Thursday, February 28, 2013

{PLAYLIST} best of february

Guys, 2013 is already flying. While we're more than ready for spring and warm weather, it's kind of crazy how much we've done so far this year. In February, we:
Listen to this playlist for Krista, Kristen, and Stacey's top 5 for the month of February:

"Pull Me Down" - Mikky Ekko
Cannot get enough of this man. No wonder Rihanna pulled him on her latest track
"West Virginia" - Young the Giant
Best of February 2013 by this is our jam on GroovesharkThey may be singing about the lesser Virginia, but these bearded gents know the way to my heart is by serenading me. In a cave.
"Listen Up Sweetheart" - Yarn
So snarky. So good.
"No Diggity" - Chet Faker
Not only is the guy covering one of my most favorite songs, but he's also Australian and bearded. SWOON. 
"Banjolin Song/Awake My Soul" - Mumford and Sons feat. Johnny Flynn
If you ever wondered if Mumford songs sound even prettier in French, this vid has your answer. (Which is, undeniably, YES.)
"Drunk and Single" - Joe Fletcher
This song was such a fun addition to Joe Fletcher's already awesome set. And it doesn't hurt that he looks like a live bobblehead.
"Lost In My Bedroom" - Sky Ferreira 
Ugh this chick is too cool for me and this song is too fun. 
"Wishing You the Best" - Campfire OK
Even more inspiration for TIOJ's first annual "Drunk in the Woods" weekend.
"Gun Song" - The Lumineers
Finding new (old) songs from The Lumineers is like getting an extra prize in your cereal box.
"Happy" - Robert DeLong 
From playing a Wii controller to taking awkward pictures, Robert DeLong's our new best friend. 
"Awkward" - San Cisco
This might be the most aptly titled song I've ever encountered.
"By the Reins" - Brown Bird
Instrumentalist extraordinaires and another super cute husband/wife duo? No wonder I've added Brown Bird to my constant rotation after seeing them live.
"You (Ha Ha Ha)" - Charli XCX
The PERFECT it's not me, it's you song. ha ha ha. 
"Yoko" - Pegasus Bridge
This somber song is made all the more bittersweet since Pegasus Bridge has ultimately disbanded.
"Wagon Wheel" (Old Crow Medicine Show cover) - Darius Rucker
I'm so so into this cover of such a classic stand-by.

Stay tuned for all we have coming your way in March!

{THROWBACK} "let's groove"

My brother’s coming to play in DC next week and, as a result, I’ve been hearing the glorious ringtone I have for him more often than normal. Without further ado, some classic Earth Wind & Fire for your Throwback Thursday enjoyment:

True life, I miss a solid 50% of his calls because I’m just dancing around to this song.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{WE LOVE} "wagon wheel"

I know. Everyone loves "Wagon Wheel." With good reason. I'm not being original. If there's one song that could essentially define college, it's the Old Crow Medicine Show version of "Wagon Wheel." (One of my favorite concert experiences is when I saw Old Crow in Richmond my freshman year and one of the guys needed a backup banjo player... then, needless to say, OCMS took a few years off the touring circuit.)

A few weeks ago, Kristen told me about the Darius Rucker cover of "Wagon Wheel" -- and guys, I love Darius (whether he's being Hootie or just Darius). And then the song came on the radio when I was driving the other day, and I started crying pretty much immediately. Sometimes that just happens.

If you're also in a "Wagon Wheel"-y mood, check out the Adam Ezra Group's version as well.

{RECAP} nico vega, atlas genius, imagine dragons

TIOJ kicked off our weekend in our favorite way: going to a concert. We were so excited to see Firefly 2012 favorites Imagine Dragons and Atlas Genius, who we saw on Halloween, again, even if The Royal Concept had to back out at the last minute (although they promised us new jams were on the way, so we forgive them for now).

We trekked up to Silver Spring and got there in time to catch the end of Nico Vega. The lead singer, Aja Volkman (Reynolds), reminded each of us of a different person (Krista thought she should be in the band in Ten Things I Hate About You, Kristen likened her to Janis Ian of Mean Girls fame, and I thought she was a punkier and more talented version of Katy Perry). We were especially excited to later learn that Aja is married to the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. Not a pairing we'd necessarily think of on our own, but we like it.

nico vega // atlas genius

Just as we expected, Atlas Genius were such cute little Australians. We definitely appreciated their rather dapper suits/blazer get-ups as well as their roadies, who looked veryyyy similar to the Jabbawockeez dance crew from American's Best Dance Crew. Of Atlas Genius' set, we especially liked "Back Seat." And we're currently figuring out how we'll be able to collectively date these insanely charming Aussies.

