Wednesday, June 15, 2011

we love wednesdays: scandinavia

I love Scandinavia. This is something that I've come to terms with. It is inexplicable. It is immutable. And it is kind of strange, if I'm being honest. But my enchantment with Scandinavia is logical when you think about the fact that the happiest people--no, seriously, the happiest people on EARTH--live, work, and play there. Don't you want to be that happy too?

A few of my favorite Scandinavian imports:

Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche is my jam. He also has an awesome name.

Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom doing what Stacey likes to refer to as his "why yes, I do look like I'm on a cruise from Sweden to the Mediterranean, and it's going quite well, thank you, because I'm from the 6th happiest place on earth" pose. (pic from

 Not only to they love America in Norway (as evidenced by the American flag onesie I encountered on a recent trip to Oslo), but they love ONESIES. Enough said. (picture taken by kristen via instagram)

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