Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Love Wednesday: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Last night was the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show. We loved the fashion and all the jams (c'mon put Jay-Z on the stage and you're good to go).  I'm not going to recount our favorite outfits and songs.  Instead, I just want to post a picture of this guy:

VS Creative Consultant, Todd Thomas
I love him and his glasses and the fact that he reminds me of a "Best in Show" character. I want to be his friend. And then I could wear his glasses and while he designed fun lingerie for me. Yes. Like that plan.

...okay can't finish this post without noting how much I love this M83 song, "Midnight City" in the most recent VS commercial.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

these are our rainy day jams

Did you know it was supposed to rain today? And by rain, I mean downpour. Not a fan, weather gods, not a fan.

besides having an altogether apt title, this song is necessary for those misty days when you're stuck in your cube because it is the perfect mix of wistful and gloomy. seriously, basia can do no wrong.

If It Rains by Basia Bulat on Grooveshark

So for my rainy day jam I have to holler at Bon Iver. While Bon Iver may be my go-to for most things, he's particularly fitting for rainy days. I saw him live at Lollapalooza one summer and it was raining when he performed, which would have sucked if it was anyone else, but for him it was absolutely perfect.

Also, The Antlers are another perfect rainy day group. I've had their cover of the XX's "VCR" playing in my head on repeat as I look out the window today. (you can download it (fo frees!) on RCRD LBL)

Guys, rain and I really don't get along. I take my cues from Waka Flocka and Wale (see: 3:20).

But I guess if I had to pick a real rainy day song, I'm going with Keith Urban's "Raining on Sunday."

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mayer Hawthorne Monday

HI PEOPLE! Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? Hope you ate a lot and watched lots of football and heard embarrassing stories about your relatives.  I had three breakfasts every morning (thanks, grandma!) and played a 14 on 14 football game and had the BEST one handed catch ever (too bad it happened before the game actually started...).

Anyway, if you watched football on Thursday you may have noticed the unfortunate appearance of Nickelback during the halftime of the Lions game despite the awesome campaign from our favorite Detroit-native, Mayer Hawthorne.  Thankfully, Mayer didn't let these silly Canadians stop him from jamming on Thanksgiving.  Click the link below to see an awesome concert from Mayer's basement.  It's a really great group of songs AND Papa Hawthorne is playing guitar in the video...if that's not reason for enough for you to watch this video, I don't know what is.

Friday, November 25, 2011

these are our black friday jams

Ladies (and those few gentlemen that can keep with us). The most important day of the year is upon us. No, not Ryan Gosling's birthday (though you probably just missed that--November 12, mark it on your calendar for next year). We're talking about Black Friday. Whether you've been doing the Target-approved exercises for the past three weeks in preparation or if you plan on sleeping in, eating leftover pie for breakfast, and waiting for Cyber Monday - we’ve got some shopping jams for ya.

Black Friday Jams by this is our jam on Grooveshark

"Eye of the Tiger" - Journey
we recommend you blast this from your car at 4am as you search for parking outside of Best Buy- ups the intimidation factor
"Let's Go To The Mall" - Robin Sparkles
play this for that extra motivation you need to get up at 4 am to stake out J. Crew -- bonus points if you wear a Robin Sparkles jean jacket
"Money" - The Drums
not so much on the cash money this year? this may be playing in the back of your head all day…
"Run Run Run" - Phoenix
Black Friday is no time to break in your new heels. Put on your comfy kicks and don't be ashamed to book it from one end of the mall to the other
"Money Honey" - Lady Gaga
nothing like Gaga to pump you up after that fight over the last $3 copy of “Crazy Stupid Love”
"Mo Money Mo Problems" - The Notorious B.I.G.
"Jeans" - Quadron
we know jean shopping is usually the worst, but this jam and thoughts of saving dollas will help you through the struggle
"Shop Around" - Smokey Robinson
you know, to find the best deals. duh.
"Bills, Bills, Bills" (Glee cover) - Destiny's Child
we know that these will come in a few weeks -- but just think 'out of sight, out of mind' until post-Christmukkah
"Move Bitch" - Ludacris
don't be afraid to throw some 'bows -- we fully condone it.

Good luck biddies, and just in case you were wondering, we’re all a size 9 and would love a pair of Tory Burch flats for Chrismukkah, please and thank you :) send us presents and good shopping vibes @thisisourjamdc!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We (Don't) Love Wednesday: Movember

So. It's Movember right now. And while I am in complete support of raising money and awareness for prostate cancer research, there are several instances of mustaches crossing too many lines. Thank goodness there's only a week left in November. Gentlemen, please shave. asap.

