Sunday, June 30, 2013

{PLAYLIST} best of june 2013

We have had SUCH a wonderful June, and in typical TIOJ style, it's been just a little busy. In June, we:
Press play for Kristen, Stacey and Krista's top five for June:

Best of June 2013 by this is our jam on Grooveshark"Birmingham" - Shovels and Rope
This duet is the perfect combo of raspy, catchy, and bittersweet.
"Lose My Mind" - Pacific Air
This fun, bop-your-head-along song is just so perfect for summer.
"Bright Whites" - Kishi Bashi
Kishi Bashi absolutely blew my mind at Firefly and I haven't stopped listening to him since. 
"Hearts on Fire" - Ed Sheeran and Passenger
So pretty my brain might melt. Swoon.
"Alabama Pines" - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
This lovely Jason Isbell song makes me want to go to Alabama... although I may wait until summer is over.
"Name in Lights" - Little Daylight
Little Daylight had me crushing so hard on them and this song at U Hall earlier this month. 
"No Angels" - Bastille and Ella
Never thought a mashup of the xx and TLC would be so damn pretty.
"Fire Away" - Dawes
I can't get enough of Dawes after seeing them live this month.
"It's Too Late" - Wild Belle
One of my Top 3 performances of Firefly. Listen to this brother-sister duo stat, people!
"Switzerland" - The Last Bison
After seeing them live at Firefly, it's official: The Last Bison is my new folksy fave.
"Live and Die" - The Avett Brothers
Now checked off my life bucket list: seeing Seth Avett stage dive whilst still playing the guitar.
"Now Is Not the Time" - CHVRCHES
Another Firefly favorite -- cannot wait for these guys to release their first album!
"Unkinder" - THUMPERS
So catchy, so perfect for summer.
"Lonesome" - Dr. Dog
Seeing Dr. Dog at Firefly was definitely a highlight, and this song has been in steady rotation since.
"F For You" - Disclosure
If you don't dance during this song, there's something very wrong with you. 

Stay tuned in July for a few very big surprises from the TIOJ offices.... but until then, here are some outtakes from Firefly just for giggles:

we're palm trees. duh.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

reminder: say goodbye to google reader!

Just a friendly reminder that dear old Google Reader is going away tomorrow so be sure to switch over to Bloglovin' or our new favorite Feedly so that you can keep getting your daily dose of TIOJ.

To cope with this change, check out our RIP Google Reader playlist and some extra jams for good measure.

"Come Away With Me" - Norah Jones

"Let's Stay Together" - Barack Obama (Al Green cover)

Friday, June 28, 2013

these are my weekend jams

I can't stop watching either of these music videos. They're both so creative and fun and feature unbelievably catchy electronic beats that will get you in a dancing frame of mind for this weekend.

"It's You"- Duck Sauce

"When A Fire Starts To Burn" - Disclosure

{PLAYLIST} poolside jams

In typical DC summer fashion, it's been hot as all get out this week. The best solution to beat the heat (and humidity), in our opinion, is to lounge at the pool. Grab a margarita and People magazine (or we suppose you could drink water and read some Ernest Hemingway, if you wanted to be healthy and intellectual), and turn up these jams. Everyone at your pool will be glad you did. Don't forget your sunscreen!
TIOJ this weekend... we're still in recovery mode (via)

Poolside Jams by this is our jam on Grooveshark "I'll Follow The Sun" - The Beatles
"The Only Place" - Best Coast
"Seaside" - The Kooks
"Happy" - Never Shout Never
"Slow Down" - Poolside
"Coppertone" - hellogoodbye
"New Beat" - Toro y Moi
"Backseat Kissers" - Only Real
"Better Days" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
"Little Things" - The Peach Kings

Keep on floating to these jams on Spotify and 8tracks.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

{RECAP} firefly festival 2013

We had an incredible time at the second Firefly Festival in Dover, DE, this past weekend. The festival was so much larger this year, boasting a few extra stages and many more hammocks, and it was just as great as we expected. We braved numerous potential sinkholes walking between stages each day (seriously, it is a tiny miracle that the Earth did not consume half of the festival at some points), surprise rain showers on Sunday, and some awkward sunburns, but all in all we had a most wonderful experience.

Firefly love via TIOJ's Audio Visual Director Caleb
We loved starting each day with mimosas and Dunkin’ Donuts and greatly enjoyed the food inside the Festival, from the new Coffee House resting spot (which saved our lives more than once) to the ginormous watermelon slices and the veggie lo mein. As always, Firefly knew how to show us a good time.

