Friday, September 30, 2011

these are our workout jams

So even though bikini season may be over, you gotta keep working out to keep those skinny arms skinny, my dears. Whether your workout inspiration is being able to out-run people at the next sample sale, finding time to read the latest Cosmo, or the hot guy that’s always on the elliptical next to you (surrriously, that’s ours. We’ve named him Matt. He’s beautiful. We’ll post the wedding pics soon.)- we hope that this playlist helps you power through your workout. You have time to get one more workout in before this weekend starts!

Do some lunges (check 0:36 for a tutorial) over to theFFJD for more deets on this playlist.

“Workout Plan” – Kanye West
“Don’t Stop the Fancy Footwork” – The Hood Internet
impossible not to move during a Rihanna/Chromeo mashup
“Get Ready to Go Low” – The White Panda
more mashups, yes please
“Pass Out” – Chris Brown
c-breezy might be singing about passing out, but this song is the perfect jam to help you power through your workout
“Magic” – B.o.B.
kind of cheesy but will SO help you get up that hill
“A/B Machines” – Sleigh Bells
throw those skinny arms in the air and work it out, girl!
“I’m Sexy and I Know It” – LMFAO
you’re sexy, you know it, and those cute NJBs checkin’ you out near the water fountain totally know it too
“Fergalicious Maneater” – Fergie/Nelly Furtado
“up in the gym just workin on my fitness” is one of our fav lyrics ever
“Bingo” (Diplo Mix) – M.I.A.
the only thing better than M.I.A. is M.I.A. remixed with Jay-Z

“Boom Boom Boom” – Venga Boys
THE throwback to get you through the final minutes of your workout

Now get sweating, people, and holler @thisisourjamdc for future playlist requests and/or to tell us which song was so awesome it made you fall off the treadmill.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

happy rosh hashanah!

this made my entire year. bring it, 5772 (yup, that's what year it is on the jewish calendar -- we go way back).

We Love Wednesday: Old People

thanks to friend of TIOJ, Allison, for bringing this into my life:

lalalayagosayHAAAAAAlaladadoobaPAYYYYYY - i love them.

we love wednesday: mashups

Yeah yeah yeah, I love Vampire Weekend. Typical, I know. Ignore my obsession and just enjoy some clutch VW mashups instead.

We Love Wednesday: The Racing Presidents

If you've been to a Washington Nationals game, you know that the real attraction (any my favorite part of the entire game) is the Presidents Race, suitably referred to by everyone, down to the stadium announcer, as "the main event," and that Teddy Roosevelt has never ever won a race (let Teddy win!!). It'll happen some day, and I, for one, can't wait for it. Maybe when the Nats make the playoffs -- so, next year!?!?

Jayson Werth is also tired of watching Teddy lose. Jayson, you've only been here a year, so I know it's been frustrating that Teddy hasn't won at all, but you have six more years to help inspire him. That being said, thank you for your sincere efforts (and holla to the bullpen's and Rick Ankiel's support) to help him this past weekend.

The Presidents are retired for the winter since the Nats' season ends today, but I'm hoping that a race will maybe happen during a Capitals game (also, not sure why this happened at a Rangers/Preds game)...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

this is our (LA BOUM) jam

TIOJ continued my birthday celebration at L'Enfant Cafe's La Boum brunch. The brunch is pretty much how I imagine heaven: 3 course French brunch, awesome jams (spun by a hottttttttttt (note the extra "t"s) DJ), chair dancing, endless bottles of champagne, sparklers, birthday shots, shirtless men, tambourines, and more dancing... (And yes this began at 2 in the afternoon- who says day drinking is only for college kids?)

In honor of the best brunch experience ever, here are our favorite jams from La Boum:

Kristen: It's no secret that I vastly prefer Enrique's censored version of "Tonight I'm (ahem...) Loving You", but if there was ever an appropriate venue for the racier version, it was La Boum--amidst ever-poppin' bottles of champagne, chair dancing, a rather disturbing burlesque show, a hot hot hot (did i mention hot?) dj.