Prime example of this crisis: Troy Brouwer. Normally, he's beautiful. With a mustache, he's bordering on 1985 (which just happens to be the year he was born... so he couldn't have even had this kind of 'stache back then when it was semi-popular).
There are so many things wrong with the picture on the right.

I can't even bring myself to post a picture of a mustachioed Matthieu Perrault because it gives me nightmares.

Now, that's not to say that I'm anti-facial hair. Some people (ahem, Brooks Laich) do it very well.
those eyeballs get me every time. i die. (thanks for indulging me, blackhawkup)

November, please hurry so we can be done with mustaches like John Erskine's, so full-facial scruff can be more prevalent again, and so those that can't grown a mustache despite trying with all their hearts (god bless, Nicky, Sasha, and Carly) will stop feeling sad.

happy (almost) turkey day!!

I plan on re-enacting this with my Grandma today.  She will be the Snoop to my Martha.

happy birthday, backis!

thanks, gifsoup! nicky is obviously either saying "thanks for loving me, tioj!"or "mumble mumble swedish swedish"
happy birthday to our favorite swede in the entire world, nicklas backstrom. or as they say in the homeland, grattis pÄ födelsedagen! 24 is going to be great, nicky boy--hope ovie gives you lots of birthday hugs and that you score a lot today.

thanks WUYS!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lil' P-Nut is my jam

I'm getting so excited for Thanksgiving, people. Last year, I introduced my cousins to child rapper, Lil' P-Nut, which was pretty much the best thing ever. In anticipation of seeing them today, I've been catching up on my Lil' P-Nut so that I have (crossing-guard approved) street cred when I see them. Check out my boy on Ellen:

literally died laughing at the end. (it got diamonds!)

rain rain go away

the best way to combat the rainy day blues involves a large cup of coffee, impending vacation and, most importantly, "watching you watch him" by eric hutchinson.

stay strong, friends. it's almost thanksgiving!

these are our hometown jams

T-minus 48 hours until Thanksgiving! But really, still in shock that it's the end of November. To best celebrate and represent our homelands, these are our repping-where-I'm-from/hometown jams:

So I'm not actually going to my "hometown" for Thanksgiving, but this is THE PERFECT jam to rep Louisville, KY--brought to you by our hometown faves--Nappy Roots and the Villebillies:

(SOOOO happy that this is the Louisville Cardinals themed version... makes me SO excited for basketball season!)

Since I'm actually going to South Carolina, this is going to be my jam as I fly on down today. Also, feel like we have to post this jam since it calls out pretty much ever city ever (including NEWPORT NEWS! 2:04). I need more funk music in my life.

"Promised Land" by James Taylor is a fun song for reppin' my hometown. I too, "left my home in Norfolk, Virginia" except I did so with D.C. (not Cali) on my mind. Gotta say though, it would be better if someone told James the proper way to say Norfolk (say it with me-- Naw-fick).

Honorable mention to Clipse, an actual Norfolk native, for basically all of his songs, but especially "Virginia" (duh) and "Hello New World" ("this ya man Grinding, from Downtown Norfolk"--correct pronunciation, bt-dubs).

The most natural choice for me in this case would be "My Old School" by Steely Dan (in it, he hates on both of my schools -- "William and Mary won't do" and "that'll be the day I go back to Annandale"). That's pretty depressing, though, and I wanted my jam today to actually be a happy Virginia song (even though I do sometimes front and pretend that I'm from New York, Massachusetts, or inside the D.C. city lines):


Monday, November 21, 2011

music from gossip girl is my jam

So normally when we watch Gossip Girl, amid swooning over outfits and shouting about the improbability of the majority of the plot lines, I highly enjoy screaming out their song choices and judging them for being behind the curve on awesome songs. (I mean, they played "Up, Up, Up" by Givers tonight, c'mon, c dubs- I posted that jam in May) However, I was stumped/enchanted by the song at the end of tonight's episode and thanks to my twitter search prowess, I give you "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye. Sorry if I'm totally behind the curve on this jam (but no, actually don't care)- listen and enjoy the voice of, in Kristen's words, "Baby Sting":

(also sort of love that he looks like a grown up Nicholas from Walk The Moon. As if we weren't already sold)

new mixtape from Mike Posner

As you all know, I dig Mike Posner (not really so much him in person, but whatevs...he could talk to Kristen and Stacey about Duke basketball while I'm dancing in the corner...totally okay with this picture, actually). Anywho, he just came out with a new (FREE!) mixtape, the Layover. (Click here to download!) I'm currently listening to it now so I'm not sure what my favorite track is yet - OOOO Twista is on a track, holler! - but I DO love the fact that he has noted in which context to listen to each song (i.e. "Drive in Dark To This", "Chill to This", "Represent Your Shit To This"). Feel like this may be necessary for the clueless college boys that are probably the only other people that listen to him (see: makeout jams, fellas).