NOW on to the most important part: the music. In true TIOJ fashion, we’re recapping this three day extravaganza with our awards for some of our most memorable musical acts at Firefly Festival 2013.

Overall Favorites: Kishi Bashi / The Avett Brothers / Vampire Weekend

Krista: From the second the rain stopped, the sun began to shine, and Kishi Bashi took the stage in his cute yellow bow tie, orange hair, and impressive belt buckle for a man of his stature, we knew we were in for a treat (plus his banjo player is Zach Galifianakis’ doppelganger, so... yeah.). Kishi Bashi’s set was peppered with inspiring live looping of his vocals and violin, making it sound at times that there was an entire orchestra on the stage instead of just one man. He completely blew us away.

Stacey: Seeing The Avett Brothers has been on my to do list for quite a while, and I’m so so glad that I was up close for their incredible set (aside from being elbowed in the face...). From their soulful gospel song to the slightly frantic “Kick-Drum Heart” to the always-beautiful “I and Love and You,” these guys won me over even more. Plus, SO MANY BONUS POINTS for banjos and basses and beards. Because -- have you seen their beards?

Kristen: I almost have no words to describe how incredible I felt in the moments leading up to, during, and after Vampire Weekend’s Sunday evening set. TIOJ was wily (and lucky) enough to weave through the crowd and view the show from the front. Ezra Koenig was the charming performer we all know and love, Rostam Batmanglij tinkered away on his keys while making Krista green with envy over his fashion choices (no, really, she wants those patterned pants,) and bassist Chris Baio mesmerized TIOJ with his surprisingly honed hip-shaking skills. The entire crowd singing along to “Walcott” during the final song was the perfect cap to a fantastic weekend.

Click ahead for our entire recap!!

{THROWBACK} counting crows

I spent the other night lounging on the lawn at Wolf Trap listening to the Counting Crows, and the entire night was such a good throwback. Though my best friend Adam Duritz (really -- we talked on the phone once, no big deal) stuck to slower, more soothing jams, it was great for such a humid DC summer night.

Among my favorites were "Omaha" and "Holiday in Spain," two of their songs that I tend to forget about.

Of note: both of these songs have triggered my wanderlust (bonus: checkout our wanderlust jams here and here)... good thing TIOJ is going on a field trip to France in just a few weeks!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{WE LOVE} "dancing on my own" covers

It is an accepted truth that Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" is one of the best songs ever. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the interwebs have graced us with some incredible covers and renditions of this jam.

R E A L M A G I C:



Bonus: My other favorite Robyn-inspired video as interpreted by Taran Killiam.

{RECAP} caveman, rogue wave

Last Wednesday, while Stacey and Kristen were swaying along to Dawes, I was down the street checking out Caveman and Rogue Wave at Black Cat.

Brooklyn rockers Caveman started off the show. From the lead singer’s Hawaiian shirt to the '80s vibes of their music, the band was a great way to start the evening. We were particularly delighted to arrive just as they were playing their latest single "In The City" (This quintet even got our '90s chick flick girlfriend Julia Stiles to star in their video!).

Fun Fact: Drummer Stefan Marolachakis writes a column for about sports and music. We fully support this. Stefan, we're also accepting applications (as long as you're not a UK fan...).

Next up was perennial indie rock favorite Rogue Wave. (Fun Fact: They were my first DC concert when I saw them at the 9:30 Club two and half years ago!) Like most indie bands, Rogue Wave has been in my life thanks to Josh Schwartz and his unreal soundtracks to The O.C. Thankfully, this band has grown up with me over the years and their latest album proves that they’ve still got it.

Rogue Wave did a wonderful job of balancing their set between rocking hard to some of their classic songs and slowing things down and wooing the crowd with their beautiful ballads AND a bouquet of tulips that they handed out to the crowd. (I got the stem of one. Don’t be jealous.)

The band not only balanced the atmosphere of their set, but also their new and old music. I was so happy to hear my new jam “College” and my sentimental fave “Lake Michigan.”

Next Up: We don't even know...still recovering from Firefly. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

missing michael today

Well, let's be real... I miss Michael Jackson most days. But today, on his fourth deathiversary, I'm missing you, King of Pop.

Click here and here for some more Michael today (from the TIOJ inaugural Michael Jackson Memorial Week).

the new washed out album art (and album) is my jam

Besides nodding my head along at the beginning of every episode of Portlandia, I've never been particularity into Washed Out. However, I've been listening to his latest single "It All Feels Right" solely because I'm really into the album art for his upcoming record Paracosm.
It looks like a tropical pillow that I want on my bed or a sundress that I want to wear right now. And, I suppose, the song is pretty legit. It reminds me of a trippier Beatles song and proves to be a perfect breezy soundtrack to summer.

