Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!


Happy Halloween! We brought you a not so scary video from Summer Camp to prep your for this spooky holiday last week and now we have a legit Halloween video from Summer Camp to start your Halloween off right. Grab your candy corn and enjoy.

Don't forget to check out our Halloween playlist for more spooky scary jams

Concert Recap

So this weekend TIOJ traveled over to Silver Spring to check out Chromeo, Mayer Hawthorne, and Breakbot at the newly opened Fillmore. For the record, the Fillmore is reallllly nice. Besides being in Silver Spring (blech) and having crazy expensive drinks (womp), it's really cool inside and we were digging all the Urban Outfitter-esque chandeliers that were everywhere. Now, to the music:

The first opener was Breakbot, who dj'd some fun tunes and we mostly enjoyed watching an awkward married man trying to break it down in his L.L. Bean polo. Dude had moves like Jagger Grandpa. This song was my jam:

The kings of the night were definitely Mayer Hawthorne. I wasn't familiar with the band before but they immediately won me over with their matching preppy coral outfits (can't hate a singer in a bowtie...) and their interaction with the crowd. The group is a really cool mix of contemporary music and motown-y vibes. Their little ditty "Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'" was my favorite pretty much because they had a dance sequence to go along with it and if you know me at all by now, you know I'm a sucker for cute dance moves.

just ain't gonna work out...

 And to on to THE reason we went out to Silver Spring: CHROMEO. Dudes were obviously awesome. The entire crowd was having so much fun including the guy next to me dressed as Edward Cullen (glittery face and all) who may or may not have been carrying around a Barbie dressed as Bella...I can't even describe how much fun their set was but I will say that the guy who came dressed as Dave 1 in the "Night by Night" video probably had quite the evening.
"you're a hot mess"

Friday, October 28, 2011

happy weekend!

are you ready for halloween??

weeeeee it's Halloween weekend!! Hope you're as excited as we are.  Stacey's going to be Rebecca Black aka "Friday" will be on a never-ending loop in our TIOJ heads this weekend. womp.

Anyway, you've probably got your costume and such all figured out by now, but have you got all of your other halloween bases covered??

Whether you plan on eating it, handing it out, or using it to soak up alcohol (i could go for some spooky boozy gummy worms right now...), candy is essential for Halloween.  Not sure which candy to purchase this year? Put on your Ron Swanson mask and let the lovely ladies of Parks and Rec help you decide:

"a lot of people don't know that ten people a year die from Pop Rocks..."


Halloween is the perfect time for themed drinks (anything with pumpkin spice and/or gummy worms is a-okay in our book). Check out these drank recipes from the crazytowns at the Today Show. (side note Hoda as Yoda...not sure how I feel about how realistic this looks)

Fun Fact: My mother called me at work to tell me about these recipes. She's the best.

Don't forget to check our Halloween jams to get you ready for this spooky scary weekend.

halloween halloween halloween halloween!

Happy Halloween, crazytowns! We really hope that you're ready to be spooky all weekend and eat lots of Reeses Pieces and dress up ("i'm a mouse -- duh")! What are you going to be? Maybe JulieTheCat Gaffney from D2: The Mighty Ducks? TIOJ has been preparing all week for seances and more pumpkin-y activities, and to keep us in a scary mood, we've come up with a playlist full of ghosties, ghoulies, and werewolf(ie)s. Did you know that Dead Man's Bones is Ryan Gosling's band? "Werewolf Heart" is kind of a creepy one, so look for that cute boy dressed as Ryan in Drive or The Notebook or Crazy Stupid Love if it gets to be too much to handle, and he'll be very comforting. We promise.

We've given you a few bonus songs to get to 13 (you know, so it's extra Halloween-y... and because we were trying to be like the 13 Days of Halloween on ABC Family. It has nothing to do with Bar Mitzvahs... okay, we lied. Maybe it does a little.). The last one is our favorite, and Krista and I may or may not sing it to each other all.the.time. Have a spooky scary Halloween!

As always, theFFJD has more on this playlist, so pop on over to her for more deets!

howla (get it? like holla?) at us about your Halloweens (and your fave spooky scary song) @thisisourjamdc!

birthday playlists are our jam

We were so excited when Liz asked us to make her a birthday playlist. We fell in love with her blog (furreal, go check out So Much To Smile About) when she posted some great summer jams, and we've been admirers of her fashion and music taste ever since! Plus, as you well know, we are adamant supporters of celebrating for the entire week before and after your actual birthday and fully endorse her week of birthday posts :) We sincerely hope this playlist inspires some serious birthday dance moves while celebrating.