Stacey: My body is still so sore from dancing at La Boum. Especially to "Jump Around." (although I loved the DJ's mashup of Enrique's "Tonight I'm Loving You" -- going with the approps version -- and "Party Rock." It was like my musical dream come true.)

Krista: The song that finally got everyone up on their chairs (yes chairs, sadly dancing on the tables was the one rule of La Boum, oh well...didn't want some biddie stepping on your Nutella crepe) was the always classic "Like a Virgin". It was so fun to see all of these people in the middle of the day legit busting a move on their chair with a champagne glass in one hand while using the other to reach across the table to their friend and shout the lyrics to them. Like I said people, this place is my heaven.

(had to go with the house music remix to give you kids the full effect)

Foster the People and Cults are my jam

sooooo yours truly got to see Foster the People and Cults last night and

Cults put on a great show - they had an old black and white movie playing in the background to set the mood and all 5 band members (only one of which is a girl) had killer long brown hair that kind of makes me want to grow mine out so I can swing it around like a rock star/Cousin IT.

Anyway, here's my current fav, "Abducted":

But dudes, Foster the People KILLED IT. They were so much better than I expected- had tons of energy (esp considering they had played a show right before we saw them), were so cute and preppy, and got everyone dancing. So hard to pick my favorite song because I like them allllll and even the songs I thought I didn't like were awesome because they rocked out so hard. Hmm, have to say my new favorite after the concert is "I Would So Anything For You":

jealous you couldn't jam with TIOJ last night?? check out our Upcoming Concerts page to see what else we're looking forward to

Monday, September 26, 2011

hail to the redskins -- 1986 edition

Now, football isn't TIOJ's favorite sport (holla at us when it comes to baseball/hockey/college basketball), but like a good native DC-er, I do appreciate the Redskins (or maybe I've just been brainwashed from an early age). And this video was just way too good to go unnoticed. I just really wish that they'd remake this video, down to (and especially including) the epic dance moves and hairstyles. Please, Mike Shanahan? Team project?

(Also, listen to the Redskins fight song in Spanish. Try to sing along tonight when they play Dallas.)

no, really, this is my jam

This is my guilty pleasure cover of my guilty pleasure fave. My brain is exploding from the random wonderfulness.

"Pretty Girl Rock" by Parachute (via Keri Hilson)

this is my mellow monday and cover jam

Kings of Leon + cute little Dutch girl = my latest girl crush. Also, this is a perfect song for a gloomy Monday... (no, but really -- is it ever going to be nice out again? I miss sun. and summer. and I hate winter.)

no really, this is my jam

so this is pretty much the only song i listened to this weekend, love it.

also, smoking normally disgusts me, but i'm willing to overlook it for 0:13 man. dibs.

Friday, September 23, 2011

my friday plans


ya dig???

couldn't fit this song on our hangover playlist (thanks for nothing, grooveshark)- so here is one of my new favorite mashups. 

have a good weekend and sunday morning people!

LMFAO is my jam

Most of our conversations about playlists go something like this:

Krista/Kristen: Stace, any ideas?
Krista/Kristen: uh, this is for hangover songs.

(They finally obliged--at least enough so I'd stop for a while--with our pregame jams... but don't worry, I'll do my best to have another LMFAO song featured asap.)

Some of my favorite things about LMFAO:
- they're uncle and nephew! (and one of the characters in Dreamgirls is based off of their dad/grandpa -- thanks, wikipedia!)
- they have no qualms about being very confident (they're sexy and they know it)
- their DJ names are Redfoo and Skyblu
- they refer to their type of music as "party rock" (again, so much arrog--I mean, confidence!)
- that robot never leaves their music videos. so weird. so good.

these are our (hangover) jams

check it- weekly playlist for The FFJD:

we've all been there- had one too many vodka sodas, followed by a shot (or four) from that nice(ish) looking dude from across the bar and woke up in the morning with eye makeup all over your face, wondering how the hell you got home last night. to help you deal with your headache, we've put together a list of hangover jams for you- they start with the most mellow jams for headache-reducing reasons. 

enjoy and holler @thisisourjamdc for ideas for future playlists (and holler at ms. ffjd for what to do about how shots guy ended up in your bed...)

