Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{PLAYLIST} best of july

TIOJ continued speeding through 2013 with a most wonderful month of July. This month, we:
Press play for Krista, Kristen, and Stacey's top five for July:

"Dreaming" - Smallpools
Best of July 2013 by this is our jam on GroovesharkThis song is so addictive and so perfect for summertime. 
"Hey Now"- London Grammar
This song is so ethereal and somber--it gives me chills. 
"Best Day of My Life" - American Authors
I haven't been able to get enough of this song for months, and American Authors were just the best babysitters!
"Falling" - HAIM
Even after hearing this jam literally hundreds of times while working on our Firefly recap video, I still can't get enough of it.
"Next Door Neighbor Blues" - Gary Clark Jr.
I want Gary Clark Jr. to be my bluesy, gruff best friend.
"Tell It To Me" - Old Crow Medicine Show
OCMS was the background music for my college years... they're just so wonderfully lovely.
"Love Like This" - Wild Belle
I can't get enough of the cool reggae vibes of this brother-sister pair.
"Ring Them Bells" - Sarah Jarosz
Ever since I first saw her perform on an episode of Austin City Limits I've been charmed.
"Further On" - Bronze Radio Return
They jump around a field and play banjos. Uh, hello.
"Monte Carlo Dreams" - Phil Ade
So happy that I stumbled upon this rap remix of U.S. Royalty's jam. 
"I Swear" - All-4-One
If you don't still swoon when you hear this song, you either didn't have a childhood or you are a robot.
"Down With the Shine" - The Avett Brothers
Gah. These boys.
"Blessed" - ScHoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar
One of my most favorite of Kendrick Lamar's cameos out there.  

"Moi Je Joue" - Brigitte Bardot
Mais oui, j'aime cette chanson.
"Long Hot Summer Day" - Turnpike Troubadours
This song has more or less been soundtracking my summer.

On tap for August: closing out the summer (already?!) with even more jams.

{WE LOVE} justin vernon's extracurricular activities

We're all familiar with Justin Vernon and his work with Bon Iver, but this man is keeping himself busy outside of making my beloved Bon Iver albums.

First up are his collaborations with Kanye West. I was floored when these two of my most favorite musicians collaborated on Kanye's "Lost In The World" and it's a gift that they have continued to work together on Kanye's latest and much anticipated album Yeezus. I cannot stop listening to "I'm In It" featuring Justin's signature (mumbling) vocals:

JV has also been keeping busy with his collaborative side project Volcano Choir. The calming tracks have a perfect accompaniment to busy work days and I'm so excited to see them live when they come through DC in September (Their first tour since 2010!).

JV's also keeping himself busy with yet ANOTHER side project: Grownass Man. But we want to keep listening to Volcano Choir some more, so we'll save those men for Part 2 of this series. 

{GUEST RECAP} forecastle festival

We’re so excited that Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen is back again to recap Louisville’s impressive Forecastle Music Festival! Read on for her sweet recap and join us in pretending we were there too.

For the second year, I headed south to Lousiville, Kentucky, for the Forecastle Music Festival and for the second year, I had a complete blast.

The weather was amazing -- not too hot, sunny, and perfect white fluffy clouds my husband kept joking that I ordered specifically for the fest. We came in the gates on the far end of the grounds -- right next to the Bourbon Lounge so we decided to start our day with a mint julep. [TIOJ approves!!] Louisville is known for their bourbon, and the Forecastle Bourbon Lounge was a huge tent with booths representing a dozen different bourbons. Properly fueled, we went to check out the music!

We caught the tail end of Bob Mould, who was great and gave me a blast back to my teenage years wearing Doc Martens and sulking around Georgetown. We then headed to see Houndmouth. Last Forecastle, I befriended the tour manager of Houndmouth and have been spending the year seeing this great band grow and get more recognition. They were absolutely phenomenal on that huge stage at Forecastle, and the crowd was really enjoying it!

Click ahead for the rest of Alison's recap and awesome music recommendations!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

an addictive (and educational!) remix from mausi

My love for the colorful and catchy tunes from Mausi is no secret, so it's only fitting that their latest remix of Clean Bandit's "Dust Clears" is my jam. The band adds their token bright twist to the original song and the accompanying video is a great follow up to the wanderlust-worthy last video for "Move."

The video, fueling an equivalent level of wanderlust, follows the band through an evening out in Milan while also teaching the reader some useful Italian words and phrases.