Enjoy the birthday jams and holler @thisisourjamdc with your latest playlist go-tos! Happy birthday, Liz!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

this is the best music video ever. ever.

well played, Black Keys, well played.

Throwback Thursday: Halloween Costumes

just for funsies, may I present Travis Birkenstock as a Mighty Duck:

good work, Captain Duck

Throwback Thursday: "Everybody"

Confession: I was always kind of (really) creeped out by this music video, probably by the combination of the assault on the Thriller dance moves and Kevin Richardson as a Joker-esque type. But then again, Kev always looked a little creepy.

our new favorite bromance

We've said it before (often), but we love Justin Timberlake. And we also love Matt Lauer and the Today Show. Add those together and throw in a game show -- sold. (they talk about his movie for a while, blah blah -- just start at 4:30, it's where it gets good.)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Concert Recap

So I mayyyy have mentioned that I was going to see Ra Ra Riot and Yellow Ostrich. So yes, I went. Last night. 9:30 Club. It. Was. Awesome.

Yellow Ostrich isn’t that big yet (just wait, people) so we got to be front and center for their show and it was really cool to see how they did their layered vocals live. They played a lot of new songs that were great, but I loved loved loved hearing my favs “Whale” and “Mary”.
"Mary, you are doing drugs...You always seemed a little too happy..."

THEN, it true TIOJ fashion, we got to meet up with the lead singer, Alex, after they performed and got our standard awkward picture with him :)
grace was too excited to be awkward...

Ra Ra Riot was obviously awesome. This is the third time I’ve seen them and was by far the best performance. There was so much energy between the band and the crowd that literally ALL of my pictures are blurry. Whoops. Worth it.
"my bed's too big for just me..."
Next Up: CHROMEO. This should be interesting...

no really, this is my jam

Really digging "Hawaiian Air" by Friendly much so that I've basically been ignoring everything else on my Grooveshark for the past 48 hours. I'm not sorry.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Love Wednesday: My Second Favorite YouTube Video

guys, I know I've told you on numerous occasions about my favorite youtube video of.all.time. and now that Halloween is aroundthe corner, the time has come to reveal the runner-up for my fav youtube gem.

As an aside, this is how I plan to greet any and all trick-or-treaters that come to our door on Monday night. You were warned.

It seems I have a thing for unlikely characters dancing to pop music. If someone sends me a gorilla dancing to "Where Them Girls At" or old people lip syncing to Michael Buble (wait, that happened), I may die on the spot.

We Love Wednesday: Field of Dreams

Okay, so, posting this commercial feels kind of like sacrilege on several accounts, namely that it features a Yankees pitcher and promotes Pepsi over (Diet) Coke. But at the same time, it's Field of Dreams, probably the greatest movie ever made. And it isn't heaven, it's Iowa.

Best movie. If not, would it have made it into How I Met Your Mother's Bro Code? (Bro Code #41: A Bro never cries. Exceptions - watching Field of Dreams, ET, or a sports legend retire (only first time he retires).)

RA RA RIOT AND YELLOW OSTRICH TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm not excited or anything.

(from Sleepover Shows, they're awesome.)

(Big Ugly Yellow Couch- also baller)

can't waitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

this is my halloween movie/book jam

So Halloween is just around the corner- hope you have a killer outfit planned. We're crossing our fingers that we run into Don Draper, Tim Riggins, and/or Brooks Laich while we're out trick-or-treating this weekend. (get on it, boys)

To give you some inspiration for this spooky week ahead, here's a list of our favorite Halloween movies and books to get you in the candy-eating, pumpkin-carving spirit.

Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies of. all. time., only partly because it was the start of my girl-crush on Sandra Bullock. It also made me want to be a witch so that I could light candles without matches (I'm afraid of matches). Kristen and I found this movie on TV last night and I was so close to watching the entire thing, especially since I had just been thinking about the scene where they fly off the roof. But since I can't be a witch, I may just have to settle for midnight margaritas...

Hocus Pocus is without a doubt the most magical, entertaining Halloween movies out there. besides being the best Sarah Jessica Parker film to-date (eat your heart out, Sex and the City), Hocus Pocus has an unbeatable combination of campiness, great costumes (for your information, he's a little leaguer!), one-liners ( "I couldn't wear anything like that because I don't have any - what do you call them, Max? Yabbos?") and vintage pink-cheeked Timmy McGee from NCIS as big-brother Thackery Binx.