"Holocene" by Bon Iver
something beautiful and chill for you to listen to as you chug water and hug your bottle of Advil
"Whip My Hair" by James Vincent McMorrow
you may not be mentally prepared for the original version of this song by our girl Willow Smith, but this mellow cover should suffice
"Things I Cannot Recall" by Blind Pilot
your night may be a little hazy after those tequila shots, but this song should put you at ease as you try to remember if the guy you were talking to was actually cute or not
"The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" by the Postal Service
...even if you didn't
Keep Your Hands Off Her" by the Black Keys
what you wish you had someone saying in the bar last night
"Hangover" by OAR
if you don't understand why this is on here, you're drunker than we thought
"Hey Boy" by The Blow
so that NJB you got late night falafel with hasn't texted you back yet...
"I'm Drinking Again" by Corey Smith
feeling better now? run to brunch with your besties and recount last night's events over a pitcher of mimosas

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Guys, fall TV is back in action! There are some new shows (holler, Zooey Deschanel, you are adorable) and the return of our favs. Here's a quick rundown for ya:

Parks & Rec: I don't know what ever took me so long but this show is awesome- they totally kicked it up a notch last season and I cannot wait to see what shenanigans happen this season. Not quite sure how you can progress from the high that was Lil' Sebastian, but I can't wait to see if for no other reason than Ron Swanson.

a man after my own heart, props to BYT

The Office: This used to be my serious jam (surriously, I drink my coffee out of a mug with Andy Bernard's face on it), but  I'm real nervous since the end of last season pretty much blew and now Steve Carrell is gone. Still, we'll watch and see what happens and continue to enjoy this killer Lil' Wayne remix to the theme song:

Glee: We told you guys already- we love Glee and were not disappointed by the first episode the other night.
BONUS: Glee + Sesame Street = A THOUSAND TIMES YES

Gossip Girl:...not quite sure how this season will go since everyone has already slept together and in the words of our neighbor, "You know a show is going downhill when they have to bring in the pregnancy scare story line". Word, man. Still, we're going to watch for fashion notes...and so we have something to do on Mondays.

Modern Family: WE.ARE.OBSESSED. Luke, Phil, the new Lily...this show is the best. Check out this GIF that is a perfect example of why this show is so great.

How I Met Your Mother: A TIOJ staple show. Here's a HIMYM GIF for your entertainment.

That's what we've got so far.  Let us know what you're looking forward to this season @thisisourjamdc!

throwback thursday: willie nelson

Facebook wasn't the only website in my life that underwent major changes this week. My Pandora had quite the facelift as well, and apparently developed a personality disorder overnight.

For example, yesterday my Basia Bulat station (clutch for gloomy, stressful work afternoons) insisted on playing just about every artist except Basia herself, ranging from the Beatles to Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson. I love all those artists, but where on earth was Basia hiding??

My schizo Pandora did inspire today's throwback, though. "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" is a classic and Willie Nelson is a badass.

Disclaimer: Mamas, it is totally legit to let your babies grow up to be cowboys if they also grow up to be Washington Capitals. See the case of Canadian cowboy Mike Green, below.

Throwback Thursday: "Say It Ain't So"

True Life: This song got me through all the stupid DC traffic yesterday (although I felt like I was cheating on WPGC, sorry Big Tigger):

Also, have I mentioned how excited I am for Foster the People (and Cults!) on Monday?! So glad they share my love of this song:

this was my jam last night

Do you remember the 21st night of September?

...because you should, it was last night.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Love Wednesday: "Dream Lover"

I'm definitely on an oldies kick this week, and I don't hate it. Today's favorite: "Dream Lover" by Bobby Darin.

we love wednesday: i wanna go

Now, you know I love my girl Britney Spears. I was always rooting her to de-crazy herself while she was running around Hollywood with a shaved head, vandalizing cars with umbrellas. And, thankfully, now it seems like she (with the help of some highly trained psychiatric professionals and her father acting as her fiscal guardian) seems to be getting back on the right track.

But even though I love Britney, I'm afraid to admit that I like Andi's cover of "I Wanna Go" way more than the original. Sorry, Brit!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

zooey deschanel is my jam

Because today is gloomy and seemingly never-ending, Zooey and Ben Schwartz singing "You Belong to Me" is definitely brightening my spirits!