Ciao Ciao!

via The Mahogany Blog

london grammar is my jam

It takes a band with a lot of slow, understated charm to perform in a room seemingly taken straight out of Versailles and not look like they're a) trying too hard or b) in some weird Marie Antoinette fantasy. London Grammar, with their Florence + the Machine vibes and calm presence, manages to pull this feat off nicely. Front-woman Hannah Reid's sad, powerful voice sticks with you--and I wouldn't have it any other way.

the turnpike troubadours are my jam

Oklahoma rockers Turnpike Troubadours have become a permanent fixture on my playlists this summer, and I just can't get enough.

Seriously -- what perfect summer tunes. Keep these fellas on your radar.

Monday, July 29, 2013

start your week off right with gary clark jr.

It's so easy to love Gary Clark Jr. This eclectic, charismatic, blues-crooner hails from Austin (seriously, what is in the water in Austin? I must go there.) and is the real deal. Before you even realize it, Gary Clark Jr. effortly pulls you in with his compelling voice, and hynotizing rhythms.
Case in point: "Next Door Neighbor Blues," below. Listen, enjoy, repeat.

mashup monday: lorde x notorious b.i.g.

Well, this is just delightful. Hamish Carter has paired the addictive chorus of newcomer Lorde's "Love Club" with the always appropriate rapping of Notorious B.I.G.

Download this jam over on Indie Shuffle.

Related:  The Notorious B.I.G. x Flume

Sunday, July 28, 2013

new music roundup (the sultry edition)

It is no secret that I am a sucker for late-night jams (see: Chet Faker) so on this sexy Sunday, here are some of my favorite new sultry jams.

JMSN - "Love & Pain"
I will never have enough saxophone in my life.

Friends - "The Way"
Love that this band is taking a break from their poppier tracks to slow things down a bit.

Sam Smith - "Safe With Me"
Sam Smith has one of the biggest and baddest voices out there and this latest jam just further displays his talent.

Friday, July 26, 2013

{PLAYLIST} newport folk festival 2013

We're yearning to be in Newport, Rhode Island, this weekend for the annual Newport Folk Festival. Seriously -- if it wasn't sold out, we'd have already hopped in the car and headed north. Instead, we're listening to this playlist on repeat and crossing our fingers that next year's lineup is just as good.

Newport Folk Festival 2013 by this is our jam on Grooveshark"Bottom of the River" - Delta Rae
"Don't Break My Heart Again" - Yarn
"Tell It To Me" - Old Crow Medicine Show
"Ride On/Right On" - Phosporescent
"Tree to Grow" - The Lone Bellow
"I Won't Be Long" - Beck
"Ring Them Bells" - Sarah Jarosz
"Recovery" - Frank Turner
"Down With the Shine" - The Avett Brothers
"Flat Tire" - Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons

Thursday, July 25, 2013

{THROWBACK} all-4-one

I feel incredibly lucky to have a sister who is six years older than me. Because of this, in 1994 when my seven year-old cohorts were listening to Barney songs, my sister furthered my musical education and made sure I could appreciate the soulful, earnest boy-band perfection that is All-4-One's "I Swear." For that, I owe her a lot--this song only gets better with age.

{THROWBACK} "wake me up before you go-go"

So. I was at the dentist last week, listening to an easy listening morning radio show while chatting away with my hygienist (kind of...), when the lovely opening sounds of Wham!'s "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" came on. For some reason, that just felt like the weirdest juxtaposition of setting and song. I could get behind Train and even some Pink and Beyonce while in the dentist's chair, but Wham!... all I could think about was Zoolander. (Can we also talk about how Zoolander was released in 2001??)

(I realize this may have crossed the boundary into oversharing about my life. I apologize. Kind of.)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{WE LOVE} bronze radio return

I've found new potential best friends. Folky fellas that play banjos and dance in a field? Add in their lovely appreciation of a pogo stick (seriously, this may be my new favorite music video), and Bronze Radio Return, we're a friendship match made in heaven.

FloydFest goers!! Bronze Radio Return will be playing on Friday AND Saturday! Please go see them and make me jealous.

{WE LOVE} kendrick lamar cameos

Rapper Kendrick Lamar seriously must be friends with everyone. This dude has been featured on so many albums recently and what's so wonderful is that they're not just hip hop songs. Sure, his verse on A$AP Rocky's "F**kin' Problems" is the ish, but we're digging the cameos he's been making outside of the hip hop world. Some of our favorites include Kendrick...