We had been really excited to see Imagine Dragons, and we were still really into their performance (especially after we learned that frontman Dan Reynolds was battling a cold). But, as much as we liked the music, we have to admit that the entire concert experience was a little disheartening. While we're so proud of Imagine Dragons and the success that they've experienced so quickly, we wished the rest of the crowd showed a little more respect to the band and the other concert-goers. The crowd seemed to lack a lot of concert etiquette that we would hope would just be common courtesy -- like not talking during slower songs (or having really loud conversations at all during a set).

Still, though, these guys were awesome. We loved when they brought out the big guns drums for "Radioactive," and "Rocks" was another favorite. Any time a singer battles through illness and still rocks out, you get major points in our book.

It was a little odd to see how excited some teenyboppers got when they touched Dan's hand (guys, for real, it was like Justin Bieber was in the house.), but if that's a sign of Imagine Dragon's success, then we'll take it. Just please, be quiet during the songs. It's what you -- and we all -- paid to hear.

Up next: Alt-J on March 4 at 9:30 Club.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

yes. please.

If there's one thing we like more than Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie," it's NHL players in suits and ties. This would only be better if Brooks Laich was featured, but as Kristen and I have discussed at length lately, Saskatchewan and the world can only handle so much beauty.

To make up for the lack of Capital presence in this video:

oh hi friends.
 What's Up, Ya Sieve, we owe you ladies big time for this gem.

Monday, February 25, 2013

getting mellow with mausi

Mausi may make my favorite weekend-ready music, but this acoustic version of their latest single "M O V E" is just too perfect for a mellow start to the week.

Friday, February 22, 2013

{PLAYLIST} sleepy jams

Something in the air/water/universe this week is making us especially tired. There's been a lot of coffee consumption in the TIOJ offices, which, while not too unusual, is especially needed. All we want to do is curl up and and take naps. And listen to this playlist as we drift off to sleep.

Sleepy Jams by this is our jam on Grooveshark"Dreams" - Taken By Trees 
"Easy" - The Commodores 
"Mansard Roof" (Vampire Weekend cover) - Ryan Adams
"This Is Not A Song" - Islands 
"If You Can’t Sleep" - She & Him 
"Lullaby" - Lord Huron 
"Slow and Steady" - Of Monsters and Men 
"Blindsided" - Bon Iver 
"Sleeping to Dream About You" - Jason Mraz 
"Godspeed" - Dixie Chicks

Keep on snoozing to these jams on Spotify and 8tracks.

Some alternate moods: if you need an energy boost, check out our Waking Up Jams. And if you're in the mood to cuddle up to someone, you know we have you covered.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{RECAP} HAIM, the virgins, robert delong

TIOJ spent our Valentine's Day dancing the night away at U St. Music Hall with HAIM, The Virgins, and Robert DeLong.

Robert DeLong kicked off the night with a crazy impressive one man performance/DJ set. He jumped between singing, working his keyboard, running over to play on his drum set, shaking a tambourine, and somehow mixing up all of those beats with a joystick and a Wii remote. Man, I'm exhausted just thinking about it again.

This dude got the unapologetically single/coupled crowd going with his electronic hit "Global Concepts" and convinced us of his prowess with the title track off his debut album Just Movement.

After the high energy of Robert DeLong's set, indie rock (relative) veterans The Virgins chilled things out a bit. While I would have preferred to hear the majority of their set on a lazy summer afternoon rather than on a rowdy Thursday night, their hit "Rich Girls" brought me back from my between-set resting/PBR-ing and has been stuck in my head since the show.

The HAIM sisters closed out the night and were by no means the typical act you'd imagine when you think of three sisters performing together. Replace visions that you have of soft music and flowy dresses (looking at you, The Staves) with leather jackets, cursing, and uncombed hair, and you've got HAIM.

The primal quality of HAIM's performance was impressive during "Send Me Down" and "Forever" as we can appreciate chicks that get into the music despite if it means looking unattractive in pictures (take note, Bey).