Monday, June 24, 2013

my firefly recovery jams

Guys. Firefly round 2 was so great. I don't know how I'm (mostly) functioning and at work after such a whirlwind of a weekend, but thank goodness for our favorite mellow bands from this weekend for being able to ease me back into being a real human. Hey Marseilles and Dr. Dog, I'm looking at you.

Don't you worry your pretty little heads -- we'll have a full recap and many more thoughts and jams for you just as soon as we're off of our coffee IVs.

Friday, June 21, 2013

{PLAYLIST} firefly festival 2013

As we speak, we are en route to Delaware (bagels and coffee in hand) for the second annual Firefly Festival, and we are so so excited. Check out our schedule for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday here to see what we'll be up to this weekend!

Press play below to jam along with us!

Firefly 2013 by this is our jam on Grooveshark
"Shine" - Wild Belle
"WOR" - Django Django
"If So" - Atlas Genius
"Rainfall" - Hey Marseilles
"Lonesome Dreams" - Lord Huron
"Say That" - Toro Y Moi
"Switzerland" - The Last Bison
"Just Another City" - The Wheeler Brothers
"Money Trees" - Kendrick Lamar
"Worship You" - Vampire Weekend
"Live and Die" - The Avett Brothers

Stay on top of all of TIOJ's adventures at Firefly this weekend by following us on Twitter and Instagram @thisisourjamdc.Or even better, holler at us if you're there!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

{RECAP} shovels and rope, dawes

TIOJ divided and conquered the DC music scene on Wednesday night. Folksy favorites Shovels and Rope and Dawes were at the 9:30 Club, and all we can say is -- damn. As if we didn't love each of those bands enough.

Shovels and Rope started off the night, and we were immediately struck Cary Ann and Michael's incredible chemistry. (Turns out that after our night of debating the topic, they're married. It explains so much.) Their gritty, bluesy sound was just so real, and Cary Ann's weathered voice did such a great job of conveying that. It seems like it would be totally natural for them to invite us down to Charleston for a lot of whiskey -- and we'd accept. We were especially charmed by their harmonica-heavy and tambourine-laden songs "Boxcar" and "Birmingham."
one of Cary Ann's gems: "I stopped knowing what day it was about two weeks ago. But I know where I am, and I sure am happy to be here with y'all."

Next up was Dawes, who sang DC's praises right from the start. And let's be real -- with all of the facial hair and plaid on that stage, we were singing their praises too. Dawes highlighted songs from  their new album, Stories Don't End, while also playing some of their older classics. A sold-out 9:30 Club singing "When My Time Comes" may be one of the coolest things we've ever heard in our lives.

Also high on the list was "Fire Away," which was done with so much enthusiasm and energy. This song definitely has a little bit of a throwback vibe, kind of like if Jackson Browne and Jon Bon Jovi had a love-song child:

And since we love when bands love their openers, it made our nights that Dawes invited Shovels and Rope out to close out the evening with "End of the Line."

Next up: FIREFLY! Duh.

{FESTIVALS} firefly: sunday

We're sad just thinking about Firefly ending on Sunday, but, lucky for us, the festival is certainly ending with a bang. Capping off the weekend with the one-two punch of Passion Pit and Vampire Weekend, this is going to be an incredible day.

Here's what we're thinking:

We're not sure if we're going to be able Matt & Kim's set, but here's hoping that we run by their stage on the way to The Lumineers during their performance of the super catchy jam "Let's Go"!

Stay on top of all of TIOJ's adventures at Firefly this weekend by following us on Twitter and Instagram @thisisourjamdc.Or even better, holler at us if you're there!

{THROWBACK} "this must be the place"

As a belated Father's Day present to my dear old Faj, let's listen to some Talking Heads today, shall we?

And as a Firefly bonus, here are two awesome covers of this classic from Kishi Bashi and MGMT:

So obsessed with this. 

Bonus throwback points for this video of Baby MGMT.

Love ya, Ronnie!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{FESTIVALS} firefly: saturday

Firefly Day 2 is by far our most literally jam packed day of the weekend. From an early morning start with the fun folksy performance of Kopecky Family Band bright and early to the insane dance party with The White Panda a casual 12 HOURS LATER, we're exhausted/high on adrenaline just mentally preparing for this day. If ever there was a day for this new Coffeehouse, this is it.

