Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breaking News!

Just in time for Throwback Thursday, Nickelodeon has announced that it will begin airing reruns of our favorite cartoons from our glory days. I’ve already mentioned how much I love Doug (in fact, I own a few episodes on VHS. Fun fact: they’re ORANGE! Well played, Nick, well played). In addition to Doug, they’ll be re-broadcasting other gems like Rugrats (which I wasn’t allowed to watch because they said “shut up”…) and All That (never understand why that was cancelled. Goodburger-Lori Beth Denberg-Young Amanda Bynes-what’s not to love?!?).

Mark your calendars for July 25 and get ready to throwback with your classic Nicktoons.

Now I’m going to be humming the Doug theme song all day…maybe I should make that my new ringtone….doooooo doodoo doodoo

props to Jezebel and TIOJ friend, Rachel for this breaking news

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