Aren't you happy "The New Girl" premieres tonight?

preseason hockey is my jam

The Caps play their first preseason game tonight.

So. Excited.

Brooksie is also really excited for the season to start, and Sasha Semin is mustering
up as much excitement as humanly possible for him. (thanks, Japers!)

this is my (GLEE) jam

This tuesday is a wonderful day- not only is it my bday, but it is also the premier of Glee. We are so excited for this season- mostly because we've fallen in love with the winners of the Glee Project (stop being so adorable, Damian). In anticipation of this new season, here are our favorite jams so far from the show:

"Marry You" is probably one of my favorite dance scenes in Glee this past year. So many bonus points to Burt for dancing down the aisle (pay special attention at 1:45).

My pick is the "Its my life/Confessions" mashup since that is when Mike Chang stole our hearts with his sweet dance moves.

I love pretty much anything that Artie does (esp when it's coupled with Mike Chang dancing) and can never stop listening to his rendition of "P.Y.T."

Have to say that a close second is Artie doing the Safety Dance...wish he had dream sequences more often so we could watch him bust a move. (Side note- my second favorite rendition of this dance)

Bonus: I would totally pick this song if I didn't have a strict No Listening to Christmas Music Until December policy. ..oops just listened to it twice, not sorry.

happy birthday, KRISTA!!

No one loves youtube videos more than Krista, and no one loves Krista more than we do! So, birthday girl, welcome to 23, and enjoy your life in youtube videos!

Matty B = Krista's boy:

Her baby-making jam:

Can't wait until she pulls this one out in TIOJ's apartment (yes we do have a lampshade ready for the occasion):

Now, we know nothing will ever compete with her all-time favorite dancer, but this little guy is a pretty good second (we think, at least). This is Krista's future child. Also, did you know that she likes Yo Gabba Gabba?

Krista's role model:

Monday, September 19, 2011

this is my "maybe i love ezra koenig too much" jam

"Have I the Right?" by Vampire Weekend makes my day.

no really, this is my jam

dude, just stumbled upon this song and i LOVE IT.

if you like Givers, you'll dig this.

props to for this jam.


these are my motown monday jams

I started this Monday morning as I do most -- by listening to the Adele Pandora station. I switched over to Motown pretty quickly, and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles are pretty excellent right now.

I wish bands still danced like this...

A capella + Motown = perfect.

mashup monday

happy monday people! hope everyone had a lovely weekend...i was a little behind on the jams last week, so get ready for an influx of great new tunes to check out.

starting off with a sweet mashup from my favs at the Hood Internet. Check out their mashup of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" (previously remixed by my cousin) and Foster the People's "Houdini" (featured on our labor day playlist)-
The Hood Internet - Houdin-o-mite (Taio Cruz x Foster The People) by hoodinternet

Bonus: Mashup from the White Panda of "Lean like a Cholo" and "What You Know" by one of our new favs, Twin Door Cinema Club.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

happy birthday, ovie!

Not ONLY are we starting to celebrate Krista's birthday this weekend, we'd also like to wish a very very happy 26th birthday to Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin. There's no telling what our favorite crazy Russian will get into in the next few hours. We hope this is how he dances at da clubz. Can I have some shots vodka please?

What a crazy Russian. (thanks, what's up, ya sieve?!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

these are our fall concert jams

Happy Friday, chickadees! We have your weekend soundtrack all set (pop on over to theFFJD for more deets on this baby).

So as you know, our hearts are still fluttering from Freefest last weekend -- we've had Cut Copy on repeat all week and talking about Cee-Lo's dinosaur arms and fembots just doesn't get old. We're also only getting ourselves through the week with dreams of upcoming concerts (DC-ers, check out where we'll be and/or we want to be).