...getting sexy with Danish duo Quadron on "Better Off":

...rapping on the hilarious, soulful, and well-dressed new Mayer Hawthorne track "Crime":

...pairing up with the powerful vocals of ZZ Ward on "Cryin' Wolf":

...making us feel grateful on Schoolboy Q's "Blessed" (okay, okay this one's tecccchnically a hip hop track, but it's amazing. Listen.)

Any other Kendrick features that are your jam??

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

this rap remix of u.s. royalty is our jam

When we were putting together our recent France playlist, I happened to stumble across this hip hop remake of U.S. Royalty's breezy indie rock jam "Monte Carlo." It was such a wonderful surprise and I haven't stopped listening to Phil Adé's version and the rest of his jams since.

DC peeps! Phil will be performing as a part of Trillectro Festival on August 17 -- get your tickets here

Monday, July 22, 2013

{IF YOU LIKE} vampire weekend, grouplove

(via 1/2/3)
If you like intriguing production of Vampire Weekend or the playful vibes of Grouplove, we highly recommend checking out Generationals. Their catchy beats and the fact that the lead singer's voice sounds like the cool cousin of Ezra Koenig and Christian Zucconi make for some wonderful tunes.

"Put A Light On" off their latest album Spinoza has been a staple on our sunny days playlists:

And we highly recommend geting into their jam "Ten-Twenty-Ten," if a bit belatedly:

a jet-lagged mellow monday

Bon matin! We're back from our incredible adventures abroad and hope that you all enjoyed the babysitter's club we set up while we were away. (HUGE thanks to American Authors, PLOY, The 1975, PYYRAMIDS, The Postelles, and Lenka!!)

To kick things back off, we're sharing our theme song from our holiday, Edith Piaf's timeless "Je Ne Regrette Rien." The countless mornings started with pain au chocolat, making wine at lunch the norm, substituting museum trips for sunbathing and people watching, endless plates of fromage, and that "sip" of absinthe -- we regret nothing.

Friday, July 19, 2013

{BAND POST} lenka

While we're off vacationing, TIOJ has asked some of our favorite up-and-coming bands to babysit the blog and share their favorite summer jams. Today, we've got the adorable Lenka! 

For cheesy, nostalgic appeal I always go with "Walking On Sunshine," which was my very first favourite song. This year, I quite like "Please Don't Kill My Vibe" for those cruisy days where you just really don't want anyone to kill your summery vibe. :)

And, because we like to brag about our babysitters, click ahead for our favorite jam from Lenka!

{BAND POST} the postelles

While we're off vacationing, TIOJ has asked some of our favorite up-and-coming bands to babysit the blog and share their favorite summer jams. Today, we've got Daniel from The Postelles!

I think our summer jam this year is Queens of the Stone Age's "If I Had a Tail." It's off their newest record and has a great flow to it with a really great guitar part. I could imagine playing it with the top down. It's one of their catchiest melodies as well. Check it out.

And, because we like to brag about our babysitters, click ahead for our favorite jam from The Postelles!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


While we're off vacationing, TIOJ has asked some of our favorite up-and-coming bands to babysit the blog and share their favorite summer jams. Today, we've got Drea from duo PYYRAMIDS (which also includes Tim from OK Go)! 

I would have to say that "Send It Up," from Kanye West's new album Yeezus, is most definitely my summer jam. I was lucky enough to hear the whole album a week before it's release. Tim actually had the advance copy and we played it on our way to Phoenix for a show. The minute that track hit, I was hooked. It's the most urgent, post apocalyptic, anthemic club banger out right now. Kanye's bravado is undeniable on this one.

And, because we like to brag about our babysitters, click ahead for our favorite jam from PYYRAMIDS!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{BAND POST} the 1975

While we're off vacationing, TIOJ has asked some of our favorite up-and-coming bands to babysit the blog and share their favorite summer jams. Today, we've got The 1975, who are one of our favorites of the year (and who are on the verge of taking over your radios)! 

Our song of the summer has gotta be "Perfect Way" by Scritti Politti. We spent some time in and around Miami this summer, and I think there's no better soundtrack to that place than this song. We got jet-skis and the whole lot. This song will always remind of us sunshine and girls and indulgence. Good vibes x

And, because we like to brag about our babysitters, click ahead for our favorite jam from The 1975!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{BAND POST} ploy

While we're off vacationing, TIOJ has asked some of our favorite up-and-coming bands to babysit the blog and share their favorite summer jams with us. Today, we've got Justin from one of our favorite DC outfits PLOY

Rustie hails from Glasgow, Scotland and he is one of my favorite producers right now. This track just knocks. Everything from the anthem-esque synths, to the drums is super inspiring. It has that big summer festival vibe that makes you want to turn up in a packed crowd. Rustie's production is next level and I'm sure we're in store for a lot more heat.