As if that wasn't enough, there's also quite an impressive coordinated dance sequence--and if history has taught us anything it is that TIOJ cannot resist one of those:

So my family had the baller tradition of reading lots and lots of Halloween books growing up (nerd alert! but really, halloween movies scare me...). One of the best books we read year in and year out was Dav Pilkey's classic, "The Hallo-Weiner" (the book should get a Pulitzer for best title, just sayin).
woof woof to
The story tells the harrowing tale of Oscar, the dachshund, who is feeling judged (a la Cady in Mean Girls) for his Hot Dog costume and has to prove to them that "while he may be short on height, he is long on heart". I highly recommend.

...And now that I have Mean Girls in my honorable mention for fav halloween book/movie and the inspiration for my costume last year:

ohgoodness.tumblr- you're so fetch. 

Halloween Week!

so I realize this song is not scary at all and I've already posted it, BUT it has the word ghost in the title and it's really good. Think that's good enough for now...saving the really good Halloween posts for later in the week.

Monday, October 24, 2011

no really, this is my jam

what's that you say? you need an awesome cover to help you get over your chronic case of the mondays? say no more.

you can thank us later :)

this is my monday jam

I tried to think of a witty blurb for this post. I really did. I wanted to say something about how Justin Nozuka was the first artist I found through Pandora who I was truly surprised by (check out his jam "After Tonight" and you'll understand why).

But alas, I can't even think of anything witty to say because guys--I'm completely and utterly addicted to Justin Nozuka's "Heartless" feat. India.Arie. I am obsessed. And I just want you to be obsessed to.

no really, this is my jam

on repeat.

Bonus: another baller RAC mix of this Theophilus London jam, "Why Even Try"

Friday, October 21, 2011

hark upon the gale!

williamsburg this weekend. we're. so. excited.

in the meantime, this is our colonial jam:

you had me at justin timberlake

new music: Free Sol feat. Justin Timberlake (see 0:49 the perf JT lyric)

these are our 90's movie jams

Okay, so you're probably going, "Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?" But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl. Raise your hand if you ever dreamed of having a computerized wardrobe like Cher's or wanted to go throw paint at a cute Australian boy (or if that's what you pictured -- or still picture -- teenage life to be like). Now listen to these jamz and daydream about a young Paul Rudd, a young(er) Richard Gere, and Freddie Prinze, Jr. and/or about beating Is-land at the Junior Goodwill Games.

Grab your Lisa Frank pencil case and go on over to The FFJD for more deets!

"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" - Heath Ledger (we miss you, Heath. come sing to us in a high school football stadium? you can buy us a tambourine, too)
"King of Wishful Thinking" - Go West (gahhh Pretty Woman is THE.BEST.EVER. so hard to pick our fav jam from that soundtrack)
"Canned Heat" - Jamiro Quai (the scene in Center Stage that features this song is the original version of "i just want to dance" in order to get over boy dramz, we approve)
"Kids in America" - The Muffs (Cher, I don't want to do this anymore. And my buns, they don't feel nothin' like steel.)
"Crazy" - Britney Spears (aww this takes us back to when Britney was the perfect fashion (and life) role model with her crimped hair and midriff tops..and before Adrian Grenier wasn't yet Vinny Chase but just a dude with lots of hair...those were the days)
"You Can't Hurry Love" - Dixie Chicks (the entire Runaway Bride soundtrack was our jam back in the day and this is a classic)
"Murder She Wrote" - Save The Last Dance Soundtrack (this is literally THE reason we got Netflix)
"We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" - Queen (Yes, we did have a Mighty Ducks marathon event, and while we differ on our favorites, they are quite possibly the best 90s kids movies ever made.)
"Jamaican Bobsledding Chant" - Wailing Souls (Cool Runnings is probably the main reason we love the Olympics so much...)
"Kiss Me" - Sixpence None the Richer (full disclosure: this song is not our jam, but it is pretty much the epitome of 90's movie chick flick songs, so we figured it was a requirement)

What are some other jams from 90s movies that you dig?? Tell @thisisourjamdc!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guest Playlist from Lady Grey and Travis Birkenstock

So jams runs in the TIOJ family and we are so happy to be featuring a guest playlist from two awesome DJs from Vermont's own WRUV: Lady Grey and Travis Birkenstock. This awesome duo has a great themed radio show every Sunday night (stream it here!) and we had to share their ballin' fall, pumpkin-spiced, leaves falling, caramel apple-themed playlist from their show last week.