Not sure how we're going to finagle it yet, but we MUST also see St. Lucia, since seeing them in DC was one of our favorite concerts of 2013 so far.

Stay on top of all of TIOJ's adventures at Firefly this weekend by following us on Twitter and Instagram @thisisourjamdc.Or even better, holler at us if you're there!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

i'm addicted to "run on love"

I'm rather meticulous about keeping things up to date in my email and Feedly (it was nice knowing you, Google Reader) but for some reason, I've been unable to move the video for Lucas Nord's "Run On Love" to any of my carefully organized folders. The addictive beat, beautifully real video work, and the vocals of up and comer Swedish songstress Tove Lo are the perfect combination for a great song.

The boyfriend perspective of this video also reminds me of this incredible series of photographs you should totally check out.

{RECAP} misun, brett, betty who, bright light bright light

On Friday night TIOJ headed over to Living Social's headquarters at 918 F Street for an incredible night of performances hosted by Kick Kick Snare.

DCers Misun started things off on an incredibly fun note, and they had everyone dancing quickly. Like at Broccoli City Fest, we were so enamored by lead singer Misun's braid (and voice, obvi) -- on our to do list to figure that hairstyle out. With their catchy jams like "Harlot," "Coffee," and "Sharpshooter," we're so excited to see what these guys have next on their horizon.

TIOJ Interview alumni Brett were up next, and we were so so excited to see these fellas live. They had such a throwback-y, rocking vibe that we were definitely into. There was so much DC love going on when Misun came out to join them for a song, which just made us so happy to be in this wonderful city. And they closed out their set perfectly with "Rap Songs," which has been playing on repeat in our heads since then.

Aussie darling by way of Brooklyn Betty Who was the next performer in this never-ending lineup. Even before her set, she had everyone crushing hard. From her confident six-foot frame to her rockin' Robyn-esque haircut to the matching vintage sweaters on her entire band, she was incredibly enchanting. Plus, she humored us with one of our most awkward TIOJ goofy pictures to date. (Seriously, we said just the word awkward, and Betty was all about it. That gives her major major points in our book.)

betty who, tioj and friends, and zombie eyeballs.

Then Betty took the stage... and. was. incredible. We're just waiting until she blows up and we start hearing our fave, "Somebody Loves You," everywhere we go. Everyone's feelings about Betty Who were pretty aptly summed up by one of the evening's previous singers when he said, "Girl can sing her dick off." Damn.

Bonus points to Betty for covering Miguel's too sexy for words "Use Me" and treating the crowd to an encore singing her yet-to-be-released balled "17."

Bright Light Bright Light finished off the night, and we have to say, we spent a lot of his set wondering where he got his lovely coral blazer. (This also segued into us developing a pilot for a sitcom in which Bright Light lived in a house with TIOJ and we all shared clothes. Cue laugh-track.) He was such a perfect end to the night, and he had everyone dancing their little hearts out. BLBL was so excited to be in DC for the first time, and the crowd was definitely not ready to go home thanks to his fun, poppy music.

Up next! TIOJ divides and conquers the DC music scene on Wednesday. Caveman and Rogue Wave at Black Cat, and Shovels and Rope and Dawes at 9:30!

{FESTIVALS} firefly: friday

Firefly Firefly Firefly Firefly!! This is one of TIOJ's favorite weeks of the year, and we're so so excited (in case you couldn't tell!) to trek up to Delaware for the second annual Firefly Festival. Last year's inaugural festival was such a blast, and this year promises to be even better -- and simply put, we just can't wait.

Friday's schedule is looking pretty good so far. We're so pumped for so many of these bands (new and old favorites!), and there aren't too many conflicts, so this is sure to be a great way to ease in to the weekend.

On top of all of that, we're extremely intrigued by Dan Deacon. If this music video is any indication, this dude's set will be such a fascinating sociological experiment.

Stay on top of all of TIOJ's adventures at Firefly this weekend by following us on Twitter and Instagram @thisisourjamdc.Or even better, holler at us if you're there!

Monday, June 17, 2013

a full-length mashup monday with the white panda

Just in time for their performance this weekend at Firefly Festival, mashup favorites The White Panda have released their fifth full-length album and it;s, obviously, so much fun.

Listen to the entire album below and download the entire thing for freesies here. We're super fans of Track 14 "Firefly" because, duh.