One of the favorites of the night besides their new single "Falling" was their slower baby-making, if you will, jam "Go Slow." Prior to playing the song big sis Este mandated to the V-Day crowd that "there better be no use of contraception tonight...and all babies born 9 months from now better be named either Este or Esteban." Girl wasn't f'ing kidding either.

We capped off the night by getting awkward with Robert DeLong and having an impromptu dance party with some surprise concert-goers. Happy Valentine's Day to us!

Next Up: Atlas Genius and Imagine Dragons at The Fillmore!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

oh, west virginia

Just because Young the Giant is singing about the lesser Virginia doesn't mean I'm not entirely enthralled by this pretty ballad. "West Virginia" is soft, sweet, slow and a little bit magical. I'm immediately adding this to the list of songs I need to learn on my harmonica.

there are lumineers songs we don't know??

When we discover songs of our most favoritest artists that never wormed their way onto an album, it's legit like finding a treasure (case in point: "anywayican" by Walk the Moon). So you can imagine the excitement/bewilderment that ensued when I found The Lumineers' "Gun Song."

Although it's not new new music, new-to-us music is a surefire way to cheer up this dreary sleepy Tuesday. I'll take it.

"everyday same ish, me gettin' paid"

We've been loving this remix of Danny Brown's "Grown Up" from our boy Caleb of MOVES. Sometimes that lyric is just too true -- Get Money + Get Paid, people.

Listen and download:

firefly festival lineup announced!!

It's finally here!! After months of anticipation, our favorite festival of 2012 has just announced it's 2013 lineup and it's got a solid mix of all the bands we could have asked for.

Watch the entire announcement video here.

Patting ourselves on the back for buying tickets to this last summer :)

Monday, February 18, 2013


We can't get enough of David' Beckham's bod Foster the People's "Don't Stop" in H&M's latest commercial.

You're welcome.

you had me at "banjolin"

There are certain inalienable music truths in my life. I will always swoon when a pretty blond Englishman sings to me (I'm lookin' at you, Johnny Flynn). Lyrics I love invariably sound prettier in French. And I will never, never not be charmed by a banjo. You can imagine my reaction when stumbling upon this "Banjolin" collaborative performance by Mumford & Sons and Johnny Flynn.

I'm so, so in love with this video. "Awake My Soul" is even more gorgeous (if you can believe it) in French.

undeniably into rihanna's new song (and mikky ekko)

I have a murky relationship with Rihanna. I can't quite gather all of my disjointed thoughts about Rihanna and her music, but one thing that I can say for certain is that she undeniably impressed and enchanted me with her performance on the Grammy’s last week.

Her ballad “Sad” featuring Mikky Ekko has been haunting me for the past week and it’s kind of wonderful.

riri by yardie4lifever2
Also, that dress is bangin'.

And while we're talking about "Stay," can we talk about how AWESOME Mikky Ekko is??? He just released the video for "Pull Me Down" and I'm obsessed. So sexy. No wonder Rihanna paired up with this dude.

Bonus WTF moment for your day: Vin Diesel covering "Stay"

Friday, February 15, 2013

happy weekend!!

Whether you’re high on love or on all the sugar you’ve consumed after buying each piece of leftover Valentine’s day candy at CVS, this Grouplove & Captain Cuts remix of Gold Fields' "Dark Again" will be the perfect accompaniment to your happy dance/sugar rush.

{PLAYLIST} it's not you/me, it's me/you

Enough of this love stuff already. It's February 15, which means that you are now incapable of expressing your love for another full year. And that candy is half price at CVS. Hello, replenished M&Ms stock.

original pic
But for real, sometimes it's just not meant to be. Everyone considers "it's not you, it's me" to be a cop-out, but sometimes there's a little merit to that (believe you us, we know). And sometimes it's not me, it's you. We know a lot about that one too.

We don't want to hurt or upset you. You deserve better. We're just in a place where we need to work on our careers. It's not you, it's us. (Press play below!)

“Not The Same” - Tanlines 
it's me. 
“Alone With You” - Jake Owen 
it's you. 
“Go Outside” - Cults 
it's me. 
“You (Ha Ha)” - Charlie XCX 
it's you. 
“Love Is Overrated” - Shwayze 
it's me. 
“Fair Warning” - Penguin Prison 
it's you. 
“Listen Up Sweetheart” - Yarn 
it's me. 
“Lover Lover” - Jerrod Niemann 
it's you. 
“True Affection” - The Blow 
it's me. 
“Ruin” - The Pierces 
it's you.