Here's the tracklist from their show, which you can find on their tumblr, Musical Bears (add that shiz to your tumblr roll peeps, they post all their shows there and post some cool cool jams).

the Animal Collective cover and Rogue Wave song are my jamz

To put you in the fall mood, here are some pics from the GREAT PUMPKIN REGATTA that took place in Burlington last weekend. (Travis took me two years ago and it was awesome. I mean, watching people race in giant pumpkins while you sip apple cider is a no fail win-win situation.)

Sister Birkenstock

Throwback Thursday (guest post!): "My Baby Daddy"

From Travis Birkenstock:

I recently picked up a compilation of jock jams era(95-98) rap music from WRUV. If you need something annoying stuck in your head all day, check out this track.

...not sure how Trav finds all of these gems, but we certainly don't hate it. keep 'em coming.

throwback thursday: U2

A couple of really fantastic things happened in 1987.

1. I was born.
2. U2 released "With or Without You".

I am so happy 1987 brought that jam (perfect enough to serve as Ross and Rachel's song) into my life.

Throwback Thursday: "No Scrubs"

I was inspired to post this after hearing Karmin's sweet cover of TLC's jam, "No Scrubs". This song is awesome and I thank God every day that YouTube wasn't big when I made a remix of this song for my high school Biology class...(I can't get through the membrane (no), because I diffuse too slowly (yeah), so I need an opposite charge- so all the other sugars can get throughOOOOO)

hmm seriously considering TLC as a Halloween costume after this video...

An Open Letter (jam) to Bank of America

So given the super state of the economy right now, banks keep coming up with sneaky ways to get your money out of you.  I'm talking to you Bank of America- thanks for charging me to use my debit card on purchases so now I have to carry around more than one card when I go out (my "going out" wallet is small, BoA, multiple credit cards means I can't throw in that extra shade of lip gloss- grrrrrrr). 

In response to these changes banks are making, I have a jam to let em know how I feel:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Love Wednesday: Mike Posner

This week, Stereogum posted an awesome list of Beyonce covers but it was missing one of my favorites from former Blue Devil frat boy, Mike Posner. Check it:

Seriously, don't discount Mike because of some of his tool-ish antics (c'mon guys, Bow Chicka Wow Wow is super catchy)- his jams are so fun and I love love this one:

Bonus: Mike's Remix of The Fray's "Cablecar (Over My Head)"

We Love Wednesday: "Moves Like Jagr"

So, some back story. Once upon a time, the Washington Capitals made not their best summer signing and they signed Jaromir Jagr, a former Pittsburgh Penguin (blech) who was supposed to be wonderful and turn the entire organization around. He sucked. Finally, they got rid of him, the Alexes (Ovechkin and Semin) came instead, and Jagr went on his merry way to New York then Russia. Then Jagr, at age 62 (okay, 39) decided he wanted to play in the NHL again, and he signed with the Flyers (vom). The Caps play the Flyers tomorrow.

You're all caught up. This brings us to "Moves Like Jagr":

And in case your wondering on that hit that they keep replaying... it was during the Olympics, Russia vs. Czech Republic. Obviously, I wanted Russia to win (Alex Ovechkin and the motherland, duh). As my dad said, Ovie's hit on Jagr was like payback for the entire Washington organization and fanbase. So wise, J-Dawg. And probably the best hit ever.

PS, thank you to Russian Machine Never Breaks for reminding me of all of this! And please watch my boyfriends play tomorrow night, they need your love.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

this is my (commuting to work) jam

Commuting to work is never fun (unless you work from home in which commuting is stumbling from your bed to the coffee pot in your pajamas while your computer turns on...), especially here in the DMV where we're #1 for most time spent in traffic(hollllller). Given that lovely statistic, it's clutch to have good jams to get you through your morning, evening, and sometimes even lunchtime commute. Here are our favs:

There's a scientific formula for what makes a good metro song great. it is as such: 5% good beat to walk to on the way to metro (gotta strut your stuff), 25% memorable lyrics (too early to listen to a song that is dull), 50% swagger (um, duhsies). the remaining 20% that would be dependent on the songs danceability while you're carrying your purse, lunch, travel mug, copy of the express and smart trip card, all the while clinging to the 5 square inches of metro pole you've been alotted. "You & Me" is a clear winner.

I'm totally that girl breaking it down in her car to offensive rap songs/doing the semi-inconspicuous head bob on Metro to some indie jams and so not ashamed of it. One of my favorites, with a fitting title for this theme tuesday is "Turnstiles" by DJ Bahler who mashes up my favs, Matt & Kim ("Block after Block"...another fitting title) with Iyaz and LCD Soundsystem. Try to control your car shimmying as you listen to this jam...or don't, I won't judge.