So, enough rambling, check out his remix to "Wonderwall":

Wonderwall ft. Big K.R.I.T. (Drive to This) (DatPiff Exclusive) by Mike Posner on Grooveshark

too true of our lives....

(thanks, she wore red -- we agree wholeheartedly)

Friday, November 18, 2011

guess where i'm going today...

if you need another hint...

these are our thanksgiving jams

It's time for Thanksgiving already?!? Althought we're still in denial that it's quickly becoming winter (even if we keep telling ourselves it's just early fall), it's time for turkeys (and tofurkeys and turduckens) and pilgrims. But maybe not eating pilgrims, they may taste a little bitter. So anyway, it's less than a week until Thanksgiving -- are you going home to hang out with your entire extended family and have them ask a gazillion questions about your life? Do you need music to listen to on your plane/train/automobile? We have that taken care of for you. And yes, we did type "home" into our iTunes search bars to compile this playlist. We have no qualms.

Shimmy on over to theFFJD for more on this playlist (or if you need advice on how to deal with grandmas and high school boyfriends)!

Home for Turkey Day by this is our jam on Grooveshark

"Home" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
"I Feel Home" - O.A.R.
"Home" - Michael Buble
"Home" - Tim McGraw
"Me and All My Friends" - Walk the Moon
"Autumn" - Paolo Nutini
"Homeboy" - Eric Church
"Hot Cookin'" - G. Love
"Home Is a Fire" - Death Cab for Cutie
"Going Home" - Sons of Bill
"Snow Falls in November" - Julie Doiron

Have any other jams that make your great aunt bugging you about your romantic lifemore bearable? tell us @thisisourjamdc.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

surprise playlist! "best of 2011" songs for sweetgreen

So our favorite place for salads and free music, sweetgreen, tweeted today that they were compiling their "Best of 2011" list.  Obviously, we couldn't pick just one song so here's a quick playlist of our favorite songs from this year:

sweetgreen by Kristen Fro on Grooveshark

Throwback Thursday: "Holidae In"

As promised, the Rap Board inspired today's throwback.  It was super hard to narrow down and I may or may not have gotten distracted by making my own rap lyrics by trying to click a bunch of rapper heads all in a row (highly recommend).  Anyway, I decided on "Holidae In" by Chingy (i miss him.) and Snoop D-O-double-G because, if you're in DC you've probably heard that Mr. Dogg is coming to the 9:30 club on Dec 7 with Wiz Khalifa(insert pot joke here).

Throwback Thursday: "Come Go With Me"

While the Del Vikings original may be a little more legit, I think I'm partial to the "Saved By the Bell" version....

oh my gosh, you guys, i have a protege

this little girl does an amazing rendition of the "hell yes/hell no" face. i couldn't be prouder.


yeaaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

guys, found a new way to procrastinate/embrace your inner rapper. May I present: The Rap Board. The website features pictures of rappers with sound clips of their go-to ad libs. It's pretty amazing and will definitely inspire my throwback for later on today. In the meantime, go check out the site and let us know @thisisourjamdc what your sound bite would be if you were on the rap board (mine would be holla holla, obvi).  My personal favorite is Busta or Pharrell (yesssir) and I'm crossing my fingers they put my boy Chris Brown up there soon (leggo!).

thanks to for bringing this into our lives
BONUS: There's going to be an app for this!  Stacey, when you finally get an iPhone, this needs to be the first app you download. No questions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

this is my cover jam (and i'm OBSESSED)

sometimes gchat says it all: 

me: um you've gotta be effing kidding me. JVM cover of "someone like you". today is a good day
Krista: oooooooooo
Krista: um this is freaking beautiful
me: i know
Krista: makes me want to curl up on a blanket on the floor in front of a fire with the snow falling outside and a mug of hot chocolate in my hands
me: as if "whip my hair" wasn't enough, JVM has to give us another perfect rendition of an already perfect song

Someone Like You (Adele Cover) by James Vincent McMorrow on Grooveshark

We Love Wednesday: The Rockettes

I'm not tall enough to be a Rockette (you have to be between 5'7" and 5'9", so that would take some serious growing on my part), so I can cross that life goal off my list (womp -- at least I can actually accomplish going to every baseball stadium in the country). But I'm fascinated by these girls and their kicklines. It just wouldn't be the Thanksgiving Day Parade or Christmas season without them.

we love wednesday: kalob griffin band

My super cool coworker told me about the Kalob Griffin Band (KGB for short--I can't resist a nerdy spy reference) who just happen to be playing at Hill Country in D.C. on Friday.

And who will be there to see this folksy/bluegrassy band jam? This girl!