(Disclaimer: We try not to be too bitter and jaded -- we love love too. So if you're still in a lovey mood and you're trying to make your Valentine's Day weekend last a little longer, check out yesterday's compilation of playlists here!)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

{THROWBACK} marcy playground

If for no other reason than the title of this song and it being Valentine's Day. It seemed fitting.

Does/did Marcy Playground have any other songs? Does anyone really know what this song is about? God bless 1997.

{THROWBACK} ashanti

I was inspired by my ongoing obsession, How To Dress Well, for this week’s throwback. In his song “Running Back,” Tom samples some classic Ashanti in the coolest way possible. So put on your belly shirt and reminisce to “Foolish” and then check out his original take on the throwback.

Check out How To Dress Well with us on March 16 @ U Hall!

happy valentine's day!

In honor of the loviest holiday around, TIOJ has scoured our iTunes libraries in order to find our most favorite lovey lyrics. Believe us, it was one of the hardest tasks we've given ourselves to date. And even once we narrowed down on songs, picking our favorite lyrics was even more of a challenge.

Without further ado, we present our favorite love lyrics:

original images: 1, 2, 3
But for real, just check out how sweet the lyrics are to each of these songs. Take a listen to each song here ("Dead Sea," "January Wedding," "Just Say Yes") and read the lyrics here ("Dead Sea," "January Wedding," "Just Say Yes"). Manfriends, you may serenade us with these songs.

For Valentine's tunes throughout the day, check out some of our:
To & From Valentine's Day Jams
I Think I Like You Jams
Valentine's Day 2012 Jams (Part 1 and Part 2)
Galentine's Day Jams
Getting to Know You Jams
Falling For You Jams

Stay tuned for, um, another perspective when it comes to love songs tomorrow. But until then, enjoy your chocolate and wine!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{WE LOVE} campfire OK

So, I don't know how much of my initial desire to watch Campfire OK's performance stems solely from their name (I've been dying to go camping since hearing "Drunk in the Woods" live, okay?) but I imagine it must be more than a small fraction. That being said, I'm SO glad I did watch. This performace has everything I could have wanted: an abundance of bowties, beards and hipster glasses, banjos, coffee, tambourines, and folksy harmonies. Do yourself a favor and listen.

{WE LOVE} like a version

Australian radio show Triple J  has been killing it lately with their "Like A Version" segment.

As if Aussies talking about cover songs weren't enough to make me swoon, brilliant Brooklyn indie rockers Dirty Projectors take things to another level with their cover of Usher's "Climax."

Speaking of "Climax" - SO INTO this Hood Internet mashup of Usher and new Toro Y Moi.

THEN Divine Fits (a.k.a. Spoon and Wolf Parade's love child) wow us again with their cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart."

Related: Our first round-up of our "Like A Version" covers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

this is my (beatles) cover jam

While this may be one of the weirdest videos I've seen in a while, there's something eerily and hauntingly beautiful about this Flaming Lips and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes cover of the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love." This song automatically gets high marks because it's in Love, Actually, and it's a lovely little something just in time for Valentine's Day.

(but really, the video is kind of gruesome, so just take that as fair warning...)

crushing on chet faker

My gchat to Kristen re: Chet Faker pretty much sums things up.

also kristen. i have a crush on chet faker and his beard and this song -

this explains everything.

Seriously though, this song gives me tingles. Listen to Chet's entire EP here and gentlemen, might I recommend downloading these tracks (specifically "Love & Feeling") for a rainy (read: sexy) day. You're welcome.

san cisco is awkward, and i dig it

San Cisco, a stoic yet oddly whimsical band from Australia, has a song called "Awkward." I was pleased to discover that this song title is not a misnomer. It, appropriately, is really, truly awkward and basically speaks to an entire generation of ambiguous daters, serial texters, and generally emotionally-stunted social beings. I love it.

As an added bonus, check out this infectious live version of "Awkward," courtesy of NPR. With ginger beards and tambourines, what's not to love?

Monday, February 11, 2013

new music roundup

We've got another roundup of new tracks from some of our favorite musicians! {Editor's Note: There's a new J-Biebs song floating around the interwebs, but is has been rudely taken down. Stay tuned for a listen once we're able to hunt it back down...}

The Postal Service - "A Tattered Line of String"
Our high school selves have been rejoicing that this group is finally putting out new music, and we're SO pleased with this new song after their hiatus (wish we could say the same thing with as much certainty regarding a certain boy band member's comeback).