My commute usually consists entirely of the Kane Show, Samy being ridic, and all of 99.5's latest jams (LMFAO, yes please). But when I need that extra kick in the morning (or when every radio station has commercials -- for real, why are they always at the same time?), I bust out one of TIOJ's favorites with "Quesadilla."

holler @thisisourjamdc with what songs get you through your commute!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mashup Monday: 3LAU

So it's Monday...blerg.  Can't really help ya there, but we can give you this sweet mashup that blends together some of our favorite weekend jams to help you get ready for the week ahead...or to just reminisce about the good(ish) choices you made this past weekend and whether or not that mystery number in your phone will call you up for drinks later this week...

these are my stevie wonder jams

We may or may not have rocked out to Stevie Wonder with a cab driver this weekend. It only seemed fitting since Stevie was in D.C.

Friday, October 14, 2011


You might not be able to make out what baby Ryan Gosling is saying here, but I hear him loud and clear. He's saying, "HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYBODY!" Trust me on this.

these are our road trip jams

Happy weekend, kiddies! What are your plans? Any road trips coming up? Because if so, we have some tunes for you! Whether you're checking out wineries/seeing leaves change/doing fall things or moving across the country to Arizona like our friend Lauren is (the inspiration for this playlist... while you're at it, check out her blog, 24th Street Design -- it's pretty baller), use these jams to kick off your road trip (and we swear it's just a coincidence that several of them mention North Carolina... we like the DMV much more).

As always, FFJD has more on this Friday's playlist. Enjoy!

"I Can Lift a Car" -- Walk the Moon
"Girl Named Tennessee" -- Needtobreathe
"Back to the Time" -- Sons of Bill
"Go!" -- Common (feat. John Mayer and Kanye West)
"Carolina" -- Eric Church
"Mr. Jones" -- Counting Crows
"Just Say Yes" -- Snow Patrol
"This Modern Love" -- Bloc Party
"Heard Em Say" -- Kanye West (feat. Adam Levine)
"King of Spain" -- The Tallest Man on Earth
"No Diggity" -- Klaxons
"Wagon Wheel" -- Old Crow Medicine Show

Holla @thisisourjamdc with your go-to road trip jams, places we should visit, and ideas for future playlists!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Operation Dumbo Drop

In light of my recent skydiving adventure and the fact that I’ve been on an Air Force base all week, Operation Dumbo Drop has been on my mind (seriously guys, there’s a plane here that looks like the one that they used to fly Bo Tat around in after they gave her tranquilizers but then they wore off and she woke up and it was MADNESS-remember?!?!). Anyway, I feel like this movie pretty much speaks for itself. Elephants falling out of the sky. Danny Glover. Latent political/cultural issues. Doug E. Doug. Instant Disney classic. Adding to the Netflix (not Qwikster) queue now.

...Ray Liotta's kinda dreamy, just sayin...

Throwback Thursday: Paul Simon

When I learned it was Paul Simon's 70th birthday (thanks for the heads-up and baller covers, Cover Me Songs!), I thought of the first time I heard one of my favorite songs, "You Can Call Me Al" -- it was on VH1's Pop-Up Video (miss that show...), and then my brother sang it to me pretty often, telling me I could call him Al.... still not sure I understand that one.

Enjoy some Paul in honor of his berfday today (and for real, listen to the Noah and the Whale cover, so good)!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no really, this is my jam

So this was supposed to be on our FFJD Autumn playlist last week, but Grooveshark was PMS-ing a lil bit and didn’t have this jam from Oh Land available. SO here it is kiddies, a lovely autumn jam for ya:

AAAAND, it was just announced that Oh Land is coming back to DC soon, check out our Upcoming Shows tab for the deets!

We Love Wednesday: Kenny Chesney and Football

Kenny Chesney loves football, and I love his football-related music videos (and most football-related things that aren't actually watching football, ahem Friday Night Lights). Just try to watch these without crying, I dare you.

(only a few football scenes in this one, but it'll still make you teary...)

We Love Wednesday: Marbles Hargrove

We can all agree that Bridesmaids was an awesome movie.  Not only did it solidify my girl crush on Kristen Wiig, but it also introduced the raunchy comedy side of Melissa McCarthy that we had never really seen after her years of her playing Sookie on Gilmore Girls.  Since Bridesmaids, Melissa has been on a roll - Emmy win, hosting SNL, you know the drill.  However, this woman has always been hilarious and thanks to YouTube (and, we have proof of her genius.  Enter, Marbles Hargrove.

