Monday, July 18, 2011

no really, this is my jam

It's no secret that TIOJ loves all things Scandinavian and this band is no exception. Norwegian band, Kakkmaddafakka, is oh so fun and has arguably one of the best names we've seen in a while (sound it out, people...ohhhhhh, get it now?!?!).  Check out their sweet video for their song, "Restless":

Now, if I ever meet a Norwegian at a future Kakkamaddafakka concert, this will be the following scene that will inevitably go down given my knowledge of only 2 Norwegian phrases:

Krista (to hot Norwegian): Jeg liker √łynene dine (your eyes are very beautiful)
Ulrik the Beautiful: uhh...Takk (thank you)
Krista: KAKKMADDAFAKKKKKKA!!!! "you're so restless lalalala"
Ulrik: yah.......
Krista: Det er veldig kleint (This is very awkward)

and scene.

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