Thursday, July 14, 2011

Throwback Thursday: "The Space Between"

So whenever I heard “The Space Between” by DMB, my heart does a little pitter patter and I get super nostalgic for the wonderful week that I spent in Rhode Island for a week at sleep away camp. It was a wonderful week of classic camp activities; hiking, capture the flag, swimming, talent shows, and campfires. The best part of the week though, hands down, were the counselors. Let me be more specific: one counselor in particular. Dave. He was a dreamy, dark-haired 16 year-old from New Hampshire who knew his way around a guitar. Counselor Dave deserved such admiration because every night he would come to the window of the girls cabin with his guitar and would serenade us. I had never really heard the sweet sweet melodies of Mr. Dave Matthews and his band; but I fell in love with Counselor Dave singing them to us acoustically (I didn’t know what acoustic even was at the time, but I liked it)

His nightly serenades were one, if not THE highlight of camp. In fact, when my parents came to pick me up after that glorious week I made them stop at the nearest Sam Goody that we could find so that I could spend my allowance money to buy the DMB CD and pop that shit into my portable CD player. Pretty sure I already missed camp so much in those first few hours that I put the tears in “tears we cryyyyy”. God bless.

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