…Randy, can you play that compact disc??

(Side note: pretty sure Marbles inspired this Ranch-loving character from her SNL appearance)

shut the front door

The interwebs are being so good to me today.

Not only has Cover Me Songs bestowed upon me a fabulous Damien Rice rendition of U2's "One":

One by u2mexico

...but Perez Hilton is also feeding my Joseph Gordon-Levitt addiction by posting this gem of a collaboration (en Francais!) with Anne Hathaway and Metaphorist. 

I. Die.

we love wednesday: battle of the clubs

Is it just me or does every other band nowadays seem to have "club" it their name?

As you can see by the playlist below, this is a rhetorical are my favorite "insert band name here" club songs!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

this is my disney jam

It's no surprise that we love Disney movies and songs... who doesn't? Here are a few more of our faves.


I am very anti-karaoke/singing in public in my old/20-something age. However, back in my youthful innocence I sang this song during a talent show at summer camp and it was glorious- the cute swim teacher told me I was good (he kindly overlooked the fact that I messed up the lyrics, a true gentleman). Anyway, this song brings back many happy memories of summer camp and pretending to be Ariel in the swimming pool.

Since choosing my favorite Aladdin song would be like choosing which of my (future) children I love the most, I'm going to have to go with ""Bonjour" from Beauty and the Beast instead. There's something enchanting about a poor, provincial town and Belle gives a bit of hope to little nerdy girls who love books. Love it.

And if you aren't convinced that this song could adapt to the times--bitches, you need to check out this recent spoof. Hey, girl!

I was in my ballet class yesterday and we started to do a relatively hard exercise when, all of a sudden, I heard instrumental Mulan coming from the CD player. Yes. Please. And the Christina version is a gem and a half (yes, I had her first album and listened to it and this song all the time).

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mashup Monday!!

As promised, I uncovered an entire CD of mashups from The Catalina Rhyme Mixers (thank ya, FMI Tracks!) You can stream/download the entire album from their Soundcloud.  Here is one of my favorite tracks (mostly because it features the music from my favorite youtube video evvvvver):

Bass Junkie (Dev, Wolfgang Gartner, Overwerk) by The Catalina Rhyme Mixers

animals talking in all caps IS MY JAM

hope your weekend went something like this...
seriously, check out animals talking in all caps- it is the best tumblr ever


Sunday, October 9, 2011

guess what I did this weekend...

Here's a playlist that I made for my weekend adventures, see if you can guess what I did:

Friday, October 7, 2011

this is my weekend jam

I'm not always the biggest Rihanna fan, but I'm really feeling "We Found Love," her latest single, as a weekend jam. Happy Friday! (and if you have Monday off, I'm so jealous.)

happy weekend!!

hope you guys have exciting plans this weekend (we sure do...stay tuned...)!!

here's a jam to get you ready for happy hour/sleeping in/pregames/dancing on tables/brunching:


Guys. Drop everything. My babygirl, Willow Smith, has a new single!! Didn't think life could get much better after "Whip My Hair", but then she added Nicki Minaj to her new jam. Well done, Willow, you make me proud.

Side note: This should SO be Katniss's theme for The Hunger Games movie. Right? Riiiiight?

these are our autumnal jams

It's finally fall (and Friday!)! When did that happen? We're (mostly) okay with it (the fall part, we're always okay with Friday) as long as it never rains again (for real, it's been rough on the hair). Things we're looking forward to this fall: pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin picking, wine tastings, apple picking, Halloween (we need ideas on what to be!), cuddling with cuties (has anyone else noticed that people start getting in snuggle-mode when the weather gets cold? we don't hate it...), road trips, boots, and pumpkin beer. And we think that these jams are the perfect soundtrack to all of those activities.

Holla at theFFJD for more fall happenings, and in the meantime, enjoy these jams as your weekend/fall soundtrack.

"Girl in Love" - Smith Westerns
"Lost in My Mind" - The Head and the Heart
"Dig a Little Deeper" - Peter, Bjorn, and John
"Carolina" - Ben Gibbard and Andrew Kenny
"Hey Ya" - Obadiah Parker
"Middle Distance Runner" -Sea Wolf
"Let My Love Open the Door' - M.Ward
"Undercover Martyn" - Two Door Cinema Club
"Steal My Kisses" - Ben Harper
"Keep Yourself Warm" - Frightened Rabbit
Follow us @thisisourjamdc and let us know what other fall jams you're listening to while baking pumpkin-flavored treats.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Mr. Jones (parts one and two)

Even though I'd guess that they aren't related, I like to think that the Mr. Jones in the Counting Crow's "Mr. Jones" is the same person as in Ben Folds' "Mr. Jones Part Two." Right?