SO into the latest track from our interview alumni! Oh to be only 19...

Fitz and the Tantrums - "Out Of My League" 
Another clap-worthy jam from one of our Firefly 2012 favorites -- we're so excited to see what the rest of their upcoming album will be like!

The 1975 - "Heads.Cars.Bending"
These Brits are hands down our new obsession. Can't wait to get sexy with them at DC9 in March!

Not to overwhelm y'all, but even more new jams to add to your playlist:
HAIM- "Falling"
CHVRCHES - "Recover"
Ra Ra Riot - "Beta Love (RAC Mix)"

mashup monday with kosherkittens

I randomly discovered KosherKittens a few weeks ago while working on Stacey's bday playlist and the find has been a wonderfully refreshing addition to my daily desk dancing. Check out some of my faves below and KosherKittens' entire set on SoundCloud.

Can't Hold Us Low (Ludacris X Macklemore X Wiz)

Young Folks Look At Me Crank Dat Low (Peter Bjorn X Ludacris X Lil Wayne X Soulja Boy)

He apparently has a thing for Ludacris...don't we all.

{RECAP} joe fletcher and brown bird

I kicked off my weekend a little early with a wonderfully folky show from Joe Fletcher (sans the Wrong Reasons) and Brown Bird on Thursday night at Black Cat's backstage, and I've had these delightful two groups stuck in my head the last few days (not a bad thing at all).

The backstage at Black Cat, which is one of TIOJ's faaaaavorite venues in DC, was the perfect place to see these guys. Joe Fletcher opened the night, and, in the super intimate setting, it was extra cozy right next to the stage. After thanking us for being such a polite audience, Joe sang from his first album as well as his latest, and he also paid homage to some folky country greats, including the great Levon Helm with "Crash the Levees."

It was really awesome that Joe brought Brown Bird's Dave and MorganEve on stage to play with him. My favorite of his of the night was definitely "Drunk and Single."

left: joe fletcher, who looks slightly like a bobblehead, and brown bird's dave
right: brown bird, featuring dave's incredible beard
Brown Bird is comprised of husband and wife duo MorganEve and Dave, who give Mates of State a run for their money in cuteness. Between the two of them, they play approximately 72 instruments (MorganEve had the stringed instruments covered -- she switched between the violin, the cello, and the standup bass -- and Dave played the guitar and percussion, most often at the same time). But actually: at one point, Dave was playing the guitar, had two different drum pedals going, and he was singing. I have trouble walking and breathing at the same time. Color me impressed.

Brown Bird's genre is hard to pin down, but I'd best describe it as a bluesy bluegrassy rock. There were also some really interesting South Asian hints every once in a while, which added a sense of richness and complexity to the music. Add in some endearing stage chatter from Dave about how his parents were some of the only audience members the last time they headlined in DC, and I was sold.

"By The Reins" has been playing on repeat in my head since Thursday, which I very much like.

Up next! HAIM on February 14 at U Street Music Hall.

pegasus bridge (RIP) is my jam

If you think there's something inherently romantic about a bunch of English boys playing instruments and crooning earnestly in a foggy forest, you're not alone. "Yoko," an oddly sentimental and sweeping song by Pegasus Bridge, evokes so many bittersweet feelings. This is all compounded by the fact that Pegasus Bridge is no longer together--RIP.

I wish I'd had the chance to see Pegasus Bridge perform while they were still together, but I'm so happy to have this isolated, beautiful session's legacy living on.

Friday, February 8, 2013

hoodie allen is my jam

As much as I want to be immune to Hoodie Allen's charms, I can't fight it anymore. Two seconds into listening to "No Interruption" I was a goner.

Happy Friday, chickens! I hope nothing interrupts your fun this weekend.

{PLAYLIST} falling for you

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means that it's a (mostly) acceptable time for everyone to be lovey. Basically, for those of you in relationships, we're giving you a pass for the next few days to be one of those people you usually hate, and for all you single ladies out there, to drink excessive amounts of wine and eat way too much chocolate (is that too cliché? Drink whiskey and eat avocados? That sounds more up our alley...).