Check out "Whiskey My Love":

And as a bonus, they do a cover of "Wagon Wheel". Love.

We Love Wednesday: Beirut

So I got a ton of new music this past weekend and one of the albums I can't stop listening to is "The Rip Tide" from Beirut. I've been listening to "Santa Fe" on repeat allll day.

To accompany my current Beirut obsession I've been watching all of their take-away shows on Blogotheque. (If you haven't watched take-away shows ever, DO IT. NOW. SERIOUSLY, RIGHT NOW. They are quite possibly the best live music sessions I have ever seen. It is taking all my willpower to not watch every single one for the entire a little distracted with the Phoenix set.) Anyway, the Beirut ones are particularly awesome because the lead singer, Zach Condon, speaks wonderful French. As a result, these were my gchats to Kristen today:
Krista: Kristen.
i think i'm in love.
but really.

...seriously people, give me a guy that can sing AND speak french AND can look hot while playing a ukulele and I'm set.

If you like Beirut, join us in stalking Craiglist for tickets to their two sold out shows at 9:30 Club December 13&14.

In the meantime, seriously go watch some take-away shows. Your life will be so much better.

this is my (NEW MUSIC) jam

Got some new music for ya from The Big Pink.  I've loved them since their song "Dominos" (and the subsequent Nicki Minaj remix) and their new jam "Hit The Ground (Superman)" is just as awesome.  Already listened to it seven times this morning. Check it:

Hit The Ground (Superman) by weallwantsome1
(via We All Want Someone To Shout For)

Look out for their new album, Future This,  January 17!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

these are our waking up jams

Now that the days are getting shorter it means that it's dark when we wake up and SO much harder to get out of our warm and snuggly beds in the morning. Here are the songs that help us wake up in the morning before we've had our coffee.

Let's be real here- we wake up in the morning so that we can go to work and get paid. (Get Money + Get Paid, people) Given that, this Aloe Blacc song is the perfect motivation to roll out of bed in the morning. (I have to post the Cee-Ro remix because I love it and am a little too tempted to break the dance move out on the metro)

(Side note: Please watch this Aloe Blacc music video just for the dancing child. LOVE.)

So I realize that this is kind of a downer of a song, BUT just try singing along (very loudly, hopefully not while stuck in traffic) and tell me that you're not a little more energized.

We got to pick Kristen's song today so we chose her jam from a playlist that she listens to on the reg. Let's be real, this band is Scandinavian so there's already an 83% she would have picked this song.

meet my future child:

(via Imaginary Frend)

Monday, November 14, 2011

no really, this is my jam

So I've been on an Australian kick since my post this morning and CANNOT STOP listening to Owl Eyes. She was so presh doing her Foster the People cover, but I really really like some of their original tunes. Can't wait for them to (fingers crossed) start touring in the U.S. (orrrrr I could just go to Australia, my Australian GPS, Nigel, could certainly help me out...)

(Bonus a little collab-izzle with Illy, may be my new anthem)

DOUBLE BONUS: Another Australian jam from Jinja Safari, "Hiccups":

(Thanks Madi, you are now our newly-appointed Australian music correspondent)

a very katy perry monday

Since it's already mid-November, I've started to think of all the things I'm thankful for in preparation of my favorite holiday.

Today I've decided I'm thankful for Katy Perry, and though you might be skeptical, here are my reasons why.

1) She makes Russell Brand way more bearable.
2) Thanks to Katy Perry we can all continue to jam out while listening to Blaine kill "Teenage Dream" on Glee.
3) Without Katy Perry one of my all-time fave bands, Snow Patrol, wouldn't be able to give us this sick cover of the not-so-fab "Last Friday Night".

Snow Patrol – Last Friday Nite (Katy Perry cover) (BBC Live Lounge) by CoverMe

and finally...
4) Katy's newest video gives me another vessel to stare at Diego Luna's hotness.

Like a Version is my jam

Like any normal American, I have a weakness for accents. True Life: My GPS is named Nigel and speaks to me in an Australian accent (although I think he’s coming down with something…he has to recalculate an awful lot lately…). Anyway, given these facts it’s no surprise that I’m slightly obsessed with a segment from the Australian radio show, Triple J, called “Like a Version”. They have bands come in and do some great great covers. Check out some of my most favorites:

Owl Eyes cover of “Pumped Up Kicks”:

(why are there SO MANY awesome covers of this song?!?)

Plan B cover of Kanye’s “Runaway”:

This cover by the Kooks of “Kids” by MGMT has literally been one of my favorite covers EVER. So happy to realize that it originated on Triple J.

this is my latest jake owen jam

One of my crowning achievements of this summer was turning Krista on to Jake Owen's "Barefoot Blue Jean Night." She even put it on a playlist without my urgent insisting. One point: Stacey.