And, because we like to brag about our babysitters, click ahead for our favorite PLOY jam!

Monday, July 15, 2013

{BAND POST} american authors

While we're off vacationing, TIOJ has asked some of our favorite up-and-coming bands to babysit the blog and share their favorite summer jams. Today, we've got the ever-talented American Authors (Zac, Matt, James & Dave)!

Since we are spending the majority of the summer driving cross country on tour, it's only natural that our songs have to be great driving tunes. We have a great appreciation for classic rock and older music but are always keeping an eye out for the newer stuff.

"Going Up The Country" by Canned Heat
A perfect song for any summer time road trip/long drive from venue to venue. We love adding interesting instruments into our music, and the flute in this song is nothing less than awesome.

"Bombay" by El Guincho
Even though this song isn't exactly "new," it's a super fun summer jam that should be in constant rotation on everyones iTunes/Spotify/etc. The Caribbean and Spanish influence mix well with the indie vibe this song portrays.

And, because we like to brag about our babysitters, click ahead for our favorite American Authors jam!

Friday, July 12, 2013

{PLAYLIST} france jams!

Well, chéris, we are currently in the air/recently landed in France (we're not officially sure; it's been well-documented that time change/zones are hard for us) for a most wonderful wedding week (and plentyyyyy of wine). Press play below to imagine you're frolicking through fields of lavender with us in the south of France!

And don't forget -- you can celebrate France's version of 4th of July, Bastille Day, here in Les États-Unis on Sunday!

France! by this is our jam on Grooveshark "Paris" - DJ Cam
"Plage" - Crystal Fighters
"You and I" - Ingrid Michaelson
"A Toute A L'Heure" - Bibio
Nantes" - Beirut
"Zou Bisou Bisou" - Jessica Paré 
"Paris (Ooh La La)" - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
"Moi Je Joue" - Brigitte Bardot
"Monte Carlo" - U.S. Royalty
"Honeymoon" - Phoenix 
"Paris" - Magic Man
"Sur Le Pont D'Avignon" - Jean Sablon (yes, we do plan to sing this song on the bridge in Avignon)

While we're off, we've recruited some pretty snazzy babysitters, so be sure to check back next week!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

kid cudi and haim are soundtracking our "red eye"

TIOJ is off to France tonight!! We are SO excited for our oversees adventure and have lots of exciting things  planned for TIOJ while we're away.

As we get ready for our day of traveling (including a layover in our dreamworld Iceland!), this jam from Kid Cudi and HAIM has been our soundtrack. So into this collaboration (although, KC - it would be cool if you did a little more actual rapping on this track, kthanks).

{THROWBACK} "this must be the place" (continued)

I'm adding on to this throwback post on the Talking Heads classic "This Must Be The Place." The music gods have smiled upon this already wonderful jam so that it's now not only been covered by Kishi Bashi and MGMT, but also my most favorites The Lumineers.

I love it so much. Still so sad that they were sick for Firefly.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{WE LOVE} la blogothèque

La Blogothèque is certainly no stranger on TIOJ. As we prepare for an epic trip to France this week, it is only fitting that we share some of the wonderful more recent videos we've been enjoying from this blog.

"Tears of Joy" - Slow Club

"Heavy Feet" - Local Natives (watch the entire takeaway show here)

"So American" - Portugal. The Man (a.k.a. what all the French will be saying about us)

Now, pardonnez-nous as we stalk La Blogothèque in an attempt to find them filming a concert à emporter during our travels.

{IF YOU LIKE} coldplay, imagine dragons

If you can't get enough of Chris Martin's voice or the epic sounds of Imagine Dragons, then we highly recommend putting Saints of Valory on your radar! The Austin-based band has members from around the world and are about to take the music world by storm.

PLUS, these boys are hilarious and share our love of covers and The Little Mermaid.

Listen to their entire recently released EP here.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"you light me up and i can't cool down"

Guys, I just can't get enough of Wild Belle. After their set at Firefly, I immediately downloaded their album and this NPR live session is a great example of the effortlessly cool, borderline reggae vibe of the brother-sister duo. Listen to their entire album Isles here.

Monday, July 8, 2013

{RECAP} firefly festival 2013: the video

After this year's fantastic Firefly Festival, we decided that our regular written recap wasn't enough. So, we tasked TIOJ's incredibly talented Audio/Visual Director Caleb with putting together a little video for us.