Regardless of your Valentine's Day plans (and might we suggest concert-going? TIOJ fave HAIM will be at U Street Music Hall!), this playlist will get you in the loviest (and loveliest) of moods. And on the 15th, you have to stop.


falling for you by this is our jam on Grooveshark "Coming True" - Guards
"Fine By Me" - Andy Grammar
"Still New" - Smith Westerns
"Oh, It Is Love" - hellogoodbye
"My Girl" - Yukon Blonde
"Mad Love" - Neon Trees
"Closer Than This" - St. Lucia
"(Kissed You) Good Night" - Gloriana
"Great Love" - Vacationer
"Runaway Love" - Diamond Rings
"Overdose" - Little Daylight
"Runaways" - The Killers

Keep getting butterflies to these jams on 8tracks and Spotify.

AND if you're in need of even MORE cute chansons: Getting To Know You Jams, Waiting For Love Jams, I Think I Like You Jams, and Cuddling Jams. Please excuse us while we swoon/stockpile Two Buck Chuck and M&Ms.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

{THROWBACK} "no diggity" (cover)

It is not secret that we love us a good beard and a good cover jam. Therefore, this jazzy/rock cover of “No Diggity” by Chet Faker and his glorious beard is pretty much perfection.

Apparently this song was also in Beck's Sapphire Super Bowl commercial the other night. We were face deep in buffalo chicken dip to notice, but here it is in case you were curious.

Related: Another favorite “No Diggity” cover.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{WE LOVE} sky ferreira

Guys, we’ve got a new girl crush to put on your radar. 20 year-old Sky Ferreira may be younger than us, but she is light years cooler and is putting out some fantastic music.

She first caught our attention with “Everything Is Embarrassing,” which appeared on a ton of Best of 2012 lists. We love honest, relatable music and, not that we ever forget to put ourselves on mute during conference calls, we can empathize with the emotion behind this song.

Since digging into Sky’s music more, “Lost In My Bedroom” has played in steady rotation in my head for the past week and while the video is literally seizure-inducing, the song itself is perfect for having a solo dance party around your bedroom in your underwear. (Or so I’ve been told…)

If you want more, I'm also totally digging this subdued live session of “Sad Dream” and all of the “Everything Is Embarassing” remixes on Soundcloud.

Sky will be in DC next month at U St Music Hall with our other obsession How To Dress Well. Get your tickets here and get embarrassed with us!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{RECAP} pacific air and walk the moon

It is no secret at all that we. love. Walk the Moon. They were our original jam. We've seen them more times than we sometimes like to admit. But there's a reason: every time we see them, they are exponentially better. We've been at a loss all weekend of how that's possible. We have no answer.

Thursday's show opened with Pacific Air, formerly Ko Ko, whom we were really excited to see since they were one of our go-to summer jams. As soon as this band of (literal) brothers pulled out a wooden flute, we knew they'd be a good start to the evening. They were a great warm up to all of the dancing we were about to do during Walk the Moon. And, of course, hearing "Float" live made us wish for warmer weather and poolside lounging.

Guys, Walk the Moon is just so great live, and we've never seen them -- or their fans -- rock out as hard as they did on Thursday night (but really -- we have concert etiquette thoughts related to this show that will be coming your way later in the week). From the opening crooning of "The Liftaway" all the way through the show, we were so impressed with the high energy throughout the entirety of the 9:30 Club.

It was awesome to hear so much of WTM's new stuff, all of which had just been released on the Tightrope EP last week, including our new fave:

We burst with pride a little when guitarist Kevin gave DC a shoutout for being such early and loyal fans, asking who had been to their show at DC9 almost two years ago. And even though his hair is getting a little Dan Humphrey-esque (we'll overlook it for now), it has been so awesome to see these guys transition to making it big. Case in point: when they played "Iscariot" at that cozy DC9 show, Kristen was the only one mesmerized. The other night, they had over a thousand people rapt with love and admiration singing along to the beautiful song.

doppleganger alert! penn badgley (dan humphrey) 
and kevin ray (with a key-tar)
We're so excited to see what's next for these fellas. Until then, we'll keep listening to "Drunk in the Woods" and planning a TIOJ camping trip so we can listen to that song while drunk in the woods...

Up next: Brown Bird and Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons at Black Cat on February 7!

Monday, February 4, 2013

lee fields is just the best.

"If you get together in the name of love -- I'm talkin' about with a big 'L' -- then, the spirit of Love appears."

Shucks, I just love this video so much.

More Lee Fields goodness.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

a thought on music blogging...

