Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Love Wednesday: The Parent Trap Soundtrack

right down the middle??...right down the middle.
One of the classic camp-related movies is probably Lindsay Lohan's proudest achievement (besides my jam, Mean Girls, of course),  The Parent Trap.  True life: I know all the words to this flick- seriously, ask Kristen- we were watching it the other day (props to Netflix for fulfilling all our camp-movie needs) and as the DVD was skipping, I put on my best "British" accent and narrated all the skipped parts ("I love Oreos. At home I eat them with....I eat them with peanut butter"). Anyway, I could go on and on quoting this movie, but instead imma focus on the crowning glory of this movie: its soundtrack.

This soundtrack was literally the soundtrack to my childhood.  It would blast it from my boom box as I cleaned (read: danced) around my room, picking up all my Beanie Babies.  Now, whenever I hear any of the songs from the movie, especially the ones that are a little more popular like "Bad to the Bone", all I can think of is Annie James getting her ass "royally flushed" by Miss Hallie Paaaarker.

Here's a classic from the music montage (a.k.a. the best part of any movie) where they learn how to pretend to be each other.  Seemed easy enough- I mean, everyone carries of picture of their butler with them to camp, right?

Another fav part: when Hallie arrives in London and realizes how baller her mom is (we miss you, Natasha Richardson!).

Seriously people, I could go on and on about how great this soundtrack is, but for now I'll leave you all with a throwback to the original Parent Trap to get you biddies ready for Thursday:

side note: if anyone knows how to make GIFs, holler holler. all I want in my life is a GIF of the lady who plays Janice in Friends doing her sassy finger point when the twins get shipped off to the isolation cabin.

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