Monday, July 16, 2012

{FESTIVALS} what to wear to firefly

IT'S FIREFLY FESTIVAL WEEK!!! To celebrate, we're taking a break from our regularly scheduled music posting to talk about one of our other favorite topics: clothes.

Firefly Festival Week is finally upon us, and, if you're going, you're probably stressing about what to wear. Have no fear, friends, TIOJ has all the tips and tricks you need!

First things first, check out our ideal outfits for this weekend:

boho & breezy: aztec dress (similar) | skinny belt | spandex (clutch!!) | aviators | leather sandals | leather crossbody
classic & cool: tank top | jean shorts | aviators |  pyramid stud earrings | mini cantina crossbody | havaianas flip flops

Click ahead for a full list of our stylish tips!

The key things to remember about what to wear to a music festival:

Be practical. Don't sacrifice comfort for fashion. This is three days of dancing around to your favorite bands. You want to be able to appreciate the bands, not be stuck sitting because your new shoes hurt your feet so badly. (Speaking of shoes, we definitely recommend rain and comfort-friendly flip flops like Havianas for festivals.)

Dress for the occasion. This means NOT wearing heeled shoes or corduroy pants/shorts in the 90 degree heat and likely muddy field. Duh. Also say NO to rompers at festivals... more on that tomorrow!

Wear things you don't mind getting dirty. You'll be sitting in grass, sweating, and potentially diving in mud -- don't wear something that you'll be upset about getting dirty. (Hold off showing off those Chanel sunnies you got for your birthday until next weekend.)

Raid your closet before you run out to the mall.  You already spent a bunch of money on festival tickets -- don't feel like you have to drop another $200 on three new festival outfits. We took this tip to heart and even crafted our own pair of jorts this weekend.

Have fun with your sunglasses! This is a great time to try out those pair of sunnies you got but aren't entirely sure you can pull off -- go for it. (I found my stunner shades I mysteriously acquired in college the other day and am tempted to break them out for Girl Talk...)

Rock spandex shorts under your dress. For both sitting and sweating, experience tells us that spandex are the perfect secret weapon to making it through a festival in a dress. 

Don't forget the accessories!! Your festival wristband will be the ultimate accessory, but remember to bring a bag that has everything you need (again, more info on that tomorrow!). We're big fans of cross body bags so your range of motion isn't limited and you're free to dance about.  

Alright, those are the basics from us. Gentlemen, we realize we don't have sample outfits for you but hopefully these tips are just as helpful. When in doubt, put on shorts, a v-neck, a wayfarers, and you'll be set in our book. And for more inspiration, check out our Concert Style Pinterest board

Have an extra tip to share?? Leave a comment!

Update: Our Lessons Learned for Firefly 2013!

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