I'm digging Jake's new single, "Alone With You," since "Barefoot Blue Jean" makes me sad that it's not summer anymore. And the Tim Riggins look still isn't a bad thing.

Happy Monday!!

oh, GOOD MORNING.  Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.  Travis Birkenstock came to visit and gave me lots and lots of awesome new music, so get ready for lots of fun stuff on TIOJ this week.

To start things off, a jam from the "And Then There Was Bass" album (a poor mans Jock Jams of the 80's).  Hope that "Wall 2 Wall Booty" describes your weekend and wakes you up this morning:

Travis and I may or may not have been blasting this from my car as we drove around the airport at 10 mph waiting to pick up the rest of the Birkenstock clan...and then proceeded to put on this jam when the parents got in the car. They loved it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

these are our wanderlust jams

Guys, Matt Lauer has had us so inspired (or jealous, depends on how you look at it) this week because he gets to jet all over for "Where in the Wold is Matt Lauer." So to help us cope, we've spent all week dreaming of traveling somewhere new (or going back to visit some of our faves), hopefully getting there by way of the NBC jet (we wouldn't be opposed to hanging out with Matt and Savannah Guthrie the whole time either). We want to go to there.

Jet on over to The FFJD for more deets.

What are your wanderlust songs? Holler @thisisourjamdc so we can dream about traveling to more places.

guys...what did we DO last night?

see also: hangover jams

Thursday, November 10, 2011

PBR + Patrick Swayze = DUH

True Life: We just watched this eight times in a row for hip-shakin' tips to get pumped for Hood Internet tonight. We recommend you do the same.

Throwback Thrusday: "Gossip Folks"

Missy Elliott, I miss you. Please come back into my life.

Seriously dudes, this was one of my favorite videos on TRL back in the day.

Also, can we talk about how the girl dancing in this video has grown up so much and now apparently plays basketball with Michelle Obama. Well done, dancing role model, well done.

throwback thursday: ruff endz

Earlier this week I happened to have a dinner date with my college roommate where we ate rolls and rolls of takeout sushi, made our own version of a gin bucket (no apologies) and watched Center Stage. Blissful, right?

The best part of this whole shindig (I mean...besides our yelling at creepy Cooper every change we got "As a boyfriend, you kind of suck!" and lamenting over Ben's man-dimples) was that when the climactic dance scene came on I was reminded just how awesome 90s ballad "If I Was the One" by Ruff Endz truly is. I can't think of a song I'd rather see cute man-ballerina Charlie dance to.

a little brady brunch to start your throwback thursday...

um, this is the best start to Throwback Thursday ever. ever. ever.

Not gonna lie guys, I LOVE the Brady Bunch. I also happen to love brunch. So, you can imagine my shock and awe when I found out that Barry Williams a.k.a. Greg “something suddenly came up” Brady is currently performing for audiences in Missouri over brunch. Yes, you read that correctly. Brady.Brunch.Missouri. Watch the video for more deets.

I can’t decide if I should be excited about this combo or sad that this is what Barry’s life has become (I thought he had something special going as the manager on S Club 7…). Meh, I feel like over eggs benedict and a pitcher of mimosas this would be awesome. Road trip to Missouri anyone?!?!

(thanks Gawker)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Love Wednesday: PS22 Chorus


Seriously, how fun does this look (and WHO is this teacher who brings this awesome music to these kids? I want to be his friend)

LOVE the little boy with the good)

Twin Door Cinema Club:

New Colplay jam:

Kristen and I may have spent, um, a lot, of time watching all of their songs. SO GOOD.

new(ish?) music from walk the moon!

Since the fellas from Walk the Moon are basically the funny-face making unofficial mascots of TIOJ, Krista and I were shocked, appalled and really effing excited to discover a new (to us, at least) track by WTM. Check out "Anyway I Can" below, and please, don't forget to appreciate Nicolas's glasses.

We Love Wednesday: Where in the World is Matt Lauer

As you kiddies know, we love the Today Show. Choreographed goodbye numbers, a budding bromance, and dressing up as the royal family for Halloween -- they can't go wrong. And this week is the best week of all Today Show weeks every year -- Where in the World is Matt Lauer? week!

I want to go (back) to there.

Picture this: as we've turn on the TV every day this week, bleary-eyed and caffeine-deprived, we all yell out where with think Matt is going to be. We're usually off by about 6,000 miles. So far this week, Matt's been to Namibia, Madrid, and Kuala Lumpur. Tomorrow I'm guessing he'll be in North America somewhere -- maybe Wawota, Canada (you know, so he can say hi to the Laichs) -- or maybe an island somewhere (my money's on Cuba -- Matt should check in on Fidel).

apparently, a common greeting in Kuala Lampur is "have you eaten?"
sounds like home...

we love wednesday: joseph gordon-levitt

yeah so, this really kind of made my morning day life.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Election Day

Did you vote today, guys?? Either way - we have something else for your consideration.