The original:

And the sequel:

Unrelated: once I talked to Adam Duritz of Counting Crows (and Adam Levine from Maroon Five) on a conference call. Highlight of my life. Drop.

throwback thursday: newlyweds

Once upon a time not too terribly long ago, Jessica Simpson was happily married to Nick Lachey and you are LYING through your teeth if you didn't look at their relationship and think everything was right with the world.

My girlfriends and I were obsessed with Newlyweds in high school, and while we might have tried to pass off our interest in the show as a morbid curiosity thing, make no mistakes: we loved Nick and Jessica and a little part of us died when they split. No other celebrity couple has been able to fill that void.

In honor of Nick and Jess's once great love, here are a few things Newlyweds taught me:

Jessica, it isn't chicken, darling. And it is a stupid question.

There are bears when you go camping. This is what you sign up for. So no, Jessica, you can't bring kit-kats into the tent with you. And yes, "camping is when you get dirty."

My culinary skills are only mildly better than Jessica's:

R.I.P. Newlyweds. I speak for my generation when I say, we miss you.

Throwback Thursday: The Delevantes

So you've probably never heard of The Delevantes, but they're a wonderful band from Nashville and the main singer is part of a pretty pretty baller family (yeah...Bob Delevante is married my cousin, nbd). Anyway, their entire CD would blast through my house growing up and "Pocketful of Diamonds" was our favorite, maybe I'll break out the dance moves again here one day soon...

(seriously if you need some happy, twangy tunes- check out their entire album on Grooveshark!)

no really, this is my jam

so- I've been listening to new mashups this morning (get ready for an ENTIRE album of them on Monday, kids) and I was jamming out to one and thought hmmmm, I really like the song underneath this Top 40 track, let's investigate.  And here are the results of my skillful YouTubing prowess- "Lesson One" by Starsmith (side note: this video kind of makes me want to put on my flannel and go on an adventure)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Love Wednesday: Millionaire Matchmaker

Like normal people, TIOJ loves pretty much everything on Bravo included, but not limited to: Project Runway (minus Oliver this season. dude, you’re from OHIO- lose the accent and stop complaining about boobs), the Real Housewives (New Jersey is our fav-my sister may or may not have bought me a wife beater that says “Danielle’s Mafia” on it for Christmas last year…), Rachel Zoe Project (we wish she and/or her hot new assistant would be our live-in stylist), and Top Chef (umm, hello, Mike Isabella, Graffiatio,  However, our hands down favorite is Millionaire Matchmaker. 

We love Patti and her tell it like it is style and frequently scheme up ways to convince her to come to DC and do a Post-Grad Matchmaker (it would be brilliant.  Andy Cohen, get on it, ASAP, kthanks). Our favorite episode hands down this season was with Prince Max.  The prince, a strapping(ish) lad from Germany/Austria (confused? so was everyone on the show) came on the show to find someone that would love him for his true self rather than his “title”.  Patti, astutely gave him some tips to help him accomplish this goal.  First, stop wearing blazers with your family crest on them (duh).  Second, don’t tell the girls at the mixer that you’re a prince.  (Max was surprisingly shocked at this concept…Seriously Max, don’t pretend you haven’t seen “The Prince & Me” 87 times and dreamt of lying about your identity and living in a dorm with your butler and doing it in the library with Julia Stiles.  No? Well then.)  Anyway, Max follows Patti’s rules, meets a girl, dances with her, gives her an awkward “I’m a prince so it doesn’t matter how good my kissing is” kiss,  tells her his shocking secret, and they continue to dance and twirl around a la Beauty and The Beast…or something like that.

So that was stellar “reality” TV to begin with, but the best part was that the entire time Stacey and I kept thinking about this episode of 30 Rock where Jenna goes to Prince Gerhardt’s birthday party to try and seduce only to find out that the Prince is quite the not-so-hot mess due to eras of royal inbreeding.  Still, she goes with it and the scenes of her dancing for the enjoyment of the Prince were eerily reminiscent of the dancing scenes between chosen hottie and Prince “I love to daaaaaance” Max. Thus concludes our explanation for why we love Millionaire Matchmaker so much (and why you can find Stacey saying “I love to daaaaance” to each other in our best German/Austrian accents after a couple of whiskey gingers).  I mean, c’mon guys, can’t you see the princely resemblance?!?!
these princes put Will and Harry to shame...not.