Guys, I'm gonna get real with you for a second. Sometimes writing this blog can be daunting. The three of us are not musicians. We're not trained music journalists. We just love music and revel in having an outlet to share songs we love and new artists we've discovered.

Having such a naivete, however, sometimes makes me feel like we are doing a disservice to musicians and producers. As if comparing them to a more popular band, placing a label on their music, or admitting that we dance around to their work while we're getting ready to go out on Saturday night somehow insults the art they're creating.

That's why this new series of short films by Red Bull Sound Academy dubbed H∆SHTAG$ has been enlightening. The documentaries tackle new genres of music and how placing labels on fresh and experimental ways of making music is perceived by artists, producers, and the Internet.

The first series discusses #AltR&B and interviews some of my favorite artists of the moment including Miguel and How To Dress Well. The film focuses on how the Internet has affected in exponential ways not only how music is made, but also how it is consumed, perceived, and marketed. Basically, it offers incredible insight into things that I'm not trained to think about when it comes to describing and understanding music and an artist's creativity.

While I concede that I am nowhere near a professional when it comes to critiquing and truly understanding music, I'm perfectly fine with that. I believe there's excitement in finding something new and so emotional that you can't yet find the right words to expresses yourself. You just have to listen to the song and be. Hopefully this How To Dress Well video makes my point (yes yes, I realize it's a R. Kelly cover -- go with it):

Friday, February 1, 2013

start your weekend drinking with jhameel

TIOJ fave Jhameel recently hit 10,000 fans on Facebook and to celebrate the achievement, he's gifted us with another wonderful drunk performance.

For this drunk performance, Jhameel knocks back mucho tequila shots like a champ and goes on to perform a stunning mashup of Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around Comes Around" and Taylor Swift's "Trouble." For being wasted (and forgetting some lyrics), he has the impressive ability to still kill this performance. I may even venture to commit blasphemy in the TIOJ offices and say that he's got me totally into this Taylor Swift song...

Please note the Andre champagne showers at the end. Knew we liked this kid.

{PLAYLIST} super bowl jams 2013

Happy Super Bowl, everyone! If you were to take a poll in the TIOJ offices of whether we were most excited about the game, the commercials, or Beyonce, you could probably guess that the latter is ahead by (endzone celebration) leaps and bounds. But, Kristen's favorite player (David Akers) is on the 49ers (or, as Krista is calling them, the "50 minus 1s"), so she'll be paying attention to the game too. It's taken a little while, but we've come to terms with the lip synch-gate of the inauguration, and we're pumped to see Bey sing live on Sunday (um for real, how incredible is she??).

So pick your Harbaugh brother of choice, and take a listen to our 2013 Super Bowl Jams:

"Countdown" - Beyonce 
Super Bowl 2013 by this is our jam on GroovesharkWe've been counting down to the halftime show since it was announced that Beyonce was the headliner.
"Don't Stop the Party" - Pitbull
Doubly fitting since Pitbull mentions a running back and the Super Bowl is in New Orleans... which a non-stop party.
"Bootylicious" - Destiny's Child
Those football pants are pretty tight, giving us a reason to sing this to our favorite players on Sunday
"Role Model" - FreeSol (feat. Justin Timberlake)
We've included this song solely for JT's mention of The Nip Slip of Super Bowl XXXVIII. 
"Survivor" - Destiny's Child
We like to imagine that whichever team is losing at halftime will play this in their locker room to re-pump themselves up. 
"Hall of Fame" - The Script (feat.
Between all the future Hall of Fame players out there on the field and the first Super Bowl brother showdown, we're guessing this match-up is Hall of Fame-bound.
"Ego" - Beyonce
All we know is that to be a profession football player, you're going to need a pretty big ego.
"Southside Superbowl" - Kanye West and Common
Because it's the Super Bowl... and New Orleans is in the south... also, because we imagine that Bey has very strong feelings about her husband's mentee.
"Lose My Breath'" - Destiny's Child
We can't decide what seems more tiring -- playing in the Super Bowl or performing in heels at half time. Thankfully, Bey (and the boys) are in incredible shape.
"Try Again" - Aaliyah
To whichever team doesn't win on Sunday, keep the unofficial Red Sox mantra in mind (it worked for 86 years). "Just wait until next year."

Overtime bonus! Be sure to check out our 2012 Super Bowl Jams as you remember how disturbingly weird Madonna's halftime performance was...
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