Friday, June 14, 2013

{PLAYLIST} bonnaroo 2013

Bonnaroo -- the one weekend every year that our need for running water outweighs our love of music and music festivals. This year's Bonnaroo lineup is, as to be expected, so so incredible... but still not enough to make us camp in the wilderness without showers for four days. Maybe next year.

To make up for not being there, we'll be watching the Bonnaroo live stream on Ustream.TV and listening to this playlist to tide us over until our festival weekend starts next Friday!

"Drunk in the Woods" - Walk the Moon
"Make The Money" - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
"Electric Bloom" - Foals
"Blackwind" - Patrick Watson
"Alabama Pines" - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
"Whispers in the Dark" - Mumford and Sons
"You're The Kind of Girl" - Lee Fields & The Expressions
"Looks Good With Trouble" - Solange feat. Kendrick Lamar
"North Side Gal" - J.D. McPherson
"King and Lionheart" - Of Monsters and Men
"Penitentiary" - Houndmouth"Ignition" - R. Kelly

Side note: Ed Helms' Bluegrass Situation Superjam. What are you?? And more importantly, why won't you be at Firefly? Anyone at Bonnaroo -- please go to this and report back to us, kthanks.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

{THROWBACK} "rock wit u"

This classic from Ashanti came miraculously on my iPod while I was driving the other day and I listened to it approximately five times in a row. I highly recommend doing the same and transporting yourself back to the summer of 2003.

Also, can we talk about how awesome it would be if AlunaGeorge covered this song?? I may have to start a twitter campaign to make this happen...

{THROWBACK} dispatch

If ever there was a song to remind me of camp (and high school in its entirety), it would be Dispatch's "The General." I can far too easily picture a group of kids sitting around a dude with a guitar, trying to get all of the words in the verses.

Remember when Dispatch had their final concert in Boston in 2004 and there were over 150,000 people there? Two of my best friends went. I made them call me during "The General" and, naturally, I let it go to voicemail so I could save that baby forever.

I'm embarrassingly excited that Dispatch is reuniting (again) and playing at Firefly next week. Their stonery vibes feel entirely appropriate for a music festival.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{FESTIVALS} firefly festival 2013

We're counting down the days (nine!!) until we're back at the Dover Speedway for the second annual Firefly Festival. Last year's festival was a blast and a half, and we reminisced about it literally for months. As we ramp our planning for this year's festival, we're taking what we learned last year into account.

Things we learned last year:

Mimosas are always the best way to start the day.
Since we opted for hotels over camping (legit showers are our jam/essential to our survival), we had the opportunity to start our day off every morning with mimosas in the parking lot rather than strangers beer bonging outside of our tent. Jamming to the bands we were about to see while getting our daily dose of vitamin C (and Andre) was the perfect start to the day.

Bring a big water bottle and refill during off-times.
Firefly’s great about having fancy fresh water fountains, but the line can get pretty long especially as the day goes on. Be sure to bring a good water bottle and try to refill whenever you hop into a short line!

Get there early!
While the bands you are dying to see are likely towards the end of the day, it’s wonderful to get to the festival early each day to enjoy the less-crowded sets. Case in point: Penguin Prison last year, who had us dancing like it was was 12:30 AM... at 12:30 PM.

Take a snack break.
The food at Firefly was wonderful last year. They had everything from burrito bowls to fancy grilled cheese to Thai food -- use each of the three days to try something new! Plus, there’s Dogfish Head beer -- you can’t go wrong there.

Read ahead for more lessons learned and our bucket list for this year!

{WE LOVE} ed sheeran and passenger

British-born singers Ed Sheeran and Passenger have such drastically different-sounding voices that  I'm in shock (the best kind) about how effortlessly their voices mesh on their collaboration, "Hearts on Fire." This song is delicate and folksy, and I really look forward to any partnerships these two might undertake in the future. Excuse me while I go listen to this a couple (dozen) more times.

Bonus: Ed and Passenger also offered the world a mashup of "Thrift Shop" and "No Diggity"--It's exactly as good as you're imagining.

{WE LOVE} young galaxy

I've had Young Galaxy tucked away in my pocket for the past few months and now that summer is getting into full swing, I feel that it's only fitting to finally share them. The Montreal-based band performs relaxed, psychedelic music that has the perfect amount of my beloved synths to keep you grooving and wanting more.

While their latest video for "New Summer" is a stark contrast to the lazy vibe of this perfect-for-hammock-listening jam, it presents the band's well thought out aesthetic that is further described over on NPR for all ya nerds who want to know more.