In case you haven't heard, Detroit Lions fans are protesting having Nickelback play at the halftime of their Thanksgiving game.  Speaking as someone who attended this Thanksgiving tradition last year (Kid Rock performed when I was there, which I would have normally been opposed to but Michiganders have an unshakable love for their fellow Detroitsman (is that a word?), Mr. Rock).  Anyway, I fully support this protest and am endorsing the new campaign from our new fav, Mayer Hawthorne.  Mayer is from Detroit and is trying to bring some good music to this lovely day of turkey and football.

Check out his campaign video and show your support. #Mayer4Detroit

the hood internet is our jam

Guys. If you couldn’t tell before, I LOVE mashups. More specifically, I dig the Hood Internet. They mash up mostly hip hop and indie music (aka my two fav things)- so, yeah, they’re baller. Anyway, I’m obnoxiously excited to see them live this Thursday and figured I would share some of my favorite songs that they’ve put out over the years.

The Hood Internet - Invented You Now (Trey Songz x Cut Copy) by hoodinternet

The Hood Internet - Back That Sleepyhead Up (Passion Pit x Juvenile) by hoodinternet

The Hood Internet - Decalogue (The Hood Internet vs The 2000s) by hoodinternet

Aren’t they fun?!?! If you’re in DC and want to come dance with me and the Hood Internet at U St Music Hall, buy your tickets here. (they’re $10. no excuses, jam like a champion)

this is my jam without words

As far as jams go, we don't discriminate. Some songs are just too cool for words. Literally.

Kristen: "Trembling Hands" by Explosions in the Sky--wordless and so so good. The first time I heard it I loved it so much that I didn't notice there were no words until it was already over.

"Balkan Lowrider Anthem" by Alaska in Winter gets an honorable mention if only for the fact that I'm endlessly entertained by the music video which features crafty drum skills and a vaguely russian fur hat.

Krista: When all else fails and I don't know what to listen to, I literally put this song on repeat (I think 15x is my record so far) and life is immediately oh so happy.

Stacey: Most of the instrumental music in my iTunes is from when I was teaching ballet to five year olds, so there are more than a couple versions of "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Skip to My Lou" (I'm pretty sure I also have an instrumental Hokey Pokey...). It's great when those come up on random. But when I really want to go wordless, I go the bluegrass route, namely Alison Krauss and Union Station. "Chocktaw Hayride" is one of my faves.

Monday, November 7, 2011

these are our mellow monday jams

We hope you guys have been recovering well from falling back and daylight savings time (for real, I just don't get it and my body has no idea what time it's supposed to be... I also haven't changed my watch yet). To help you through this Monday morning, we've compiled a playlist of some of our favorite mellow Monday jams. At least it's sunny out.

Fore more on this playlist and a ton of other awesome writing, check out the blog for The Writer's Center!

ode to justin bieber

With all of the recent news about Justin Bieber's alleged baby mama drama, is anyone else wondering if the Biebs is going to have to take a page out of his mentor Usher's book and come out with "Confessions part III"?

the blow is my jam

Happy Monday, lovers.

I'm in an inexplicably good mood today (okay, so the extra hour of sleep I got this weekend and the fact that my office is a ghost town mayyyy have a tiny bit to do with it...) Something that is only adding to my bliss is the early-morning discovery of "Hock It" by the Blow. Try as I might, I really can't contain myself--Let the morning desk-dancing begin.

Concert Recap

So TIOJ was at yet another concert last night. This time: THE DRUMS at Black Cat. If you're not familiar, the Drums are an awesome indie band from Ohio (seriously, WHAT is in the water in Ohio? Black Keys, Walk the Moon...Ohio is where it's at lately). They kind of sound and feel like they would belong on the soundtrack to any John Hughes movie (specifically, I can see the lead singer fitting in perfectly to the dance sequence in The Breakfast Club).

Anyway, they played a lot of songs from both their new and old albums and it is SOOOO hard to pick my favorites. Let's see "Forever and Ever Amen" was my fav before the show and I feel like I have to post the video just so you can begin to get a sense of the baller, carefree dance moves of the lead signer. I was taking some serious mental notes and will be practicing while I load the dishwasher this week.

(As a side note, I love that their videos have the same 80s vibe that the Summer Camp videos have. Those groups should collaborate or something. Oh wait, they did.)

The crowd also LOVED their new jam, "Money" (bonus points for the prevalence of jorts in this music video).

I was happiest when they came back on for their encore and played "It Will All End In Tears". Can't get it out of my head and don't want to.