…but seriously, Patti, please come to DC.

we love wednesday: best nicki minaj cover ever.

what do you get when combining adorable british children, nicki minaj's "suber bass", and princess/ballerina costumes? answer: my future children.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

these are the jams we thought we knew the words to...

Sometimes you think you know the words to songs. You sing it with all your might. And then, sadly, either a week or ten years later, you learn that Britney isn't singing "she's not that Aniston" about Jennifer Aniston, but she's actually saying "she's not that innocent." WHO KNEW? Not us, that's for sure.

I have an embarrassing confession. Until Stacey posted Gin Blossoms as her throwback jam way back in August, I honestly thought that one of Gin Blossoms' biggest hits, "Hey Jealousy," was called "Hey Chelsea." I ask you--in a song where the lead singer is declaring "You were the best I ever had," is it really all that unbelievable that Gin Blossoms would be singing to a specific girl? Enunciation never killed anyone, Gin Blossoms.

Another confession: I may or may not still sing "Hey Chelsea" when I hear this song. Old habits die hard.


True Life: I definitely thought that Hot Chocolate was saying "I believe in microbes, you sexy thangggg". Please don't judge me.

One of the most frequent videos watched in my house when I was little was a highlight reel of the Washington Capitals (go figure) and one of their playoff runs in the late '80s (side note, you have NO idea how excited I was to find that video. The music in it is pretty clutch.). My favorite player on the 1989-90 team was Dino Ciccarelli (because duh, his name sounded like a dinosaur), and the highlight reel featured Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Runnin' Down a Dream" (see: 08:47). But in my and my brother's heads, Tom was singing "Runnin' Down the Drain." It made sense. My brother sang, I danced, the Caps lost (womp)--pretty much your average sibling bonding.

Gossip Girl Recap: "Beauty and the Feast"

Some things that struck TIOJ about Gossip Girl's second episode last night:

1. Crazy Cousin Charlie (C3) has excellent taste in colored jeans, and busted taste in hats.

pink jeans, neon fedoras and serena van der woodsen's usual wtfness (thanks!)

COMMERCIAL BREAK from Krista: "Oh this commercial for 7 Up looks awesome, I love little babies with baller sunglasses, I will buy those for my future children...oh sweet, beatboxing, I love this commerical lalalalala...HOLD UP! That pimpin' baby grew up to be Cee Lo "Dinosaur Arms" Green?!?! Not okay, 7 Up, Not okay."

2. Couldn't Chuck find more appropriate hooligans to beat him up? Those two "really rough" guys (as Dan described them) looked like they graduated from UVA.

COMMERCIAL BREAK from Krista: "EWWWW Taylor Swift has a perfume now?!?! First of all, teen perfumes are SO not my jam. Second, Taylor you don't look "Wonderstruck", you look like a confused lamb, wait not lamb, gerbil or something less cute...Third, TO BE CONTINUED???? WHYYYYYYYYYYY."

3. I get that Blair is marrying into the Monegasque royal family, yadda yadda, but seriously, show...Princess Beatrice looked like the doppelganger of Charlotte Casiraghi (actual Monegasque princess). Art doesn't always have to imitate life.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Fake Charlotte Casiraghi aka Princess Beatrice

COMMERCIAL BREAK from Krista: "Kristen, what are we doing this wee-OMG IS THAT A NEW JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE MOVIE?!?!?!"

4. I get kind of sad when I see the current state of Dan Humphrey's appearance. His hair is kind of ridiculous and he's looking slightly manorexic (Danorexic?).But then I remember that Penn Badgley is currently shooting a Jeff Buckley biopic and I breathe a sigh of relief. I can handle a couple of months of Dan Humphrey unkempt-ness for the sake of music.


5. Krista and I both handled Blair's several morning-sickness scenes without batting an eyelash, and we weren't even too bothered when Chuck was getting the shit beat out of him. However, as soon as Nate started hooking up with Cougar-Whose-Name-I-Can't-Recall, we both got squeamish. So unnecessary. 

put those AWAY, Hurley. (

lyrics that aren't lyrics are our jam

This is what we sound like before our coffee in the morning. Or when we're channeling Snooki.

PS, looove the guitarist's glasses. I want them for New Year's.

Monday, October 3, 2011

this is my mellow monday jam

Confession: I wouldn't hate it if James Vincent McMorrow were to serenade me one day. Just sayin'.

no really, this is my jam

Guys. This is song is awesome. Seriously- I actually purchased it on iTunes this weekend. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

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