And "Fall For You" has the tropical beats that will have you daydreaming about living on a sailboat chartered by a tanned bearded captain. Just me?

Be sure to also check out "Pretty Boy" -- so many good jams from this band.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{IF YOU LIKE} hey marseilles, the rolling stones

(via 1/2/3)

We're enchanted by British indie folk-band Stornoway. Their folky sound and impressive number of instruments reminds of the brood of boys in Hey Marseilles, and their classic rock and British accents remind us of a modern day interpretation of The Rolling Stones.

Please join us in this music crush of ours.

bastille, ella, and TLC, oh my!

What's that, you say? You didn't expect a cover-mashup of the xx's "Angels" and TLC's "No Scrubs" to sound quite to ethereal, sinister, and heart-wrenching at the same time? Neither did I. Though I suppose that was before I factored in the intermittent spoken-word interludes taken directly from Psycho. I love it.

Monday, June 10, 2013

the dance theatre of harlem is my jam

I had the pleasure of seeing Ballet Across America III at the Kennedy Center yesterday, an annual showcase of three dance companies from around the country. While the North Carolina Dance Theatre and Ballet Austin were lovely, the real showstopper was the always-wonderful Dance Theatre of Harlem.

The program that the Dance Theatre of Harlem put on was called Return, and it was solely comprised of jams from Aretha Franklin and James Brown. It's safe to say that they've inspired the return of Motown Monday in my life. I can't get enough.

Seriously, check out some excerpts here. You'll be so happy you did.

grouplove's latest video is my jam

Between the skeleton costume, Chinese military assaults, and above average amount of hair in this band, I don't completely understand what's going on in this latest video from Grouplove for "Ways To Go." I do know, however, that any video that features a small Asian child dancing is unequivocally my jam. Add a Hawaiian shirt and a super catchy tune to that combination and I'm a goner.

If this first single is any indication, their forthcoming album Spreading Rumors will be incredibly entertaining.

{GIVEAWAY} bright light bright light and SO MANY MORE at 918 F St!

What what WHAT are you guys doing on Friday night? No plans? Might we suggest that you all join us in the giant dance party that will be going down at Living Social’s 918 F Street?? Our boyfriends over at Kick Kick Snare are putting together a killer lineup, featuring UK cutie Bright Light Bright Light, Aussie darling Betty Who, AND DC favorites Brett and Misun -- and it is not to be missed.

As a special treat, we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the show. Enter via Rafflecopter below! You can also, as always, purchase tickets via Living Social here. Enter by Wednesday at midnight to win! Can't wait to dance with you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

fall in love with lianne la havas this morning

I can't even. This Lumia Live session of Lianne La Havas performing "Lost and Found" in an empty skate park to a crowd of silently captivated fans is one of the most beautiful things I've seen or heard in a while.

via La Blogotheque

Friday, June 7, 2013

get foolish this weekend

Happy Friday darlings! To get you pumped for this weekend, might we recommend pre-gaming to UK duo Disclosure's latest jam "F For You." These dudes, who we've had on our party playlists since their hit "Latch," just released their debut album Settle and it is a must add if you're planning to throw a house party this summer.


{RECAP} the national

On Thursday night, TIOJ's Concert Correspondent headed out to see the National at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Much like the last National show at Merriweather, the weather seemed to take its cue from the band's looming, melancholy sound, and was pretty damn miserable. Big props to Merriweather for letting us poor lawn ticket holders fill in the empty covered seats.

From the opening song "Don't Swallow the Cap" to the final, acousticish, half-sing along "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks," the National's set was heavily drawn from their recently released album, Trouble Will Find Me, and 2010's High Violet. One of the highlights for me was "Sea of Love," for which the band has released a high(er than usual) energy video, complete with a little kid rocking out on air guitar. The album title comes from the line in the song "If I stay here, trouble will find me/If I stay here, I'll never leave." This line really resonates with me as a DC area native who has returned post college and is beginning to get a bit restless.

Another highlight was "Sorrow," which the band recently performed on repeat for six hours straight as part of an art exhibit. "We're really good at this one," quipped frontman Matt Berninger. Additionally, the National has developed a very polished sound in their recent albums, so it was nice to hear a few older, rougher songs - "Secret Meeting," "Abel," and "Mr. November" - peppered in their set.

I may have color coded it by album and made notes of the
 missing songs from each but that's totally normal, right?
Though there were some favorites missing ("Slow Show," "All the Wine," and "Start a War"), the set was still about two hours long, and proved a wholly satisfying way to spend a rainy evening. I highly suggest checking out Trouble Will Find Me on Spotify or iTunes, or hunting them down live (they'll be at Bonnaroo and Lolla this summer).