Finally, I have to comment on the percussionist of the group.  The tambourine-playing young man was wearing a three-quarter sleeve mock turtleneck.  I repeat, mock turtleneck.  TIOJ normally takes serious pause with this particular fashion choice (see our (totally sober) tweets on the subject from this weekend).  However, this dude somehow sort of pulled it off...think his apparent ambivalence at being on stage and slowly shaking his tambourine helped his cause.  And that's all I have to say about that.
note the mocked-turtleneck fellow with his arms crossed in shame for
not wearing a deep-V like a normal hipster

Next Up: The Hood Internet at U St. Music Hall (check out All Things Go for tickets and deets!)

happy monday!

FYI Stacey and Kristen, THIS is how I do dishes when you guys aren't in the apartment...doubt that you're surprised.

(via Gawker)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

no really, this is my jam

so TIOJ doesn't have Tivo, which means we get to watch lots and lots of commercials (when we're not flipping back and forth between 3 different HIMYM episodes) and thankfully some of these commercials have some great music, which is how I found my new jam, "Ahead of the Wave".

Friday, November 4, 2011

kim kardashian and kris humphries' breakup playlist

So unless you've been living under a rock this week, you are well aware that Kim and Kris are donezo. Since we all know that an important component to breakup recovery is listening to some pretty depressing, emo-tastic music while eating even more amounts of chocolate than you do on the reg, we've compiled a breakup playlist to help the entire Kardashian krew through this hard time. We think that everyone holding a vigil at DASH would also benefit from it.

"My Heart Will Go On" - Celine Dion
if Kim can learn anything from Rose, it's that despite ships crashing into icebergs and the NBA lockout, hearts do indeed go on
"Fuck You" - Lilly Allen
wonder if that's what all the wedding guests are thinking after dropping thousands of dollars on matching his-and-hers diamond-encrusted toasters
"Gold Digger" - Kanye West
at least Kim and Kris listened to Kanye and went for the pre-nup (holla we want pre-nup, yeah)
"Don't Fuck With My Money" - Penguin Prison
what was that you said, Ryan Seacrest?

"Song for the Dumped" - Ben Folds Five
do we think Kim is saying "give me my money back" to E! or the other way around?
"Fuck You" (Cee Lo cover) - Anjulie
that's what the people in Vegas who bet the marriage would last seventy-THREE days are saying
"Back to Black" - Amy Winehouse
we're still pulling for Kim and Reggie Bush, just sayin'...
"Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga
we're pretty sure that this should've been a warning sign....

"Diamonds Are Forever" - Arctic Monkeys
even Kim's 20.5 carat one

"On to the Next One" - Jay-Z
our life motto... always such good advice. now Jay-Z, just please please please make sure that Beyonce never has to say this. We may lose all hope for happiness in the world and in our future marriages if that happens. We're just thinking about Beyjayfet.

We're actually legitimately sad about our favorite indie music couple (Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard, duh) breaking up this week. So while you're eating your fro-yo and watching "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" on repeat on E!, we'll be sitting in the dark in our hipster glasses and skinny jeans listening to Death Cab and She&Him. Tell us if you have any songs suggestions for us cry to @thisisourjamdc.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Semi-Charmed Life"

This is another one that I didn't (and still don't...) necessarily know all the words, but I think I'm okay with that at this point...

Throwback Thursday: "Work Out"

My jam for today is a new one from J. Cole (who’s blowing up lately) and it’s perfectly fitting for Throwback Thursday since it throws back to two classics: Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” and Kanye’s “Work Out Plan”. Work it out now.

Kanye'd By The Bell

Inspired by Throwback Thursday and Bieber's remix of "Otis" yesterday, I would like to present one of my new favorite tumblrs, Kanye'd By The Bell.

MY FAV EPISODE: who wouldn't want to get stuck in mall waiting for U2 tickets?!?

this is my road trip jam

I just got back from a lovely (ridiculously snowy) road trip to New England with my college roommates. "Teeth" by Lady Gaga comprised about 60% of our roadtrip playlist.

So wonderful.

these are the caps' jams

Yep, another video about the Caps -- sorry I'm not sorry. So do you remember that that the Caps used to celebrate to "Beat Dat Beat" after they won? You can thank John Carlson and his iPod for that. (We also know the guy who happens to push play.... nbd.) Now are you wondering who has the best iPod of anyone on the team? I was... until I saw this. (side note, my favorite part is that they make fun of Chimmer being from Edmonton. Poor guy.)

the cutest thing you'll watch all morning

Guys, I just died of happiness a little bit. Brooks Laich + Alex Semin (he speaks and isn't surly!) + children playing hockey. Just be a little more precious, Brooksie, I dare you.