some of our jams from last week...
- "Tighten Up" -- The Black Keys
such a good music video, especially since the little kid isn't singing in his real voice (it really creeps us out...)
- "What You Know" -- Two Door Cinema Club
It's no secret that TIOJ loves Irish things (including but not limited to Damian from "The Glee Project." It makes total sense that we were so charmed by Irish rockers "Two Door Cinema Club" during Freefest. They sang, we danced. It was a beautiful thing.
- "Lights Out, Words Gone" -- Bombay Bicycle Club
true story, when you google "bombay bicycle club," google maps actually pops up with a bicycle club in Bombay. While that sounds pretty awesome to us, this Bombay Bicycle Club is a little easier to access and way more fun to rock out to.
- "My Last" -- Big Sean (with Chris Brown)
Big Sean is approximately 5'4" and 100 pounds soaking wet, but he talked about his 91-year-old grandma, which is an A+ in our book. Also, he's in D.C. tonight with Lupe and Wale, and C-Breezy is here tomorrow. We're jealous if you're going.
- "Only Love" -- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
We all have major girl-crushes on Grace Potter. She's just so cool.

and what we're looking forward to...

- "Rubies and Rocks" -- Thao and Mirah
One of many reasons we love Thao: fellow member of the William and Mary Tribe!
- "So Much for the Blues" -- Sons of Bill
We're so excited for some of our other favorite Virginians to come back up to D.C. at the end of September.
- "WHALE" -- Yellow Ostrich
Yellow Ostrich is one of our most favorite new bands and it all started with this song.
- "Confetti" -- The Lemonheads
This pick may or may not be influenced by the fact that Lemonheads are, in fact, the most superior candy on earth. Nonetheless, the song is fab.

- "When the Night Falls" -- Chromeo
Even though the music video for this song is real weird (aka lots of pregnant women, including Solange Knowles...), Chromeo is so fun and we can't wait to see how insane their live concert will be.

What concerts will you be hitting up in the next few months? Tell us @thisisourjamdc. We want to come.

happy friday!

Check out more of these here. Thanks for sending this our way, Michelle!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Barenaked Ladies

For a long time, I thought that the only song Barenaked Ladies sang was "One Week" and yes, I also tried to semi-rap along (as I'm assuming every '90s child did... right?). But then I realized that they had other better songs. And that they were Canadian.

Please excuse the videos... not sure why there are emus, and I guess it doesn't hurt that Conan makes a cameo?

(This is one of my dad's favorite songs. At a baseball game last month he asked if he could get dijon ketchup.)

And my fave:

throwback thursday: big punisher

I bet that in 1998 Big Punisher didn't know that his song "Still Not a Player" would ring true thirteen years later, but his wise, wise words have definitely stood the test of time.

"I'm not a player I just crush a lot." Preach, Big Punisher. Preach.

Check out 2007's re-release feat. Joe. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

these are our FREEFEST jams

We. Loved. Freefest. We can't stop talking about it. Our feet still kind of hurt. Such a good day. These are some of our faves... what were yours?

I loved the entire Cut Copy set. They kicked it off with my fav jam "Take Me Out" (featured on our End of Summer Jams) and things stayed awesome from there. The entire band puts on a great show; they have sweet moves and are so energetic with their performance (as I have come to expect now for any band from Austrailia). I loved hearing them perform "Lights & Music" - any song where you can get the entire crowd to jump up and down is good in my book.

My jam from freefest, hands down, was Black Keys cover of the Kinks' "Act Nice and Gentle". After waiting for the Black Keys set (not-so) patiently all day, this song was such a nice surprise to hear!

So as you know, I was really looking forward to seeing CeeLo the Dinosaur because he just fascinates me. Observations: He doesn't look quite as round as he does on The Voice when he's standing, and he's an obnoxious pain in the ass. I'm thinking that that set was a social experiment (both by watching Cee-Lo and observing the people around us). That all being said, my favorite part of the day was Grace Potter and the Nocturnals -- could have been because it was a nice resting point for us, but girl knows how to jam.