Note: Because of traffic, I completely missed the Dirty Projectors, who opened, which was a huge bummer because they are awesome.

Thanks to our Concert Correspondent Jurg for this wonderful recap! Next Up: Bright Light Bright Light, Betty Who, Brett, AND Misun at 918 F St next Friday!! 

{PLAYLIST} governors ball 2013

It's festival time on the East Coast, and New York City's Governors Ball is kicking it off in the best way possible. Just looking at this lineup gets us so excited for Firefly in a few weeks. If we were lucky enough to be headed up to New York this weekend, these would be a few of our must-see bands:

Governors Ball by this is our jam on Grooveshark
"Would That Not Be Nice" - Divine Fits
"God Made Man" - Young the Giant
"Coliseum" - Bloc Party
"Lose My Mind" - Pacific Air
"Congo" - Bear Mountain
"Summer in a New State" - Swear and Shake
"The House That Heaven Built" - Japandroids
"East Harlem" - Beirut
"Ceilings" - Local Natives
"Need You Now" - Cut Copy

Thursday, June 6, 2013


TIOJ had the chance to hang out with Kevin and Mick from DC band Brett and chat with them about the DC music scene, jams they're working on, and some of their favorite songs. Plus -- we got a little goofy taking pictures in Meridian Hill Park. 

brett + TIOJ: putting the aww in awkward. 

Tell us a little bit about Brett and how you guys came to be.
Mick: Kevin and I have been writing songs for a long time and doing different projects. [About] two years ago, we got the idea to kind of start producing our own stuff rather than using producers. We just started writing songs that came a little more instinctually to us and came up with some cool stuff. We were like, “Let’s build a project around these songs. Let’s figure everything out and just release it slowly and see if we can build it organically through the Internet and shows, through a slow build.” We started in October, and I’m pleased that we have made some fans and people get our vision. We have many songs, but we’re really picky on which ones and when to release them and through which outlets.

Our label is really good; they’re called Dub Frequency. They’re in Los Angeles, and they’re great at in-house promotional marketing -- they throw rad parties. We just wanted to go with people that we were comfortable with. When you have other people attached, especially at the beginning of a project, things can get botched really easily -- in terms of image, in terms of release, in terms of all that stuff. So we really liked our songs and we really wanted to let them be born kind of naturally.

How did you guys get the rest of the band together?
Kevin: Dude, we’ve all been bros forever. It’s just a bunch of really awesome musicians.
M: Yeah, just really really good musicians, and we all respect each other. We’re all real tight bros, and we’ve played music for a long time, so we were just like, “Hey bros, are you down to start something new?” And they were like, “Yeah.”

It’s hard when you’re a new band because you want to jump on the mountain top and say, “Look at us!” But you can’t do that. You have to just make your music, and hopefully the world that you inhabit is a nice place for people to come and be like, “Oh, I like it here. I like this vibe.” That’s what we’re trying to create. And it takes some time to make that a really cool place.

How has it been doing that in DC rather than in New York or LA where there’s a more established music scene?
K: We do it everywhere; we’re not exclusively DC-based. The Internet, to a certain extent, levels the playing field a little bit -- so you can get a little bit of notoriety online for being from here. There are a bunch of cool blogs that come out of DC. That didn’t exist five years ago, but it exists now. To be honest with you, our proximity to New York [helps] -- New York still matters, LA still matters. At the end of the day, you still have to play in front of people. You can exist on the Internet all you want, but DC’s really cool because it’s not a big city and you can get your name out really quickly. It’s not like in LA. In LA there could be 20 awesome shows that night, but here it’s like, “Oh, that’s the show to go to.” It happens in New York, but at the same time, you gotta go play New York and LA to try to be that cool show that people come to.
M: We grew up around here, so we have friends and a cool support system in terms of promoters and friends, so we’re not completely starting from scratch. We know some people, and it’s a good place for us to start the band, but you do get to that point where you kind of have to hit the other main markets. It’s just that’s where you’re really going to make the bigger impact.
K: Visibility is still greater. I mean, I’d love to say that there’s certain things that DC is amazing at, especially on the electronic music side, it’s got some visibility, but it’s still not what it’s known for, not art or creativity. It’s known for government contracting.
M: But there is still art happening.
K: And a lot more so now than before, and I think that because the city is shifting in terms of younger people from all over the country are moving here, for good or bad. They’re making cool stuff.
M: Coming here and doing day jobs, but also making cool stuff.