And Brooksie, the "beautiful" at the end? Are you just talking about yourself?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Call me Zack Morris, I'm savin' ya by the bell"

so there is some controversy swirling around the biebster today and while TIOJ can neither confirm nor deny the paternal prowess of J-Biebs, we can confirm that this video of him rapping to "Otis" is baller.

We (Don't) Love Wednesday: People Breaking Up

No, I'm not talking about Kim and Kris (although some people are taking that really hard). I'm talking about the adorable couple whose marriage lasted for two years (not 72 hours), Death Cab for Cutie frontman, Ben Gibbard & the adorbs Zooey Deschanel. (Travis Birkenstock is blaming Fox for the split) I'm so sad to see these two splitting and as a tribute to them have my fav (and kinda fitting) songs from their respective groups. Enjoy and keep praying that Jay-Z and Beyonce never break up.

Death Cab for Cutie:

grrr, Ben, why couldn't you just follow her into the dark.

She & Him:

okay, I'm going to Stay Young, Go Dancing, and remember how much I love Death Cab...and how excited I am for the She & Him Christmas album.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

these are our wale jams

In honor of our fave DC-er Wale's new album dropping today, we present you with our Wale jams. We fell in love with him a little (lot) when he took sleepy little Williamsburg by storm in his color-blocked/rasta/Cosby-esque sweater:

Wale, K'Naan, and the back of a lot of heads of people that were taller than us.

Before we get into our picks for today, please enjoy "The Break Up Song":

"90210" is hands down my fave Wale jam! It was the first Wale song I ever heard and no other jams will be able to eclipse it in my heart.

Since Wale and I both hail from (suburbs of) this wonderful city, I'm going to have to go with his standard (not sure that I can say "classic" yet... but so so soon), "D.C. Chillin.'" Bonus points that Lady Gaga isn't (too) weird in this video (and that there are images of D.C. all over), that Ryan Zimmerman uses this for his walk-up, and the line, "they keep saying whale buy my name Wale." Close runner up: Wale's rendezvous with Waka Flock Flame for "No Hands."

I've been digging the new jams off of Wale's new Ambition album including "That Way" and "Lotus Flower Bomb" and have serious plans to bug my rap-loving friends to burn me this CD asap. In the meantime, my favorite from his last album is "Let It Loose" featuring my main man, Pharrell.

Bonus: Love this Wale remix to Schwayze's "Buzzin'" - they'll be at Rock & Roll Hotel tomorrow if you're looking for a concert!

CapFABB Challenge: Leather

TIOJ is proud to be a member of CapFABB, a group for fashion and beauty bloggers in the DC area. Yeah, yeah, we realize that we don't blog about anything related to fashion or beauty...minor details. Give us an excuse to look at pretty blogs and go to fashion shows, and we're in. I mean, c'mon it's not like models walk down runways in silence--they need our jams to inspire them to strut their stuff.

Anyway, one of the cool things that CapFABB does is a monthly challenge to incorporate a trend into your daily look. Now, since we don't quite blog about fashion and beauty, we decided to put a TIOJ spin on the challenge and bring you our favorite music videos featuring leather ensembles.

Our first video is the forever classic red leather jacket from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video:

Second, the music video that pretty much dominated our adolesence: Britney Spears in "Oops!...I Did It Again." While her orange catsuit might not tecccchnically be leather, there is no way we could not include it on this list.

Let's also remember how much B Spears and Jimmy Fallon love leather

Finally, Diamond Rings is one of our favorite musicians lately. Not only is his music wonderful and our go-to metro music, but he also has incredible style that any CapFABB-er would love. This video for "Something Else" features him rocking out in a great leather jacket and killer rainbow eye makeup. We are normally pretty wary of men in leather jackets, but he can certainly pull this look off.

Have any other music videos with leather ensembles that you love? Tweet us @thisisourjamdc and let us know. In the meantime, keep being adventurous with your fashion and beauty, but just remember to be verrrry careful if you try to rock tight leather pants.

this is my cover jam

Britney Spears' "Toxic" holds a really special, high school shaped place in my heart (picture an eighteen-year-old boy doing the robot to it, then think of high school dance teams.... and that's a pretty accurate summary of my sophomore year). So you can imagine my excitement when one of our fave blogs, Wit+Delight, posted a lovely Yael Naim Dubstep remix of it (just ignore the picture on the youtube video)... so. good.

morning music

good morning people! over the past few weeks I've been going through my iTunes for TIOJ inspiration and it's been so much fun- I keep finding all these amazing songs that get hidden beneath all of the new music that I download.  Here's a jam from one of my favorite groups, Rogue Wave.  The song is so easy and the perfect thing to listen to with your hands wrapped around a warm mug of coffee.

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