening, these guys did a great job warming the growing crowd up for everything the night still had in store. Up there on the list of highlights from this duo was the curiously-named "Psycho Bitch."

The Silver Liners were up next, and these guys and gal didn't disappoint. From their cover of "Trojans" (very potentially better and most definitely more enthusiastic than Atlas Genius' live version, in TIOJ's opinion) to some new songs to a guitarist playing with a broken wrist, color me impressed.

Next up was Ra Ra Rasputin, who right off the bat had an awesome stage presence. These guys vaguely reminded me of the 80s (in the best way possible), and their group dynamic was great. I especially loved "Restless" and the final dedication "to the homies."

TIOJ interview alums Brett closed out the night, and they instantly had everyone grooving to "Confidence." Even over the last few months, it's been awesome to see these guys grow their fan base and see people dancing and singing along to all of their catchy jams. "Rap Songs" and "Visions" were, as always, also awesome.

So many props to Stephanie over at DC Music Download for putting on such an awesome Summer Sizzler show! If Friday night was any indication, all four of these bands have a lot in store for them in the near future.

Up next! TIOJ gets back in the concert swing with The Leftover Cuties at IOTA on Tuesday!

Friday, August 2, 2013

dj earworm's back for your weekend soundtrack

DJ Earworm, everyone's favorite end-of-year mashup artist, is back at it with his jams of the summer mashup. From Icona Pop's "I Love It" to TIOJ-approved "Pompeii," this is the perfect combination of all of this summer's hottest tunes. Press play and dance your way into the weekend (and throughout the rest of the summer)!

{PLAYLIST} lollapalooza 2013

Festival season continues on in full swing with Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend. And while we're so excited for Freefest just around the corner, we're still dreaming of being in Chicago and jamming along to some of our faves. Guess this live stream on YouTube will have to suffice.

"The World (Is Going Up In Flames)" - Charles Bradley 
"Creepin'" - Eric Church 
"Elevate" - St. Lucia 
"Why Even Try" - Theophilus London 
"Is Your Love Big Enough" - Lianne La Havas 
"Swim Until You Can't See Land" - Frightened Rabbit 
"Watch Out For This" - Major Lazer 
"Painted Faces and Long Hair" - The Orwells 
"This Orient" - Foals
"Runaways" - The Killers 

While you listen, you can also relive Krista's experience at Lolla/Stormapalooza 2012 here.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

{THROWBACK} "blue"

I was driving to work last Friday, listening to the Kane Show's Weekend Rollout (natch), when I was treated to one of 1999's best musical contributions: "Blue" by Eiffel 65. Not surprisingly, and completely unabashedly, I didn't miss a word. (This also prompted me to think about what my brain would be capable of if so much of it wasn't devoted to 90s pop lyrics.... I think about this a lot.)

In case you were wondering (because I was), Eiffel 65 briefly broke up so they could focus on their solo careers, but as of 2012, they were back on the tour circuit (whew)... although they haven't released an album since 2003.

{GIVEAWAY} trillectro music festival

There's nothing better than spending an afternoon at the DC Fairgrounds and enjoying sustenance from beer and food trucks. Add a killer lineup of music, and you've got the second annual TRILLECTRO festival, set for Saturday, August 17.

This year's lineup of hip hop and electronic acts features an awesome range of musicians from DC's favorite rappers Wale and Phil Ade to beat-makers Nadastrom and Goldroom to indie dance favorites Ghost Beach, Misun, and so.many.more.

Because we love our readers, DC, and all things Trillectro, we're giving away one pair of tickets to Trillectro!! All you have to do is click the link below to enter!

All entries must be submitted by Thursday, August 8 at 5pm

To get a better idea of what to expect, check out this baller recap of last year's festival:

You can also buy tickets early bird tickets for just $39 here!

{THROWBACK} jesse and the rippers

I'm not quite sure why Jesse and the Rippers reunited on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week...but it's probably the best thing that's happened all year.

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon.

kisses via

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