Click ahead for more about Brett's influences and the DC music scene!

{THROWBACK} "bonnie & clyde"/"girlfriend"

I was jamming to Icona Pop earlier this week and was delighted to discover that their jam "Girlfriend" samples one of the first BeyJay collabs "Bonnie & Clyde." Their version is more about partying with your lady friends as opposed to forming the worlds most powerful couple. Either way, both jams are brilliant way to celebrate Throwback Thursday.

"Bonnie & Clyde" - Beyonce feat. Jay - Z

"Girlfriend" - Icona Pop

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{WE LOVE} cayucas

Summer is finally here and I can't stop listening to breezy retro vibes of Cayucas. The band, named after a California beach town, is putting out just the music you would expect after such an homage. Think Vacationer, plus the retro vibes of The Drums, and throw in Wes Anderson-inspired video work and you've got the lazy summer vibes of Cayucas.

Hipster Alert: I've adored this song since the band put this out under their former moniker Oregon Bike Trails.

Their latest video for "East Coast Girls":

DC peeps! Cayucas will be playing at DC9 on July 7!

{RECAP} charli xcx, little daylight

Monday night, I ran on up to U St Music Hall for Little Daylight and Charli XCX. I went to this concert solo and it was seriously one of the most fun times I’ve ever had at a concert.

New Yorkers Little Daylight kicked things off and from the introductory melodies, I could tell the crowd was in for something special. The band proceeded to play "melty electro-rock synth pop" (aka perfect pop music), featuring my favorite jam “Name In Lights” and their blog hit “Overdose.” They played a bunch of unreleased tracks and I'm particularly excited about their jam about Mona Lisa.

Not gonna lie though, while the entire crowd was totally feeling Little Daylight's music, guys and girls both were mad crushing on the band’s lead singer Nikki, whose stage presence was undeniably charming.

"you're my favorite high"
Keeping the aesthetic of adorable wavy-haired brunettes going (something we totally support), Charli XCX was up next. Her debut album True Romance came out in April and it’s literally been playing nonstop on my iPod since it's release. As Charli said in our interview with her, "Romance is only true when there’s two sides of it -- when there are the times when you are on top of the world... but then there’s also the side where you’re feeling really dark..." That comment is so honest and well-reflected in her album, which made her live performance all the more spectacular.

In true Charli form, she was rocking huge platform shoes, a retired schoolgirl kilt, and cut off graphic tee; a delightful 90s dream come true. She performed her entire album, starting off with one my most favorites “Lock You Up” and then heating things up with her hits “Nuclear Seasons” and “You (Ha Ha Ha).”

The highlight of the night was a tie between the energetic “Take My Hand” and her rendition of “I Love It,” the song she wrote and is featured on with Icona Pop.

Charli kept up with the nostalgic 90s vibes into her encore, closing out the show with her brilliant cover of The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.”

All in all, both Charli XCX and Little Daylight are both bands you must put on your pop music radar. We expect much more greatness from both groups. 

Next Up: Bright Light Bright Light, Betty Who, Brett, AND Misun at 918 F St next Friday!!


Opportune YouTube linking strikes again, this time bringing me "Unkinder (A Tougher Love)" by the quirkily-named British band THUMPERS. With band-member John Hamson Jr.'s former collaborations including playing with Noah and the Whale and Friendly Fires, it was pretty much a given that THUMPERS would put me under their spell with their mesmerizing beats. I'm also pretty sure I just hypnotized myself by watching the vid below.

For an added treat, listen to "Dancing's Done," THUMPERS' debut mellow(er) single.

some excitement from !!! to start your day

I don't know if it's the number of exclamation points in this band's name, the funky falsetto singing that I love so much, or the fact that I got free munchkins with my coffee this morning, but "One Girl/One Boy" is perfection to me this morning.

The desk dancing is starting at a record early time this morning and I love it. !!!, you are the best!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

kip moore is my jam

I have a big crush on Kip Moore. And this isn't a new development. But it's only been solidified with his latest single, "Hey Pretty Girl."

For a very appropriate summer song, I also suggest "Beer Money."

He looks like he'd want to be my friend, right?

Monday, June 3, 2013

joe purdy is my (extremely necessary) mellow monday jam

Monday mornings are always a little rough. They're even harder when they come at the end of a wonderfully successful wedding weekend. I couldn't have found the soothing, soulful tunes of Joe Purdy at a better time (bonus: he plays the mouth radio!).

At least it stopped raining, right?
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