Monday, September 12, 2011

these are my pandora jams

Pandora has been so so kind to me today (for real, the Adele station is the best). I have legitimately thumbs-upped the last five songs I've listened to. Some of my favorite jams for today:

Carlos Bertonatti, "Summer Days"

Ray Charles and Norah Jones, "Here We Go Again"

Benjamin Gibbard, "Carolina"

Plus the Motown and Adele thrown into the mix doesn't hurt. Good work, Pandora -- keep it up.

this is my metro monday jam

Its official! The Tallest Man On Earth's upbeat, acoustic "King of Spain" officially earned a permanent spot in my metro songs rotation this morning. That's not an easy group to break into. My metro playlist is full of songs that wake me up ("Contact High" by Architecture in Helsinki), songs that make me feel like a baller ("Encore" by Jay-Z), and songs that just generally make me feel extraordinarily happy. This song fist into that last category.

And if you still aren't sure why I adore this song, as it turns out, this guy is from Sweden. You know Scandinavian bands are my jam.

Friday, September 9, 2011


it's finally the weekend and the sun is shining and there is so much to look forward to this weekend!!

This weekend, TIOJ will be celebrating Kristen's bday (again, duh.) and rocking out at Virgin Mobile's FreeFest at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Didn't get your free tickets? Never fear, there are many more concerts coming up and we'll recap our fav acts next week. In the meantime, have fun at happy hour and rock out to my JAM of the moment:

these are our (fashion week) jams

check it, our weekly playlist for the FFJD:

So you know that scene in the Sex and the City movie where Carrie comes out of her hibernation and Samantha comes back from L.A. for Fashion Week? Pretend that that's you this week! (Except you'll probably want to throw on your fanciest galoshes and chic-est umbrella this week.)

make it work!

these are my mix tape jams

In this age of Grooveshark and Stereomood, Hypem and iTunes, where CD's have sort of gone the way of the dodo and we rely so much on digital technology to provide us with awesome jams, there is something SO incredibly satisfying about a good, old-fashioned mix-tape.

Or, you know, a mix-CD, as the case may be. This is still 2011.

Below are some of my favorite jams from the 15 mix CDs that my coworkers and I burned through during our 2,999 mile trek this past week.

"Arlington" by the Wailin' Jennys: So, I'm 99% sure this song isn't about Arlington, VA, since the Wailin' Jennys hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Nonetheless, I'm so digging "Arlington". Props to friend of TIOJ, Lindsay, for exposing me to the awesomeness that is the Wailin' Jennys during our Canadian expedition!

"Work It Out" by Jurassic-5 feat. Dave Matthews: You ever had one of those songs that you realize you're STILL humming hours after you first hear it? Yeah, this is one of those.

Finally, "Full of Stars" by Turin Brakes: Such a perfect gem for those lazy moments when we'd been driving for hours on end. This song is so peaceful, pretty, and honestly addicting.

rain rain go away (that's what all my haters say)

Remember when it wasn't raining?

Please stop raining for Freefest. Please stop raining for Freefest. Please stop raining for Freefest. Please stop raining for Freefest. Please stop raining for Freefest.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time... I still get pretty excited if it's on easy listening radio stations.

Throwback Thursday: The Lion King

Don't even try to deny it- The Lion King is one of the greatest movies ever. The music, the love, Pumba; it's the best. Thank goodness Disney has decided to re-release the movie in 3D.

Check out the bloopers to get to you excited for the movie:

As a bonus, quite possibly my favorite mashup ever:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Love Wednesday: Sleeping Baby

It may come as a surprise to you, but we love videos of babies, whether they're laughing, dancing, or singing. Add sleeping:

no really, this is my jam


(perfect song for this rainy rainy day)

We Love Wednesday: Dancing Hamsters

So I know this may be a controversial position, but I LOVE the Kia commercials with the hip-hop dancing hamsters.  The commercials are super catchy and combine my loves of hip-hop, fuzzy creatures, and judging things.  I think what really made me get over the hump of the first initial "what the WHAT" reactions to this commercial were the cheerleader hamsters breakin it down at 0:47 - watch and enjoy.

You can imagine my excitement (and my friends embarrassment) when I saw this new Kia commercial at the movies the other day and (duh) broke out the moves I had learned from the first commercial.

for the record, let me be clear in that I do not love all Kia commercials.  In fact, every single Kia radio commercial ever produced is NOT MY JAM.

we love wednesday: the tricky britches

Sup, friends? I'm back!