Press play below for a full recap of our weekend, including bottle popping, crowd surfing, and, of course, wonderful music.

Shoutout to Firefly Festival's poster designer Bruce Harper and head over here for info on the songs and bands in the video!

Bands In Order Of Appearance: The Last Bison, The Avett Brothers, Hey Marseilles, Kishi Bashi, HAIM, Wild Belle, Toro Y Moi, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, CHVRCHES, Vampire Weekend, and Grizzly Bear

Friday, July 5, 2013

dance to robin thicke's falsetto this weekend

Since we know how much the entire world (including TIOJ*) loves Robin Thicke's jam "Blurred Lines," we can't help but share his next soon-to-be hit featuring our favorite Kendrick Lamar. Start practicing your shimmying, ladies.

*True Life: TIOJ was at a wedding recently and I left a conversation with a verrrry cute boy the second I heard the opening notes of "Blurred Lines" saying only "Pharrell is on. I must go dance with Kristen."

{PLAYLIST} summer party jams

Happy Fourth of July weekend, biddies! We hope you had a most wonderful day yesterday and celebrated with pool time, hot dogs, and fireworks. (Seriously -- who else watched the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition?? No? Just my family tradition?)

Summer Party by this is our jam on GroovesharkThe best part of July 4th being on a Thursday is that the celebration will keep going all weekend. Just press play for your summer party soundtrack!

"Dreaming" - Smallpools
"Chocolate" - The 1975
"Alive" - Empire of the Sun
"Something About the Fire" - Daft Punk vs. Adele
"In the Water" - Swiss Lips
"Hey Now" - Martin Solveig and the Cataracts
"Margarita" - Sleepy Brown feat. Pharrell
"Love Natural" - Crystal Fighters
"Sun Blows Up Today" - The Flaming Lips
"Get Lucky" - Daft Punk feat. Pharrell

Bonus: Take a listen to our pool jams here and our summer cookout jams here for some extra tunes for your summer party!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy fourth of july!

Happy Fourth of July from one of our favorite Americans:


Enjoy your celebration with plenty of fireworks and these jams!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{WE LOVE} tall tall trees

After Kishi Bashi's incredible set at Firefly, we were delighted to learn that his banjo player Mike Savino has his own band Tall Tall Trees. (Now I feel stupid for thinking that Kishi was just frequently remarking on the grove of trees in Delaware during his set...) Anyway, Tall Tall Trees features Mike's incredible and, at times, unconventional banjo playing and is just the indie-folk prescription we've needed after listening to "Bright Whites" too many times to count.

Check out this BTR live session of "Nothing Less" for the banjo explosion that you didn't realize you were missing in your life:

AND some more jams from their latest album to soundtrack the last few hours before vacation day!

Tall Tall Trees will be back in the DMV playing at IOTA on August 18! Until then, get more Tall Tall Trees jams over on bandcamp!

{WE LOVE} prancercizing

TIOJ spent a lot of Firefly prancercizing, thanks to this brilliant video that combines John Mayer's "Paper Doll" with the greatest form of exercise known to man. Additionally, any time someone has beef with Taylor Swift is a-okay with me.

Even better, the Racing Presidents (who are known to have some pretty good moves) got in on the action last week.

New life goal: prancercize with Teddy. And if you see me prancercizing around DC this Fourth of July weekend, please come join me!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

happy (belated) canada day!

Before we wholeheartedly begin celebrating the Fourth of July, I would like to first honor the Great White North. I know I'm a day late, but I would be completely remiss to ignore such a wonderful country that has given me so many of my favorite things: hockey, Brooks Laich, the Canadian national anthem, and more hockey.

(via my favorites over at russian machine never breaks)

ducky is my jam

I've got a new lady singer to put your radar. Meet Ducky. The NYC producer has the sultry voice of Lorde, the party-ready vibe of Charli XCX, all mixed in with some darker house beats reminiscent of Purity Ring. Something like that...

It's awesome.

Monday, July 1, 2013

{IF YOU LIKE} passion pit, neon trees

(via 1/2/3

If you can't get enough of the infectious, electronic vibes of Passion Pit, or the dance-inspiring, saucy jams from Neon Trees, look no further. Smallpools is here to give you the energetic music fix you're craving. TIOJ is definitely hooked.

Go ahead, desk-dance along to "Dreaming." We won't tell.

DC lovahs! Smallpools will be playing Rock & Roll Hotel with TIOJ faves San Cisco on July 18! Be sure to check them out!
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