I've taken a little hiatus from TIOJ in the past week to trail blaze my way across the great white north (Canada, for those of you not up on the lingo) but now I'm back in action and so so so ready to share with you the amazing jams I stumbled upon!

On day one of the road trip, my traveling buddies and I went out for delicious Mexican food in Portland, Maine. While the sangria was bangin' (obviously) the real treat was the fact that the restaurant offered live bluegrass music out on the patio where we were sitting.

Bluegrass and Mexican food might not seem like the most obvious of pairs, the band was in full swing and was SO great that I found myself making a mental note to check out the Tricky Britches as soon as I returned home to D.C. I've been enchantedever since. What is not to love about a quintet of nerdy, adorable guys playing the stand up base, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo while serenading you in harmony?

Excuse me while I go practice my harmonica.

We Love Wednesday: KRISTEN!!

Happy happy happy birthday, Kristen!! In honor of your day of birth, we've compiled a list of (just some of) the reasons that we love you!

13. her taste in coffee (the Tim Hortons she just brought back from canada is perfect)
12. her hell yes/hell no face
11. her most excellent taste in sports teams
10. her extensive pajama collection
9. her invention of the Gordon Bombay
8. her ability to confuse the hell out of people when she goes out with us (either because of looks or name)
7. her ability to eat sushi 5 of 7 days in a week (and constant willingness to join us for sushi)
6. her fabulous taste in clothing (and frequent purchases for our collective wardrobe)
5. her extensive movie collection (that happily facilitates lazy sundays watching the entire first season of the o.c.)
4. her bloody mary making skillz
3. her grooveshark mood-setting playlists
2. her fascination with scandinavia (slash ability to pick up guys in norwegian...)

and the number one reason we LOVE Kristen --

1. her ability to kill "Encore"

Friday, September 2, 2011

these are our labor day jams

Happy Labor Day, crazytowns! It's so hard to believe that summer is winding down (if only the weather could be like it was this week forever...), but to help you cope, we have some Labor Day jamz for you! Put these on repeat for your barbecue, pool day, road trip, or beach day (we'll be there gettin' our tans on -- so if you hear these jams in Delaware, come say hi).

Pop on over to theFFJD for more on this playlist, and enjoy your three-day weekend!

Tell us what you want to hear next week (and/or entertain us with your Labor Day stories) -- holla @thisisourjamdc!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "Money Maker"

So college is back in session and no doubt there are freshmen everywhere getting pumped for this weekend of solo cups, jungle juice, bonding in the bathroom, and meeting members of the opposite sex. As such, I am slightly nostalgic for those days when it was cool to go out with your ENTIRE hall, you thought waiting to go out until 11:00 was SO LATE, and you had no idea what was actually in Gin Bucket (but you knew it was good and yes please, I would like another cup of that concoction out of your trash can please and thank you dude in the polo and backward hat).

The best part of those first few weekends were going to dance parties- running into that cute boy you saw in line for grilled cheese at the caf earlier or just seeing what dancing was like when your geometry teacher wasn't tapping you on the shoulder for "dancing inappropriately".  It was sweaty, jungle juice-filled bliss. Well, for the most part. There was inevitably something that would happen to shake things up a little bit, which brings me to my throwback. At one of my first frat dance parties of college one of my friends had the unfortunate experience of being approached by a guy that probably had very limited experience talking to girls, much less getting to dance with them. So, when he slid up behind her and asked her if she "wanted to danced with the Money Maker" you can safely assume that she promptly turned the other way, quickly rounded up the 20 other girls that we had come with and we continued to call this dude "The Money Maker" every time we saw him around campus for the next four years.

In all fairness- I still love dance parties (which, let's be real, going out in DC is still pretty much the same as college parties minus the solo cups plus more expensive drinks minus being stumbling distance back to your bed) and this song is a legit jam (I mean, Luda and Pharrell- can't go wrong).

Throwback Thursday: "The Thong Song"

My apologies if this is NSFW... BUT. It came to my attention the other night that a certain friend of mine (ahem, Christopher) is unfamiliar with Sisqo's greatest (only?) hit, which I find pretty unacceptable. It's like he didn't go to middle school.

(The actual music video is here... I couldn't bring myself to embed it on TIOJ.)
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